Top 11 Best Dual Purpose Chicken Breeds (with Images)

Dual-purpose chickens are breed which produce the best quality of meat and lots of eggs. They are crucial for the homestead because they dual beneficial for farmers. Breed choice is one subject that every chicken keeper has definite feelings about. 

Choosing the breed also plays an important role as it influences the location, style, and construction of the coop and yard. The climate in which you live also affects the breed’s choice for your area, since some chicken breed does well in warmer climates than the others.

Dual-purpose chickens breed, sometimes called as breeds that are eggcellent layers having a heavy-set build.

It sounds good to have an animal that can serve two purposes, but there is some downfall since you will have to take extra care while raising them.

What Are Dual Purpose Chicken Breeds?

In modern-day factory farms, chickens are bred for laying eggs or meat production. The laying breed produces impressive quantities of eggs, and most of the resources are used for egg production. The meat breed known as boilers is heavily bodied and grows faster and processed for eating.

So, dual-purpose best chicken breeds are regarded as a chicken breed that lays a good number of eggs and a good amount of meat. When hens stop laying eggs, farmers sell them in the market for meat. 

Dual-purpose is a bit of an inaccurate terminology for the backyarders who do not process their birds. Even though the dual-purpose breed is popular among the backyarders, that too since larger birds are less filthy.

Though they can get easily startled because of heavy bodies, they cannot fly over the fences, and during winter, because of large bodies, they can bear the cold.

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Benefits of Raising Dual-Purpose Chicken Breeds

Here are some benefits of raising a dual-purpose chicken breed:

  • The most apparent reason for the dual-purpose chicken breed is that it provides versatility.
  • The dual-purpose breed contains heritage gene also, which means they have many advantages in terms of health and hardiness.
  • The chickens of the dual-purpose breed are bred because they have balanced health. They are less prone to parasites and other ailments. Here are some best chicken wormers to keep chickens worm free.
  • These breeds lifespan is comparatively greater than the other breeds and has a high production of egg-laying.
  • Compared to specialized breed, the dual-purpose breed birds do well in a pasture-based setting with a moderate amount of grains depending on the age and reproduction stage.
  • Bird of dual-purpose chickens for eggs and meat breed has a superior flavor and makeup with nutritional content when compared to high-quality breed. Here is a guide on best chicken vitamins for chickens.
  • The breed that can perform over one task means you can have more than one income stream.

Top 11 Best Dual-Purpose Chicken Breeds for Getting Lots of Eggs and Meat (with Images)

Below is the list of best dual purpose chicken breeds available with their benefits and images-

1. Light Sussex hens

Light Sussex hens one of the best dual purpose chicken
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These hens weigh around seven pounds and are excellent table birds and good egg-laying birds. They lay around 250 medium-sized eggs throughout the year. If you want to know more breeds that lays lots of eggs (here is the guide).

These hens usually have white feathers with a black tail and some black feathers around the neck. These hens are wonderful mother so they can raise as many chicks as they can.

2. Black Australorp Chickens

Black Australorp Chickens for egg and meat both
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Black Australorp Chickens chicken of these breed weight around five to eight pounds and are very friendly. They lay around 364 eggs throughout the year and are one of the best setters and mothers. 

These Black Australorp Chickens lay brown-layered eggs, and they are some of the best winter layers. They lay brown eggs at around five months.

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3. The Speckled Sussex Hens

The Speckled Sussex Hen Photo
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The bird has ties with black Australorp; they are beautiful and are friendly in nature. The roosters of these breeds are very protective and colorful.

The hen’s weight around seven to nine pounds and they lay brown to beige eggs. They lay eggs at around five months and do not slow down during the winter.

4. Orpington Chickens

Orpington Chickens best for eggs and meat
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These are very heavy birds and easily weight around eight pounds and weigh over ten to eleven pounds. They go broody and become great mothers, but they will lay slighter lesser eggs than some other dual-purpose breeds.

These hens, on average, lay 200 large brown eggs per year so these hens are bred specifically for laying eggs or meat.

5. Plymouth Rocks Hens

Plymouth Rocks Hens a good dual purpose chicken
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These are beautiful birds and are available as much in eight colors and, on average, lay around 260 large brown eggs per year.

The birds weigh around seven pounds and make an excellent dual-purpose bird. The breed of this bird influences many others for its size and docile nature and egg-laying capabilities.

6. Brahma Chickens

Brahma Chickens for both eggs and meat
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One of the large breeds in existence is the Brahma chickens, with the bird weighing around ten pounds. They lay around 200 brown eggs each year and adapt well to the cold temperature because of their size and heavy feathering.

These birds require extra care because of the heavy feathering at their feet, which needs regular cleaning, or the bird can lose their nails or even toes, which can be injurious for the bird if they become infected.

7. Marsh Daisy Chickens

Marsh Daisy Chickens (Poultry Club) Dual Purpose Hen
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These chickens are perfect for a free-range lifestyle; the birds are strong and hardy, excellent foragers, and great mothers.

The hen weighs around five and a half pounds and lay around 220 eggs per year. However, this breed’s cockerels have a heart problem, and most of them do not live past three years.

8. Transylvanian Naked Necks

Transylvanian Naked Necks
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Transylvanian naked necks breed chicken does not have any feather on their necks, but despite their appearance.

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Farmers keep these breed as a dual-purpose because of meaty bodies, and they weigh around eight and a half pounds and are immune to nearly all diseases. The hens of these breeds lay around 220 large brown eggs per year.

9. Ixworth Chickens

Ixworth Chickens best for both egg and meat
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The Ixworth Chickens are very good layers and lay around 240 eggs per year and make a good table bird as they weigh around seven pounds.

They are British breed and are classed as rare. These are pure, beautiful white birds who do very well if they can roam in a free-range.

10. Delaware Chickens

Delaware Chickens for dual purpose use
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These chickens are of US breed and are currently listed as a rare breed. These breeds weigh around six and a half to eight pounds and can around 200 large brown eggs per year. They appear similar to the light Sussex breed but have fewer black markings comparatively. 

11. Cochin Chickens

Cochin Dual purpose Chickens
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The chicken of these breeds is like Brahma chickens. They are huge birds with hens having an average weight of ten pounds, and they are known for their excessive feathering, which means they can survive cold and harsh winters. The hens of these breeds lay around 200 hundred eggs per year. Here is complete breed guide on cochin chickens.

Our Best Choice

Since the article is all about the dual-purpose chicken breed, and we have gone through the various poultry chicken breeds, I would choose the Black Australorp.

It is heavily built compared to some other breeds and will provide many meets when processed; it also lays many eggs per year compared to other breeds. 

The hens of the breed are also not affected by the cold winter and continue to lay eggs. Here is the best guide to keep chickens warm in winters. This is truly one of the best dual-purpose chicken breed in the world.

Hope you liked this guide in best dual-purpose chickens. Do not forget to tell your suggestions below in comment section.

Best Dual Purpose Chicken Breeds
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