Top 7 Best Odor Eliminator Sprays for Chicken Coops & Poultry Yards

Do you need best odor eliminator sprays for your chicken coops. These smell neutralizer sprays for poultry houses are mostly essential part of poultry business.

Due to large number of poultry birds the collection of large amount of litter, bad odor in poultry farms is a common problem.

But how to overcome this chicken coop smell?

Keeping the poultry coop clean is a primary responsibility of farmers for the wellbeing of the flock, and to avoid the odor being emanated from the coop.

To reduce the bad ammonia like smell from chicken coop, lots of odor eliminator spray for are available in the market.

The main culprit for the odor is the ammonia caused by the birds’ excretion and is harmful to the small chicks respiratory system.

Hence, the farmers can use few best odor eliminator sprays for poultry coops to avoid any type of health issues in flocks. These odor neutralizer sprays also provides your backyard environment a sweet aromatic smell.

Top 7 Best Odor Eliminator Sprays for Poultry Coop

Here is the quick list of best odor eliminator sprays for removing bad smell and cleaning chicken coop-

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1. Absolutely Clean chicken Flock Coop Deodorizer and cleaner, Veterinarian Approved

Absolutely Clean Chicken Coop Cleaner, Odor Eliminator Spray for Hen House
  • QUICK & EASY CLEANING: To use our amazing enzyme...
  • POWERFUL NATURAL ENZYMES: Absolutely Clean Chicken...
  • GREAT FOR OUTDOOR AREAS: Our natural enzyme formula is...
  • VETERINARIAN APPROVED: Our vet-approved enzyme formula...
  • MADE IN THE USA: Absolutely Clean is a small, family...

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Absolutely clean chicken flock coop cleaner is prepared by all-natural enzymes that help clean stains and eliminate bad odor. This odor eliminator spray is safe to use.

Use this chicken coop odor neutralizer to control any type of ammonia or bad smell. Before controlling odor in chicken yards you need to remove all equipment’s and beddings.


  • They are formulated from natural enzymes that are highly efficient in cleaning all kinds of stains and effectively eliminate the bad odor.
  • There are no abrasive chemicals used in these eliminator sprays.
  • These are not dangerous to use around children and live stocks.


  • They have to be used periodically to remain effective in eliminating the odor.
  • The livestock can be put back to the coop only once when the sprayed areas have dried up.

2. SMELLEZE Natural Poultry Coop Smell Deodorizing Granules

SMELLEZE Natural Yard Odor Remover Deodorizer 2 lb. Granules Rid Pet Urine & Stool Smell. Perfect for Lawn, Gravel, Artificial Turf, Patio, Kennel. Safe & Long Lasting
  • SIMPLY SPRINKLE YARD SMELLS AWAY: For a fresher yard,...
  • SAFE FOR PEOPLE, PETS & THE PLANET: Formulated from 100...
  • PURIFY YOUR AIR & BREATHE CLEAN: The granules can be...

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SMELLEZE granules are safe and effective odor eliminator granules for chicken coops to remove and control the stinky odor from the chicken droppings.

This chicken coop odor neutralizer is easy to use and long lasting. It is made from 100% natural products so its easy to use inside chicken sheds.


  • It is a non-toxic solution to eliminate the stinky odor and safe to use around people and poultry livestock.
  • This odor eliminator granules helps to reduce the ammonia level and improve the air quality around the coop.
  • It also helps to control the humidity around the coop.


  • The durable period is short and has to be used in a short interval of time periodically. 

3. PureAyre – All-Natural Plant-Based Chicken Odor Eliminator

PureAyre – All-Natural Plant-Based Pet Odor Eliminator – Pure, Powerful, and Completely Safe – 1 Gallon
  • FOOD-GRADE & SAFE – PureAyre is the only food-grade...
  • ALL NATURAL - PureAyre is made from an all-natural...
  • REMOVES STAINS - Veterinarian recommended food grade...

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Pure Ayre is one of the strongest odor eliminator liquid used for spray in the market to tackle the worst poultry odors and yet safe to spray directly on people or the livestock

If your chicken coop stinks a lot you can choose this natural plant based odor controlling liquid spray. The best part of this odor neutralizer is it also cleans the stains on the floor.


  • It is one of the food-grade odor eliminators in the market that means it is the safest and firmest way to get rid of the stinky smells around the people and the livestock.
  • This odor eliminator sprays for a chicken coop is made up of all-natural ingredients derived from plant enzymes without the use of chemicals, bacteria, and alcohol.
  • It can also be used to remove the stains from the coop.


  • The product needs to be used first before anything else; otherwise, the natural enzymes will react differently.
  • Some products might have vinegar smells since the natural enzymes keep on working.

4. NaturVet – Yard Odors Eliminator

NaturVet – Yard Odor Eliminator – Eliminate Stool and Urine Odors from Lawn and Yard – Designed For Use on Grass, Plants, Patios, Gravel, Concrete & More – 31.6 oz Ready-To-Use with Nozzle
  • Yard Odor Eliminator with Ready-To-Use Nozzle quickly...
  • Super concentrated formula is great for any outdoor...
  • For use on grass, plants, shrubs, patios, patio...
  • If spraying on fabric, test product on a very small,...
  • cGMP Compliant, Manufactured in the USA

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This is one of the best chicken coop odor neutralizer by NaturVet, which is ready to use the product through a nozzle.

It can control the odor from inside and outside of the chicken sheds caused because of their droppings on an immediate basis.

You an use this odor eliminator spray on many places like grass, plants, shrubs, patios, patio furniture, kennels, dog runs, swing sets, fences and more


  • It has a super-concentrated formula and can be used on any outdoor surface.
  • This coop odor eliminator spray is safe to use on grass and plants, and it deodorizes the bad poultry smell.
  • It can be easily associated with a hose, and the product can be sprayed on the floor surface of the coop, immediately eliminating the odor from the droppings.


  • Once the product is sprayed, till the surface dries up, children and the poultry flocks need to be kept at a safe distance.
  • You might get allergic reaction from the product, contact the doctor on an immediate basis.

5. The Chicken Chick Sweet Coop, 5lb Bag

The Chicken Chick Sweet Coop, 5lb Bag
  • Sweet Coop is a natural mineral known as zeolite....
  • Sweet Coop can be used with all litter types, including...
  • Less moisture means fewer flies, a sweeter-smelling...
  • Use in a clean, empty coop, sprinkle a layer of Sweet...
  • 100% all natural! No added colors, scents or...

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The Chicken Chick sweet coop is made up of a natural mineral odor eliminator known as zeolite, which soaks up moisture like a sponge and neutralizes the odor by capturing the harmful ammonia molecules in the air.

This is one of the most popular odor neutralizer which keeps your coops air fresh. Not only this you can use this odor controller for chickens, ducks, gamebirds, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, dogs and cats.

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  • The product comprises 100% natural ingredients and doesn’t contain toxic elements that can be harmful to poultry flocks.
  • As the product captures the moisture, fewer flies, and a sweet smell are available all around the coop.
  • It can be used along with the litter like pine shaving, sand, etc.


  • The duration of the effect of the product is short; hence it has to be used at regular intervals.

6. Flo-Kem 11192 Enzyme Odor Eliminator with 1 Gallon of Pina Colada Fragrance

Flo-Kem 11192 Enzyme Odor Eliminator with Pina Colada Fragrance, 1 Gallon
  • Special enzyme formulation that eliminates heavy odors...
  • Very effective on pet odors in carpets
  • Also works on urine and smoke odors in carpets
  • Pleasant pina colada scent
  • 1 gallon size

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Flo-Kem 11192 Enzyme Odor control liquid used for spray has a special enzyme formula that helps eliminate heavy odors from the coop yards.

If your chicken coop is producing very bad ammonia like smell try this odor eliminator spray. This odor killer can remove any type of bad smell from urine, vomit, feces, smoke, etc..


  • The product is very effective in removing the odor from the floor surface of the poultry coop.
  • The product works effectively on the droppings of the poultry and reduces the odor drastically.
  • It comes in a pleasant fragrance of pina colada.


  • You must be careful while using the product since it has a special formula of enzyme; hence it should not be used in a humidifier; it can have a negative effect on flooring.
  • The product should not be used at high temperatures if you need the desired effect.

7. Chick Flic Odor Eliminator

Chick Flic Odor Eliminator
  • Eliminates Harmful Ammonia in Chicken Coops
  • contains a Patented Ingredient which Protects and...
  • Safe, Effective, and Quick Acting
  • Apply 1 tbsp/sq foot below the roost for over a week of...

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Chick Flic, is one of the best odor eliminators for using inside the coop for ammonia smell from litter.

It is made from naturally mined clay that hardened into a square shape granules so that the product’s integrity is not compromised while shipping.

Use this product to get rid of any type of bad smell in chicken yards. This product is specifically made for poultry birds.


  • The product is made up of naturally mined clay and can be easily sprinkled in the granules from around the coop.
  • Due to its natural element, it is safe to use and reacts quickly to eliminate the odor rising from the droppings of the poultry.


  • The product’s effectiveness is for a very short time, and hence it has to be sprinkled at a regular interval of time around the coop.
  • If the granules come into contact with the water,it loses its effectiveness.

Buyers Guide Selecting a Best Odor Eliminator Spray for Backyard Poultry Coops

What are Odor Eliminator Sprays?

One of the primary responsibilities of a chicken farmer is to keep a tight check on the bad smell in yard. The local governing authorities must deal with odor complaints from various sources, including the poultry farms. 

Odorous gases like mercaptan, hydrogen, skatole, thiocresol, sulfide, etc. are the various forms of gases that emanate from the chicken farms.

The main sources of odor from the chicken farms are the livestock feed, manure, housing, and waste, including the carcasses monitored by the local governing agencies.

There are many ways to get rid of chicken coop and yard smell, but the best and easiest way is to use the odor eliminator sprays.

How to Select a Best Odor Eliminator Spray for Your Chicken Coop?

Companies employ a lot of money researching the best perfume chemical to eliminate the odor and keep the livestock healthy and happy.

But the odor removal technique is a complicated matter that includes many overlapping factors that include sensitivity, environment, source, humidity, etc. 

There are many chicken coop odor neutralizer sprays available in the market. Most of the chemical making companies offer odor-eliminating products which serve to counteract the odor. They all are different, and some work better than the other.

You might get confused between the air freshener and odor eliminator, as in many instances, the two products are used interchangeably, and have similar services. But they are not the same. 

The basic difference is that air freshener only masks the odor that is certain to return and at the time when you least want it to. In contrast, the odor eliminator completely neutralizes odor at the molecular level with a little help from science. 

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Many of the eliminator sprays available in the market contain water and perfume and rely on enzymes to control the odor. The enzyme is for producing microbial action, but it is ineffective for residual or vaporous odors.

For an effective yard odor eliminator, it creates a chemical reaction that merges with the unpleasant odor lingering in the air.

How to Keep Chicken Coop from Bad Smelling?

If a farmer is planning to build a new chicken farm, the main consideration should be given to the design of the coop to maintain low emission of odor. 

For example, setting up a second wall at the end of the shed to slow the airflow and let the dust settle can be an effective way to minimize the odor. 

Cleaning the coop regularly is one of the primary tasks the farmer has to ensure so that the health of the flock is maintained, and there is no creation of odor.

Below are few common steps to get rid of chicken coop smell: 

  • The regular removal of the spillage feed to avoid the grinding of the feed. 
  • All the water pipes leakage should be repaired without any delay so that the water leaking from the pipes doesn’t mix with the birds’ excrete and produce a foul smell.
  • Controlling the temperature and humidity within the coop and clearing the poultry excrete regularly. 
  • Avoid the excess moisture into the chicken coops as excess moisture will increase the amount of odor generated due to anaerobic decomposition.
  • Ammonia is emanated from these excretes, which is very harmful to the poultry’s respiratory, especially the chicks.
  • Provide enough bedding for the poultry flocks in the coop. As often as possible, the manure in the building should be removed periodically so that it doesn’t emanate the odor, affecting the health of the flocks. 
  • The equipment used for feeding or the tray where the food for the flocks is kept should be cleaned periodically. The spoil feed should be removed regularly. 
  • Adequate ventilation for the coop needs to be provided so that there is a continuous circulation of air for the well-being of the flock. 
  • There are bound to be some carcasses of the live stocks in the coops that need to be removed immediately and disposed of at faraway locations so that the stench doesn’t linger around the coop. 
  • If possible, keep regular track of the weather conditions near you; it will give the information about the wind direction; it will help you to know where the odor eliminator should be sprayed. Check the coop humidity and monitor all the checks of the installation. 

Check regularly the odor that is being emanated from the coop use the odor eliminators so that the livestock and the human beings in the surrounding are not affected by the odor and have a pleasant smell.

Benefits of Odor Eliminator Spray in Poultry Coops

Odor impacts the farm meat, and the meat industry has recognized it. Running a clean and neat operation is the primary factor in running poultry, and odor eliminators play a great role in achieving this.

Farmers understand how, why, and when odor impacts are occurring in their poultry coops and, if possible, address the issues first before considering any technological solution. 

  1. The odor from the poultry contains many forms of gases; it also includes ammonia, which is very harmful to the respiratory system of the small chicks. To maintain the health of the live stocks is essential odor is eliminated at the earliest.
  2. Some of the odor eliminators are made up of natural elements that are not harmful to the poultry.
  3. It can be used in the coop without fearing about having a harmful effect on the health of the livestock.
  4. Odor eliminators also absorb the moisture from the droppings and the surrounding environment of the coops.
  5. It help maintain a dry environment to keep your chicken coop smell fresh
  6. This helps to maintain a controlled environment in the coop so that the poultry doesn’t have to face any uncomfortable environment.
  7. Using fresh herbs and rose petals like odor eliminators will smell great for the hens and so they will appreciate the yummy treat.
  8. Add fresh bedding/shaving to the coop and remove damp/wet and soiled bedding on the floor.
  9. Masking agents that override the offensive odors.
  10. Odor absorption chemicals that react with compounds in manure to reduce odor emission
  11. Create a good public impression by following recommendations which reduce odor and protect water quality.

Conclusion (Our Editors Choice for Best Odor Eliminator Sprays for Your Chicken Farm and Yard)

Based on the above products’ availability and usage to eliminate the odors for the safekeeping of the chicken flocks, I would choose NaturVet – Yard Odor Eliminator – Eliminate Stool and Urine Odors.

They are highly reliable and safe to use around the poultry flocks. These odor eliminator are also easy to use, having no fuss and no mess. They absorb the moisture and reduce the dampness, and are completely non-toxic. 

The product is made up of a highly concentrated formula and can be sprayed upon the grass and other plants without worrying about any side effects.

By using this product, it is easy to control the special eco-system that is to be maintained for the poultry and mainly reduces the ammonia odor, which is harmful to the respiratory system of the flocks.

Checkout Our Pick Here

Having fresh and healthy meat from the poultry, the eco-system for keeping the flocks always needs to be maintained, the odor eliminator spray, and other techniques help us achieve this. They remove harmful odor from the atmosphere so that a safe environment can be created for both poultry and people working to keep the poultry healthy.

As technology develops, more organic odor eliminators will be developed, non-toxic and non-allergic and can be used safely around livestock and people.

Top 7 Best Odor Eliminator Sprays
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