Top 11 Best Chicken Toys: Guide & DIY Tips for Making at Home

If you want to make your chickens busy then provide them with a few best chicken toys. You can easily make a few at your home by reading our DIY chicken toy making tips.

Giving a toy to your hen and rooster really sounds so funny but they really need enjoyment and relaxing stuff in their life.

Here we have provided a complete guide on giving toys to chickens. This will help you to understand what type of toys do your flocks need and why? 

Also, you will understand why they need toys?

What Are Chicken Toys?

Chicken toys are playing stuff mainly made for poultry birds. Chickens and other birds love to hang, jump and engage with them.

There are different kinds of chicken toys available, for example a hanging ball with treat, feeding iron box, cricket cage, colorful loofah with bells, ladders, and perch.

Benefits of Giving Toys To Chickens

If you give chicken toys to your pet chicken or baby chicks then you can give them some fun because you have to take care of your chicken like your child. It attracts more when they feel warm and welcoming. 

Some people give toys to chickens for better habitation and health and some give them for maintaining a fun and healthy environment around the backyard. 

If you have fewer flocks in your home or backyard toys help chickens to live stress-free. They enjoy themselves and relax most of the time.

Chicken toys are also best if your chickens are fighting. You can give them a few toys like a cricket cage and hanging ball so that they stay busy in the pecking, not in fighting.

Top 11 Best Chicken Toys for Your Flock’s Entertainment and Enrichment

Here is the list of 11 awesome chicken toys for your poultry birds-

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1. Chicken Treat Hanging Ball

Chicken Treat Ball Chicken Vegetable Feeder Veggie Hanging Ball Toy for Hens Chicken Hanging Foraging Coop Toys for Hens
  • Materials and Size: The chicken veggie ball is made of...
  • Design: Ball design, with hanging iron hooks can be...
  • HOW TO USE: There are two hooks on the one of the half...
  • Function: This Food Hanging Ball Toy with the hook can...
  • Customer Service: 90 days 100% money back guarantee, 24...

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This chicken treat hanging ball is toy available with some food hanging on the coop and some veggies are also added to that coop for further snack time. 

Also, this toy also comes with the ball hanging in the front part so it can be fun for the chicken. We can say fun with food. 

You can also clip the Treat Hanging Ball on cages or kennel run part. You can hang this ball to any sized cages.

It is one of the best chicken toys to keep your boys and girls busy in winters. Just hang it inside the coop and they start their job. Read our complete guide on raising chickens in winter.


  • Easy to maintain.
  • Hanger with a clip system.
  • Veggies and extra food space.
  • Compatible in size.


  • The cost needs to be a little less.
  • Sometimes it’s not suitable for proper habitation.

2. Chicken Veggie Ball Chicken Toys

(3 Pack) Chicken Ware Chick-N-Veggie Ball
  • (3 Pack) Chicken Ware Chick-N-Veggie Ball
  • Offers An Entertaining Way To Provide Nutritious Treats...
  • Fun Rolling Treat Buffet Holds A Full Head Of Lettuce
  • Entertains Multiple Chickens At Once
  • Easy Open and Close Design For Convenient Feeding and...

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This Chicken veggie ball provides a fun way to deliver the green leafy veggies to chickens. 

Also, it is known as the Chicken-N-Veggie ball. It provides an entertaining way to serve food to your chicken. You can give that Veggie ball to backyard flocks.


  • Easy to use and open.
  • Closet Design.
  • Fun rolling treat buffet.
  • Easy cleaning and feeding.


  • Not for multiple foods.
  • Little but costly.

3. Iron Feeding Treat Box for Chickens

lanermoon Chicken Foraging Coop Toys for Hens,Hanging Iron Feeding Treat Box,Parrot Bird Vegetable Veggie Feeder Toys (Orange)
  • Novel design:The design of wine cup shape is novel,...
  • Safe:The whole cage(including hook and cover) is...
  • Perfect size:The height of the pet feeder is 11...
  • Great Gift:Please give your pet a chance to Getting...

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These coop toys are basically for hens and also you can give them nutritious treats with this Iron feeding treat box which is specially designed for the chickens. 

It includes the whole outer surface cage and inside that, you can insert or hang the food for your flocks in the backyard.


  • Easy to use and open
  • Close Design
  • Hanging and placing food options
  • Basically a bantam bird feeder


  • Size is too small for multiple chickens.

4. Cricket Cage Toys for Chickens

Challenge Plastics 50298 Cricket Cage 6", Red
  • 2 5/8-Inch by 9-Inch
  • Made of Wire and Plastic
  • Weighs .27 pounds
  • Snap on Top
  • Sport type: Fishing

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If you want to give Insects as food to your chickens then Cricket Cage is the most suitable option for you. 

It provides the Storing facility to cricket inside the cage and you can gently give them to your chicken to provide a treat. They just love to peck and enjoy their time with this awesome toy.


  • 2 5/8 inch in size.
  • It is a build-up of wire and plastic.
  • Weight is approximate 0.27 pounds


  • Size is too small for multiple chickens

5. Chicken Veggies Skewer Toys

Vehomy Chicken Veggies Skewer Fruit Holder for Hens Pet Chicken Vegetable Hanging Feeder Toy for Hens Large Birds 3PCS
  • Materials and Size: The chicken veggies fork with chain...
  • Design: This chicken veggies feeder is designed as a...
  • How to Use: Unscrew the bottom screws, skewer tomato,...
  • Function: Vehomy Chicken food Holder not only...
  • Customer Service: 30 days 100% money back guarantee, 24...

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The chicken veggies skewer are basically food-hanging toys that include the skewer stainless steel design. 

You have to unlock the bottom screw and insert the food on that chain and hang that chain on a particular location or backyard to serve your food to chickens.


  • Hanging Chain Design
  • One-way food delivery to chicken to avoid direct food stepping
  • Stainless steel design 


  • You need to buy multiple chains for every food.

6. Chicken Swing Toys

Mrli Pet Chicken Swing Toys with Natural Wooden for Hens Large Bird Parrot Macaw Training
  • SAFE MATERIALS - Chicken swing is made of natural wood,...
  • Size - The Chicken toy for hens is made of very sturdy...
  • Design- With suspension hook design, it allows chicken...
  • Ideal relaxing place: An ideal place for your pet...
  • Every piece of our chicken swing is unique and will...

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Swing toys are basically used for entertainment purposes. You can get the swing toy for your chicken to give them proper comfort instead of flocks boredom. 

These Swing toys are specifically designed with wooden material and have proper sitting length and safe for your flocks.


  • Hanging wooden sitting design.
  • Ideal relaxing place.
  • One-way food delivery to chicken to avoid direct food stepping.


  • Best for 1-2 chickens.

7. Colorful Loofah Hanging Bells Chewing Chicken Toys

Lanermoon Chicken Toys for Hens with Natural Colorful Loofah Hanging Bells Chewing Toys
  • With suspension hook design,suit for all kinds of...
  • Natural food coloring it is both safe and secure.
  • Made of natural loofah grass,it is safe and healthy for...
  • Fun to play and chew relieves boredom and increases...
  • The combination of shape and bright colours will...

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Colorful Loofah hanging bells are specially designed for the attractive design gesture for chickens and also you can make the hanging for one-time. 

Every bird can enjoy hanging bells with an attractive design that gives your chickens entertainment and joy.


  • Hanging wooden sitting design
  • Ideal relaxing place.
  • Best for pet chickens to swing, play, climb, and chew.


  • You need to aware of Plastic Material

8. Chicken Xylophone Toys

Vehomy Chicken Xylophone Toy for Hens Suspensible Wood Xylophone Toy with 8 Metal Keys Chicken Coop Pecking Toy with Grinding Stone (Rainbow Color)
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Vehomy Chicken Xylophone Toy for Hens Suspensible Wood Xylophone Toy with 8 Metal Keys Chicken Coop Pecking Toy with Grinding Stone (Rainbow Color)
  • Funny Chicken Toy: The xylophone toy is special...
  • Size and Material: The chicken xylophone toy for hens...
  • Function: Chickens are always attracted by crisp sounds...
  • Package Including: 1x chicken xylophone toy with a...
  • Best Gift: Our Suspensible Xylophone toy is not only...

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This toy is amazing for giving hanging surrounds to your backyard’s flocks. They can easily find their attractive thing and try to get the fun out of it. 

It contains various colorful plate type structures and you can also place that in a center of your backyard they will get attracted automatically.


  • Hanging design
  • Surrounding Fun Zone


  • You need to aware of Plastic Material
  • Quality needs to be improved.

9. Chicken Flexible Ladders for Playing

BWOGUE Wooden Chicken Flexible Ladder,Parrot Chicken Swing,Pet Toy
  • Fun activity and colorful design to reduce coop...
  • Size: 47.2''*3.9''(L*W) (the length including metal...
  • Climbing ladder motion is enjoyed by the chicken as...
  • Made with wooden, steel wire throughout all the...
  • Simple installation for the most coop size. Color:...

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Fun and Entertaining toy for your chickens this ladder are flexible for playing around or chicken can walk on that ladder because the material is specially designed as per the chicken weight. So every bird can easily play and walk you through this ladder toy.

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  • Hanging design.
  • Easy to install.
  • Metal Clasp.
  • Wooden material.


  • You need to be aware of plastic material.
  • You can’t place it in a very higher place.

10. Baby Chicks Wooden Perch Toys

Backyard Barnyard Chick Perch Strong Wooden Jungle Gym Roosting Bar Made in USA!!! Chicken Toys for Coop and Brooder for Baby Chicks El Pollitos La Pollita Pollos Gallinas Polluelos
  • 🐔 COMFORT FOR YOUR CHICKS -Perches allow birds to...
  • 🐔 WORKS FOR BABY CHICKS-Add to your list of brooder...
  • 🐔 SOLID CONSTRUCTION - Our chicks roosting bars are...

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It is a strong wooden perch for baby chicks to train them at an early stage with cages and give it a feeling like a jungle safari. 

It is one of the best fun and entertaining toy for your small chickens. You can place lots of chickens inside this perch toy. 

Also, the roosting bars are good for training little chicks.


  • Easy to install 
  • Work for baby chick
  • Environment friendly
  • Strong material


  • You need to aware of Other Harming Material
  • The cost is high.

11. Chickens Hanging Mirror with Bells Toys

Vehomy Chicken Toys for Hens Birds Swing Hanging Mirror Toys with Bell and 2pcs Beak Grinding Molar Stones for Chicken Parrots
  • Package Including: 1 x chicken mirror toy for Hens, 2 x...
  • Materials: Vehomy Chicken mirror toys are made of...
  • Size: the hens mirror toy 10*15 cm / 5.91*3.94 inches,...
  • Design: The pet bird mirror toy with double side...
  • Function: For a single pet bird, a mirror may make him...

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All bell toys have similar functionality. You will get the wooden material bell. You can hang that bell in a particular location to avoid food stepping and other harmful activities and make them feel warm and healthy in the surrounding area.

Your chicken will love to play with this toy and engage in analyzing their own face in the mirror. They just peck on them and when bells sound will make them happy.


  • Easy to install 
  • Work for both roosters & hens
  • Environment friendly
  • Wooden material


  • You need to aware of Other Harming Material

9 Awesome Ideas for DIY Chicken Toys (Make Free at Home)

Above we have provided some ready-to-order chicken toys for your backyard members.If you don’t have any budget right now follow below DIY tips to make some chicken toys at home.

Don’t worry you don’t need any complicated instrument to make these chicken toys. Let’s start-

1. Hang Cabbage Using a Thin Plastic Rope

If you want to make a replica of a hanging toy for your chicken then use a sac packing or bag stitching needle and put a plastic thread on it.

After that you can attach a supporting material in the bottom part so that the cabbage stuck on it. Then just pass the needle from the center of the cabbage and that’s all.

Hang the cabbage anywhere inside the coop and your boys and girls start playing in your home made chicken toy.

2. Hang Leafy Plants Inside the Coop

My chickens love the leaves of drumstick plants (Moringa oleifera) so I use them to make a plant hanging toy for my chickens.

I just pull down a few soft branches of the plant and I hang them using a rope inside the coop. Do this for any other plant which your chickens love to peck.

3. Give Them Leftover Food

Most of the chickens love leftover food because it contains lots of veggies, protein stuff, rice and other nutritional things.

If every day you have lots of leftover food then you can give in a bowl. They will love to eat. Because all chickens fight for the food & it becomes a sport for them like lots of people running towards a rugby ball.

4. Use Some Chicken Scratch

Giving your flocks chicken scratch is another awesome game which acts like a toy for them. Chicken scratch has lots of nutrients and they love to peck on them.

Tie a homemade treat or chicken scratch bag in the chicken coop wall. Your chicken will scratch them and play with the bags the whole day. Also they enjoy the home made chicken scratch.

5. Cut Fruits and Veggies Like Cucumber, Papaya, Watermelon

This type of thing works in summer. I cut one whole papaya, cucumber or watermelon in two equal parts and keep them near the sheds. 

If your flocks are free range they will love to peck and play on these natural stuffs. Mine boys and girls engaged in these types of natural toys for hours.

6. Hang Some Ropes Inside the Coop

If you want to give your chickens a DIY swing toy, then ropes are the best things. I have tied a 2 cm diameter rope from one wall to another inside my coop.

My chicken flocks love to swing on them and few jump from one rope to another. It is one of the best DIY chicken toys.

7. You Can Provide Your Kids Soft Toys To Chickens

If you have some toys, which your kids are not playing with then giving them to your backyard friend is a good option. Remember to use a soft toy with big pieces so your chicken does not swallow hazardous parts of that toy.

8. Hang Some Reflective Stuff in Your Backyard Coop

Chickens are very fond of reflective things. You can hang some old used CDs and DVDs inside or near the coops. 

My chickens were afraid of these types of things when I hanged them the first time but after a few days they started playing with them.

Make sure this DIY chicken toy does not hurt and disturb your chickens activities.

9. Give Banana Trunk

Oh it’s my favourite one. I give banana trunks to my chickens to play and peck. I just cut the big banana stem into two pieces horizontally so that the inner watery part becomes visible. 

Chickens love the watery part, my chickens get crazy pecking on the trunk. Try with you chickens.

Do Your Chickens Need Toys?

Yes, of course they need toys. If you really care for them you can provide some toys and engaging stuff.

If you are worried about wasting money then try DIY toys which we have provided above. Always remember keeping stressed and unhappy chicken may cause various health problems.

Toys increase activities for chickens living inside the coop. If you have free-range chickens they move around, fight with each other, run towards insects, etc.

But during the free time they need an extra thing to play and enjoy. Chicken toys help them to live stress free and healthy.

So, try to provide a few chicken toys to your flocks today.

Top 11 Best Chicken Toys (For Flocks Entertainment)
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