Top 7 Best Automatic Chicken Waterers For Your Poultry Birds

Do you want to install a few best automatic chicken waterers in your poultry coop? This guide will help you to choose the right automatic chicken watering system.

We have also looked at a few of the best automatic poultry waterer systems and kits and talked about their pros and cons.

Some people think that automatic watering systems in chicken coops are helpful, and some people do not.

You will know if an automatic chicken watering system is worth the investment. Also let’s find out which automatic poultry waterer is best to select.

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What are Automatic Chicken Waterers?

Automatic chicken waterers are different from other standard drinkers because they provide a continuous flow of water for a long time.

In the past, it was only available for large-scale chicken farms, but now automatic chicken drinkers are available in compact sizes. An automatic drinker in your chicken farm will reduce your workload.

These automatic poultry waterers come in various designs like bucket-shaped and PVC pipe water flow systems. The cups and nipples on the chicken automatic waterers reduce the amount of water that is wasted.

Nowadays, most large-scale farmers, like those who raise Cornish chickens, use chicken waterers that work inside their poultry sheds.

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Best 7 Automatic Chicken Waterers: For Your Poultry Birds

Below is the list of best automatic chicken waterers to provide continuous water supply to your birds:

1. Dispenser Chicken Waterer Chick Supplies Automatic Refill Elevated Gravity Drinker (Best Semi-Automated Chicken Waterer)

Dispenser Chicken Waterer Chick Supplies Automatic Refill elevated Gravity Drinker no Mess Hanging Mount Drinker Feeder- Bird Bucket Drinking Cup- Poultry Brooder Duck Hen Quail Water Box-Coop.(32 Oz)
  • CHICK WATERER IINCLUDE; One 1L(32oz) BPA-Free...
  • PROVIDE CLEAN WATER; When chickens peck the yellow...
  • EASY TO INSTALL; The chicken drinker Kit can be easily...
  • EASY ASSEMBLY; The water Bucket can be easily assembled...
  • TRANSPARENT CONTAINER; The water jar is molded from...

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The dispenser chicken waterer by A-Z AMAZING Store is one of the best automatic chicken waterers for baby chicks.

This is a small size chicken drinker work with gravity flow system. It’s a semi-automated chicken waterer.

You can use the chicken drinker by keeping on the floor or hang it on the coop or run area. It has a flip-cap that helps you to fill water.

The water container is transparent, so you can easily see the water levels. Also, it can be easily assemble and disassemble.

If you have at least 4-5 birds, fill it with water and stay stress-free for 24 hours. This automatic poultry drinker has a U-shape cup design water dispensers.

The cup only flows water when a baby chick pecks on the yellow trigger. So, they will always have fresh and clean drinking water.


  • Sturdy container.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Both hanging and sitting design.


2. Little Giant Automatic Animal Waterer (Red) Float Controlled Automatic Waterer for Livestock (4 Gal)

Little Giant Automatic Animal Waterer (Red) Float Controlled Automatic Waterer for Livestock (4 Gal) (Item No. FW16RED)
  • FLOAT CONTROLLED - This automatic cattle waterer has...
  • STANDARD HOSE CONNECTION - This automatic watering...
  • 4 GALLON WATER CAPACITY - The waterer has a 4 gallon...
  • EASY FENCE OR WALL MOUNTING - This product includes...
  • MULTIPLE COLORS AVAILABLE - This product is available...

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It is one of the best automatic chicken watering systems by the renowned brand Little Giant. This open drinker is float controlled.

This design is mainly built for small cattle, but medium to large size chickens can easily drink from this automatic waterer. The float valve ensures automatically refill of container when it reaches to a lower level.

It is connected with a 3/4 inch garden hose for easy setup. This poultry drinker can hold up to 4 gallons of water.

This Little Giant animal waterer can easily be installed on a sturdy fence and coop walls. The metal brackets are included in the product box.

As the product does not have any cap or lid the chickens may jump on it and left poop and debris inside water. So, you may need to change water if they are making the water dirty.


  • Sturdy build.
  • Includes hose pipe.
  • Metal brackets inside box.
  • Best for medium-large size chicken breeds.


  • Not for baby chicks.
  • Not for freeze cold areas.
  • No cap.

3. Backyard Flock Oasis Poultry Watering System (Best Automatic Chicken Waterer Kit)

Backyard Flock Oasis Poultry Watering System - Do It Yourself Kit - Connects to Household Water - Automatic Chicken Waterer - 4 Cup (Orange)
  • 🐤 OASIS CUPS are always filled with the perfect...
  • 🐤 IMPORTANT: This is a “Do It Yourself” KIT that...
  • 🐤 KIT INCLUDES: Premium Oasis Cups, Pressure...

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The Backyard Flock Oasis Poultry Watering System is one of the best kits available to build an automatic chicken waterer. This kit includes 4 premium Oasis cups, pressure regulator, in-line filters, garden hose adapter.

You need USA” PVC fittings for standard 1/2” sch. 40 water lines to do your first chicken waterer DIY.

To ensure proper fittings of pipelines and kit materials you also need PVC cement, Teflon Tape, ½” PVC pipe, zip ties or other mounting hardware. These products are not included in the pack.

It provides a continuous flow of water if you connect the water line with a water tank. Not only this the inline-filters filter the water to provide clean water to your flocks.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Continuous flow of water to chickens.
  • Good for medium to large chicken breeds.
  • Provide clean water supply.


  • Not for use in cold freezy areas.
  • Setup needs time.

4. RentACoop Twin Cup – 2 Gallons Capacity (Best Semi-Automated Chicken Waterer for Chicks)

RentACoop Twin Cup Chicken Waterer - 2 Gallons Capacity
  • WORKS WELL FOR ALL TYPES OF POULTRY! A great solution...
  • SPACE SAVING! This waterer can be placed standing up,...
  • SO EASY TO KEEP CLEAN! The design of this waterer...
  • Includes (1) BPA-free 2 gallon waterer, 2 red cups, 2...

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The RentACoop Twin Cup – 2 Gallons Capacity is one of the best semi automated chicken waterers available. This is best for both chicks and adult chickens.

You need to adjust the height of the drinker according to the size of the flocks. This is a set of both nipple and cup waterer.

You will get 2 gallon waterer, 2 red cups, 2 horizontal nipples, 2 X S-Hooks. You can easily mount it on a wood chicken coop and run area.

The package includes two screws and two hooks for hanging on the coop wall. This poultry drinker is made up of BPA free food grade materials.

The company is US-based which provide a good via call customer support.


  • Best for both adult chickens and baby chicks.
  • Study design
  • Lid available.
  • Nipple and cup design combo.


  • Cups need improvement.

5. RentACoop 5 Gallon – 4 Horizontal Side Mount Poultry Nipples (Best Semi-Automated Chicken Waterer)

RentACoop 5 Gallon Chicken Waterer - 4 Horizontal Side Mount Poultry Nipples (Corner)
  • 🐓 Made in the USA with US and Global Parts! 100%...
  • 🐓 Horizontal Nipples prevent ground/bedding from...
  • 🐓 5 Gallons/4 Horizontal Side Mount Poultry Nipples...
  • 🐓 Complete system. No setup required. Easy to fill -...
  • 🐓Comes with no-roost cone to keep your lid clean

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It is another semi-automatic chicken waterer by RentACoop. This is a larger size waterer which holds up to 4 gallons of water.

This is a bucket design automatic drinker for chickens that ensures continuous flow of water. It has a square lid with a hole for filling water.

It is a sturdy waterer made up of 100% food grade and BPA free plastic. Likewise, it is fitted with 4 nipples on side bottoms.

This 5-gallon bucket lasts for a week if you have 12 hens, but in summer, it works for 4-5 days.


  • Easy to use.
  • Sturdy built.
  • Best for all sizes of chickens.
  • No setup required.


  • Not for excessive cold areas.
  • Handle quality needs improvement.

6. OverEZ Automatic Chicken Waterer with No Spill System (12 Gallon Capacity)

OverEZ Automatic Chicken Waterer with No Spill System, Outside and Inside Poultry Drinker, Large 12 Gallon High Capacity Drinking Bottle Dispenser for Hens
  • DURABLE & SANITARY. This weather-resistant chicken coop...
  • DRIP-FREE SYSTEM: This chicken coop waterer features 3...
  • EASY CLEANING & MAINTENANCE: The chicken coop drinking...
  • POWER CORD ACCESS PORT: The unique access port for...

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The OverEZ Automatic chicken waterer is large size drinker for chickens. It holds up to 12 gallons of water.

If you have 12-15 chickens you need to refill the waterer after 1-2 weeks. In summer water intake increases, so you may need to refill drinker in 1 week.

The container is made up of UV protected, food safe and BPA free plastic. It has three nipples, so three chickens can drink water at the same time.

It provides clean drinking water to your flocks. The chicken waterer is easy to clean.

This automatic chicken watering system has an additional power cord access port which prevent freezing. However, you have to buy those accessories separately.


  • No setup required.
  • Large size poultry drinker.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Power cord access port.


  • Plastic quality needs improvement.

7. Automatic Chicken Waterer Kit – New Version Cups (from Holland) – Auto Float Valve (Made in the USA) (4 Cups)

Automatic Chicken Waterer Kit (Bucket NOT Included) - New Version Cups (from Holland) - Auto Float Valve (Made in USA) (4 Cups)
  • 🐤 Build your own fully automatic waterer using this...
  • 🐤 Kit Includes: Premium Float Activated Cups,...
  • 🐤 New, European Style Drinker Cups! (quality made in...
  • 🐤 Connects to a standard garden hose. U.S. Patented...
  • 🐤 True Float Tab ensures water is always available...

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It is one of the best DIY automatic chicken waterer kit. You can make an automatic drinker at home using an old plastic bucket.

If you do not have bucket, you can use any other closed container.

This automatic poultry drinker kit includes premium float activated cups, mounting hardware, patented float valve (Made in USA), garden hose adapter / 90 degree elbow.

The bucket has a float valve system, so it will automatically fill up the waterer when reach to low level. Just connect it with your garden hose and become stress-free for giving water to your flocks.


  • Best for 10-15 birds.
  • Best DIY Kit.
  • Fits on any container.


  • The float valve needs improvement.

Benefits of Using Automatic Chicken Waterers?

Chickens drink lots of water, and when it comes to flocks that live inside a shed for the whole day, you need plenty of water.

Demand for water increases to double in summer and hot climate countries.

Giving plenty of water is not possible if you use a traditional design chicken waterer because you need to clean all the drinkers and fill them one by one.

Overall, it’s a long and challenging process. So, automatic chicken waterers are designed to provide water to your chickens for a long time.

In most poultry industries, drinkers are connected to a large size water tank. The automatic drinkers get water from the water tank through the pipes. 

It saves you a lot of time that you can use for other things. Bucket-style and hanging automatic chicken drinkers are best for small number of flocks. These types of drinkers are also called semi-automated chicken waterers.

Automatic chicken waterers always provide a continuous supply of water to flocks, no matter how big or small the drinker is.

Disadvantages of Automatic Chicken Waterer

Most of the automatic chicken waterers contain hose systems, and these small pipes provide the continuous flow of water inside the drinker.

However, the issue occurs in cold freezing areas because most of the pipeline in automatic poultry waterer supply blocks due to ice inside the hose.

Also, cleaning the semi-automatic chicken drinkers is not that much difficult, which was used by most of the small-scale chicken raisers. 

But If you are using lots of automatic chicken drinkers, it’s tough to wash all the pipe systems. 

Also, you may see algae and biofilms inside the supply system, so you may need to remove them using a tablespoon of vinegar for each gallon of drinking water.

Types of Automatic Chicken Waterers

Below are some best types of automatic chicken waterer system:

1. The Cup and Nipple Waterers

Most people call cups and nipples are the types of waterers. However, these are drinker accessories that you can use to make a beautiful automatic chicken waterer at home.

This type of automatic poultry coop waterer contains a cup with a trigger in the inside bottom. When the chicken’s peck drinks water, the trigger activates and fills the water again to the required level.

Nipple waterers are also used in the same manner, but working is little but different. It contains a steel nipple that is closed by a spring. When a chicken pecks on the steel nipple, a little water comes out from it.

2. Bucket and Hanging Type Semi-Automatic Chicken Waterers

Small-scale chicken raisers mainly use the semi-automatic waterer. This type of poultry drinker is best for a 10-50 chicken flock.

In this type of design, mostly a container is present in the upper part and on the lower part the water dispenser. 

The semi-automatic chicken waterers containers have a cap and a hanger so that you can hang them wherever you want inside the coop.

With that container, various types of water dispensers like nipples, cups were used. Once you fill up water inside these automatic waterers, you don’t need to fill it for 4-5 days.

3. Fully Automatic Chicken Watering System For Large Coops

A large shed with automatic chicken waterer system
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The fully automatic chicken waterers are made for a completely auto-refill and water supply system.

It is mainly available for large-scale chickens, but now few companies make it in small designs where the automatic waterers are fitted with a hose.

The hose is connected with the main water tank using the garden hose, which supplies water inside the bucket (container) 24×7.

Inside the fully automatic chicken watering system, a float valve The float valve inside fills up the waterer container automatically when the water level gets low.

Automatic poultry drinkers are a tension-free way to go out after giving feed and water to your backyard boys and girls.

There is no need for extra labor in automatic chicken waterers, you have to fill the main reservoir weekly, and the drinker works continuously. 

Do You Need an Automatic Chicken Waterer?

Automatic poultry waterers are hassle-free drinkers, which drastically reduce your effort to give water to your chickens.

If you are stressed about giving water to your large number of chickens, these automatic chicken drinkers help you. 

Also, you don’t have to worry about the shortage of water when you go out for a few hours. 

So, If you have more than 30-40 chickens, then bucket type semi-automatic chicken waterers are recommended.

If you are a chicken farmer raising more than 500 chicks, use cup and nipple drinkers with PVC pipe connections. Use also needs a large size tank so that it will avoid the lack of water.


After reading this guide, I hope you can decide whether you need an automatic chicken waterer or not.

If you have a small number of flocks, we recommend using a semi-automatic drinker, which will cost you less and work better.

For many flocks, fully automatic drinkers are recommended because it saves lots of time and labor costs. The above reviews help you to select one of the best automatic waterers for your chickens.

Which automatic poultry waterer are you using in your backyard chicken coop? We will love to read your thoughts.

Comment below if you have any queries and suggestions regarding automatic chicken waterers.

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