Oyster Shell and Grit For Chickens: Benefits, Need, & FAQs

Do you want to know all about oyster shell and grit for chickens? If yes, keep reading. 

This guide includes the difference between oyster shell and grit, their benefits, few best product details, and common FAQs.

If you are concerned about your chickens health it may help you in your backyard farming. Let’s start!

What are Oyster Shell and Grit for Chickens?

While new in chicken keeping, you may be confused by the terms oyster shell grit for chickens. Though these are products that people get to use interchangeably, they are of great necessity.

When it comes to grit, remember your chickens do not have teeths that they would use in the chewing process. As a result, they store food in their crop and the gizzard. 

It is in this place that meals are held until a person may get to ground them completely. The chickens that are not exposed to the free-range will end up picking on coarse dirt and small stones.

For Oyster shell, it is a product that is crushed to offer calcium to one’s flock. Chickens require higher levels of calcium compared to what is present in the chicken layer feed with top quality. 

When calcium is in excess, you will have hard eggshells. In the case where there are minimal calcium levels, you will result in broken, deformed, and weak bones.

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Oyster Shell Vs Grit

Grit is an insoluble product that remains in the gizzard and helps in the grinding of different meals. Besides, there is a time when the Oyster shell gets dissolved while put in the gut. 

Its overall job has nothing to do with the nature in which digestion takes place. Again, it guides in addition to calcium in the hen’s diet.

5 Benefits of Giving Oyster Shells and Grit to Poultry Birds

  • Improves the overall feed efficiency.
  • Gives traces on minerals and elements.
  • Prevents digestive and crop-related problems.
  • Oyster shells have high calcium levels so chickens never get distractions from the stones they get to swallow.
  • Muscular organ of the gizzard works much better while the stone is inside

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7 Best Oyster Shell and Grit For Chickens

1. Manna Pro Chick Grit: Digestive Supplement Bantam Breed and Young Poultry Breed


  • Small-sized granite
  • No artificial preservatives and ingredients
Manna Pro Chick Grit | Digestive Supplement for Young Poultry and Bantam Breed | Probiotics to Support Digestion | No Artificial Ingredients or Preservatives | Insoluble Crushed Granite | 5 Pounds7
  • DIGESTIVE SUPPLEMENT: A must have supplement for young,...
  • PROPER DIGESTION: Manna Pro Chick Grit with Probiotics...
  • NATURAL SUPPLEMENT: Crafted with no artificial...
  • SMALL SIZED: Insoluble crushed granite to a small size...
  • 2 WEEKS AND OLDER: Provide Manna Pro Chick Grit with...

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This is a digestive supplement that all the bantam breeds, growing poultry, and young chicks ought to consume. The Pro Chick Manna grit comes with Probiotics which simplifies the nature in which digestion takes place.

These supplements are natural and are crafted in the absence of artificial preservatives and ingredients. Besides, they come in small sizes while the granite is insoluble. Thus, the particles are ideal for use by all the bantam breeds and growing poultry.

They are best for use by the chicks which are two weeks and the much older chicks. At all times, offer the Pro Chick Manna Grit to the separate feeder that has chicks aged either two years old or even much older.


  • Excellent for chicks.
  • Natural supplement.
  • Easy to digest supplement.
  • Has no preservatives and ingredients.


  • Some ingredients are unlisted.

2. Manna Pro Crushed Oyster Shell: Best for Egg-Laying Chickens


  • Weighs 5 pounds
  • Best calcium source
Manna Pro Crushed Oyster Shell - Calcium Supplement for Laying Hens - Chicken Feed for Egg-Laying Chickens - 5 lbs7
  • FOR LAYING POULTRY: Our crushed oyster shells are...
  • OYSTER SHELL & CORAL CALCIUM: Our chicken oyster shells...
  • STRONGER EGGSHELLS: Our crushed oyster shells are an...
  • HEAT TREATED FOR PURITY:Our oyster shells for chickens...
  • MADE IN USA: Our chicken food is proudly made in the...

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Welcome to this oyster shell which is crushed into a pellet size. With these pellets, you will have the best calcium source. 

This implies you will result with chickens that have shells that are strongly built. Besides, these oyster shells are heat-treated to give high levels of purity.

Your chickens will get to consume this product with a lot of ease as they are heat-treated and thus have high levels of purity. 

Again, the oyster shell is pullet-sized and gives the best source for coral calcium. If you wish to have strong eggshells, this is a product that you should always rely on at all times.

Strong shells help one have strong eggs that can be kept aside for the production of chicks. The bag weighs 5 pounds and thus it is easy for all people to transport it. 

Since it helps offer calcium, this product is ideal for all sizes of chickens ranging from chicks to fully grown chickens.


  • Gives calcium
  • Offers strong shells
  • Heat for high purity levels
  • High-quality product


  • Granules are large for quails

3. Manna Pro Chicken Supplies Chicken Grit: Best Grit for Chicken Food | 25 Pounds


  • Weighs 25 Lb
  • Comes in coarse grains form
Manna Pro Chicken Supplies | Chicken Grit, Grit for Chicken Food | 25 Pounds7
  • Manna Pro Grit helps with proper digestion
  • For all classes of poultry
  • Insoluble crushed granite
  • Convenient 25# bag
  • Manna Pro nurturing life

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Have a look at these chicken grit for chickens that are crushed to grain size. With the help of these grit, you will have the utmost digestive source. If you aim to have strong chickens, this is the secret.

While you tend the show birds and backyard flock, you must always ensure you have an good grit for chickens. 

These grit are best recommended for use by all the laying birds and roosters. They are normally insoluble crushed granite which ensure they get to offer great and unique purity levels.

You are free to make a selection on the bag size since they consist of 25 lb. bags whose source is Manna Pro. 

You should start giving these feeds to chicks aged 18 weeks and continue with this process even when your chicks will be laying eggs. Be careful to protect your baby chicks and chicken from feeds that have an abnormal odor, moldy or spoiled. 

With the Manna Pro chicken supplies, you will have the best digestion food for your chickens. This implies your different birds will have strong gut health.


  • Good digestive feed.
  • Grain-sized product
  • Offers great purity levels
  • Affordable


  • Quit thick for quail’s consumption

4. Scratch and Peck Good Oyster Feeds: Cluckin’ 4Lbs Shell Supplement


  • Weighs 4 pounds
  • Small grains for small breeds
Scratch and Peck Feeds Cluckin' Good Oyster Shell Supplement for Chickens and Ducks - 4-lbs - 9300-047
  • Oyster Shell is an all-natural calcium supplement used...
  • Calcium is included in all layer feeds; however,...
  • In addition, if a calcium deficiency occurs, birds will...
  • Supplementing calcium is an easy way to ensure strong...
  • We suggest offering Cluckin’ Good Oyster Shell in any...

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Are you on the look for a product that will bring extra calcium to your chickens? Rest now as this product consists of additional calcium that gives a replacement to ideal calcium to guide information of strong shells.

Note that these supplements are not a grit substitute. With grit, you will make sure there is a healthy development of the chicken’s gizzards. 

The role of the gizzard is to support the overall nature in which digestion takes place. This implies you will have various nutrients which give a lot of benefits to people who use the grain feeds.

Their oyster shell is flaked and thus absorption takes place with a lot of ease. Besides, calcium guides ducks and chickens as they get to lay eggs. 

In this case, you will be certain of shells that are strong and thus ideal for all time use.


  • Increases overall strength
  • Best grit substitute
  • Gives strong eggshells
  • Simple absorption


  • Quite pricey

5. Purina 5 lb Bag Poultry Oyster Shell Supplement: Best For Hens Health

Purina Oyster Shell Poultry Supplement, 5 lb bag
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463 Reviews
Purina Oyster Shell Poultry Supplement, 5 lb bag7
  • Excellent source of supplemental calcium- Supports egg...

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  • Weighs 5 Lb.
  • Calcium source

This product belongs to the small pet brand. They belong to the small breed. In the case of recommendations, it is best for people with small breeds. 

When it comes to specificity, this product is best for use with the stomach. If you keep hens to sell eggs, you know the importance of having hens that are strong and healthy. Contrary to animals, chickens require a completely different version of nutrients. 

It is for this reason that you need to use this shell grit for a chicken’s dietary supplement which is calcium-rich and one that is made having the hens which lay eggs in mind.

These supplements are unique and give the chickens the calcium which is necessary for the formation of hard shells. If a chicken fails to take adequate calcium levels, it will get the egg’s calcium from its bones.

This way, you will result in hens that have weak bones that may result in brittles. With an Oyster Purina shell, you will have the calcium extra boost which is necessary for proper bone maintenance. In this case, you will result in uniformly shaped and strong eggs.


  • Rapidly increase calcium levels
  • Simple to use
  • Affordable
  • High-quality product


  • Coarse for quail’s use

6. Small Pet Shell-Calcium, Flaked Oyster Shells: Best For Ducks, and Chickens Supplements


  • Shell-calcium supplement
  • Comes in small granules
Small Pet Select Flaked Oyster and Seashell Mix-Calcium Supplement for Chickens & Ducks (5lb)7
  • Flaked Oyster and Seashell Mix
  • Oyster shell supplements calcium for laying hens
  • Increases strength of eggshells, making for a healthier...
  • Promotes healthy plumage of chickens, ducks, other...
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee**

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The oyster shell is supplemented with high levels of calcium. If you are laying eggs, this is the best calcium to buy for them. The role of the supplement is to increase the eggshell’s overall strength.

This way, you will get to promote the presence of a healthy plumage for all your different birds. The product is best for chickens of all different ages because even hen regardless of the age requires calcium. 

In the case of description of the age range, they are best for use by babies. In the case of item weight, you will get to use the product with 4 kilograms. Also, it helps in the grinding of the different feeds.

If you are looking for a supplement with small granules to give your chickens, these are certainly the best kind of breeds for you.

Hens are known to undergo a highly amazing building process. Their oyster shell gives unique and quality results on the specific products.


  • Excellent quality
  • Healthy hens
  • Increases overall strength
  • Strong


  • Pieces is a bit large of bantams use

7. Small Pet Select Chick Grit: Best For Your Baby Chicks and Ducklings Digestion


  • Plumage birds have high healthy
  • Small pet brand selection 
Small Pet Select Chick Grit (for Your Babies)7
  • Aids in grinding feed.
  • 100% crushed washed granite.
  • Sourced in the USA.
  • Recommended from hatch to 6-8 weeks of age.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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This is a calcium supplement that is best for use by ducks and chickens. It belongs to the small pet brand. This is a reputable brand that focuses on the delivery of unique and quality services to all people.

The shell grit for chickens is best for all breeds and will boost the calcium levels and thus have birds with strong bones. 

There is grit and oyster shell for chickens that offer great supplement levels to all the hens that lay eggs. This way, you will increase the strength of the overall eggshell.

Besides, it makes sure that birds always have the highest level of plumage. It is high time you thus make an order and you will appreciate the great services received from this high quality and unique product. 

It is crushed to 100% and washes with the help of granites. In terms of recommendations, they are best for use by people who get to hatch. If you want a product that will give you great recommendations, they have 100% overall satisfaction.


  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Excellent quality
  • Solid and healthy eggshells


  • Large for bantam’s use


Do my chickens need shell grit?

Chickens require grit since there are no teeth that will help them in grinding down food. In absence of grit, one can never get to eat food effectively.

Hens as well require to have oyster and calcium-rich shells which guides in the overall development of strong eggs.

How often should I give grit to my chickens?

A chicken needs to consume grit with 30-50 grams per day. So, remember do not exceed the daily feeding limit.

What is the major side-effect of giving more Oyster Shells and Grit to chickens?

Excess calcium and oyster shells should only be fed on the hens which lay eggs. When a lot of calcium is given to chickens, it leads to health issues like kidney and liver damage.

What is the best age to give shell grit to chickens?

It is best to start feeding grit to the chickens which start consuming another type of meal. Generally, a chick aged 8-12 weeks is ready for shell grit.

Can chickens find grit themselves during grazing?

The chickens that feed on pasture will get the chance to look for grit naturally. However, it is not all the different grounds that have the right kind of grit.


You can now solve all problems related to poor chicken shells. As seen from this review, these problems result when chicks fail to consume oyster shell grit for chickens. 

Thus, ensure you give your chicks brit and oyster from a young age. This way, you will be certain of healthy and strong chickens. 

You will thus be happy with the overall outlook on your chickens and their eggs. When you pick on the products discussed in this review, you will rest with an assurance of quality results.

Therefore, determine the grit and oyster shell for chickens that best suits your needs and make an order. I hope that this review has helped you abundantly and given you a solution to all questions related to oyster shell and grit for chickens. 

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