Top 7 Best Chicken Vitamin Supplements to Keep Flocks Strong

Are you wondering for some best chicken vitamin supplements? If yes, you are at the right place. Chickens do not need extra supplement always, but you must know when they need it?

A poultry diet needs to be a balanced and formulated ration, in which vitamins & minerals are major components. The deficiency of these components causes poor health in chickens.

For the healthy and proper growth of the chicken, vitamins are essential for a profitable poultry business. The lack of minerals in chicken feed causes many health problems for the flocks, leading to death.

Hence, balanced poultry diet feeding supplies adequate minerals and vitamins for effective growth of chickens. When you feed the poultry birds, you will be overwhelmed by the number of options and the information about chicken vitamins. 

First, you need a complete guide on chicken vitamin supplements, based on which you can make an informed decision about what to include in their diet so that there is no deficiency of vitamins and minerals.

Top 7 Best Chicken Vitamins Supplements

Here are some of the best chicken vitamins description available in the market and can work wonders for the poultry birds-

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Product Name

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Vitamins & Electrolyte Conc, 4 oz (113.4g)




1. Rooster Booster Poultry Booster, 1.25-Pound

The Rooster Booster can have all the required chicken vitamins and minerals necessary for the healthy growth of poultry birds. If you see weak legs in chickens, you can ask your vet and continue giving this in 2-3 alternated days for 1 month.

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  • The product can be used for all age groups of the birds.
  • The product holds high calcium, which is essential for the growth of the bones in the bird.
  • The product also keeps the chickens hydrated during the hot summer months. 


  • The product does not have proteins that are needed for the birds.
  • The product does not have enough niacin, which turns food into energy for the birds.

2. Vitamins & Electrolytes Plus 4oz by Agrilabs

The product supplies poultry electrolytes and vitamins, which are essential for the healthy growth of the chickens. Electrolytes help them to rehydrate in summers. You can also give to small week chicks in the first day in tropical climate areas.

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  • The product keeps the hydration level of the birds all season.
  • 3/4 tablespoon of product mixed with one gallon of water is enough.
  • The product can be used for farm animals and is not restricted to poultry birds only.


  • Depending upon the breed of the bird, the usage quantity of the product needs to be figured out.
  • The product contains vitamins and is deficient in other minerals and proteins.

3. Sav-A-Chick 18 Pack of Electrolytes and Vitamin Supplements Poultry

 The product can be used for any age group of poultry birds and is an essential supplement of electrolytes.

It is best to solve dehydration and weakness in chicks. Its really saves a chicks life.

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  • The product comes in a pre-measured packet and can be easily mixed with water and fed to the poultry.
  • The product is suitable for small chicks to adult birds.


  • The product comes in a designed and pre-measured packet for backyard poultry only and not for a poultry business.

4. Vitamins & Electrolyte Conc, 4 oz (113.4g) (2 Pack)

The product is water-soluble and is a premix of vitamins and electrolytes; it is particularly designed to give in drinking water of chickens.

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  • The product can be used for both poultry and livestock.
  • It is a water-soluble product; hence it can be mixed with drinking water and fed to the poultry and livestock.


  • Depending upon the poultry breed, the quantity needs to be decided before mixing in the water.
  • The packet comes in a pre-determined quantity suitable for small flocks and not for a poultry business flock.

5. Manna Pro Oyster Shell, 5-Pounds

The product is a dry supplement that can be fed directly to the flocks and is rich in calcium and other minerals required for healthy growth in the birds.

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  • The product is a substantial source of calcium, which is necessary for strong eggshells.
  • It is highly recommended for the egg-laying hens and should be fed from the age of 18 weeks.


  • It cannot be fed to all age groups of birds.
  • It should not be fed to young chicks since it is not good for their digestion.

6. BOVIDR LABORATO Poultry NUTRI-Drench QT – 1 Quart

The product is rich in vitamin and mineral supplements for the chicken, which is essential for growth and development in poultry flocks.

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  • The product is water-soluble and is mixed with drinking water to feed the poultry.
  • The product can be used for both poultry and livestock.
  • The poultry birds become more energetic after having this product.


  • It is fed only to hens who are laying eggs.

7. Morning Bird Calcium Plus Liquid

The product is a pre-dissolved, bio-available form of calcium, which is necessary for fulfilling calcium deficiency in chickens.

You can give it to both roosters and hen.

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  • It resolves calcium deficiency in the birds.
  • It is in liquid form, and when mixing with water, it gets dissolved.
  • It prevents egg binding, splayed legs, feather plucking, etc., in the poultry birds.


  • It has a strong smell, which can be off-putting.

What are chicken vitamins supplement?

Chicken vitamin supplements are the vitamins and minerals require to a chicken for growth and development. They merely get these vitamins and minerals from feed. But if they lack in any vitamin, extra vitamin supplement is given by mixing them in their feed and drinking water.

Chickens need all known poultry vitamins except vitamin C. The vitamins can be bifurcated into two categories of soluble in fats and soluble in water. Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D & Vitamin K are soluble in fats, while Thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid, biotin, and niacin are soluble in water.

The fat-soluble vitamins help develop eggs and reduce the weakness which the chicks might encounter during the growth. They also stop the bleeding because of any cut or injury if the birds have. The water-soluble vitamins avoid poor growth in the chicks. Here is our complete guide on raising baby chicks.

When the diet includes an appropriate amount of required vitamins and minerals, the poultry birds grow healthy and strong, which is necessary for the poultry business’s growth.

List of Vitamins and Minerals With their Benefits And Deficiency Disease

Here are the details of the full vitamins & mineral list for chicken with their health benefits and diseases caused by their deficiency:

  1. Vitamin A–For better growth, health, and egg production, vitamin A is a must. If this vitamin is deficient, the poultry birds have chronic respiratory disease, a cold, and other such findings. The face appears to be swollen around the eyes, and the eyes appear to glue from a discharge near the eyes, which will appear to be in yellowish-white color.
  2. Vitamin B–There are various types of vitamin B, but the one concerning poultry is Vitamin B1, and it is also known as Thiamine. Deficiency causes a breakdown of the nervous system, especially in young birds, like weakness in their legs, less coordination in their leg and neck movements.
  3. Vitamin D–Deficiency in vitamin D causes soft beak and out of shape, ruffled feathers, and leg weakness. This is a necessary vitamin in chicken to prevent rickets growth on growing chicks and prevent egg paralysis. 
  4. Vitamin E–For normal reproduction and hatching, vitamin E is necessary. If this vitamin is deficient, the young chicks have a condition of imbalance from the time of their birth, and they lose muscular control of their body, and they are often found lying on their sides in the coop’s corner.
  5. Vitamin K–The primary function of vitamin K is the clotting power of blood; in the absence of this vitamin in chicken supplements, the bird will bleed to death from any injury, which causes the blood vessel wall to rupture. 

As vitamins are necessary for the poultry birds, the mineral also plays a crucial role for the better development of the birds. Mineral deficiency also causes much health-related issues in the poultry flocks. Hence a balanced diet is essential for the better growth of the birds. Here are some details of the minerals required for a balanced diet of poultry.

  1. Manganese–Deficiency of this mineral leads to perosis, which causes enlargement and malformation of tibio metatarsal joint, shortening, and thickening of the legs and wings. It also leads to the production of thin-shelled eggs in the mature chicken.
  2. Iron & copper–Anemia is caused in poultry birds when these minerals are deficient. The chicks become lame, and their bone structure were weak and fragile. This may also cause spastic paralysis.
  3. Magnesium–Though deficiency of this mineral is rare, it is richly available in the natural feed ingredients. But if this chicken mineral is deficient, it leads to slow growth in the chick, and they are lethargic, and they often pant and gasp. This mineral also has a central part in egg formation.
  4. Electrolyte–The key role of poultry electrolyte is to keep the body water and ionic balance in the birds. For the overall electrolyte balance, the elements required are potassium, sodium, and chlorine. 

Benefits of using good feed for chickens to overcome vitamin deficiency

The health of the poultry chicken highly depends upon the quality of feed given to them. Balance feed with the useful addition of the required vitamins and minerals ensures the hens produce healthy eggs throughout the year. For chicken to be happy and healthy, they need the following vitamins. 

  • The benefit of Vitamin A is that it ensures that there is normal growth, reproduction, and care of epithelial cells, which include the skin, linings of digestive and reproduction, and respiratory tracts are maintained in excellent condition.
  • For proper use and absorption of calcium and phosphorous, Vitamin D3 is required, helping in the chick’s normal growth.
  • Vitamin E plays a powerful antioxidant and is important for the development of neurological functions in the birds.
  • For the synthesis of prothrombin, Vitamin K is essential as it plays a major role in the clotting mechanism.
  • For metabolic functions to work properly in the body, Vitamin B is essential. It includes vitamins like Thiamine, niacin, pyridoxine, etc. This vitamin is essential since it compensates for the vitamin level fluctuation, naturally found in food.

How to understand if your chicken needs vitamin supplements?

Poultry chicken needs different kinds and levels of nutrients depending upon their age, living condition, diet, and breed. Their need for diet may also differ depending upon the egg they lay white or brown. Poor nutrition leads to health problems in the chicken.

The various signs of vitamin and mineral deficiency in the chicken are ill health, stunted growth, poor laying, deformity, lethargy, lack of appetite, weight loss, poor feathering, decrease in immunity against parasites and diseases. Here you can read a guide on chicken wormers and parasites.

All the deficiencies mentioned above can be avoided if the chicken supplement has all the required vitamins and minerals in balanced form.

Conclusion (Our Editors Choice on Best Chicken Vitamin Supplements)

Based on all the information available and the importance of chicken supplements for growing a healthy poultry flock, I would recommend Vitamins & Electrolytes Plus 4oz by Agrilabs.

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This product makes up all the required vitamins and minerals needed for the development of healthy poultry. It holds electrolytes that ensure that the birds are hydrated even on hot summer days.

Another plus sign is that the product has best chicken vitamin supplements, which fulfill all nutrition deficiency in poultry flocks.

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