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Hi, My name is Bijaya Kumar, and I am Reg. Pharmacist by profession. I am also a backyard chicken farmer for about 8-10 years. On this website, I share my experience with chicken farming.

I am also learning writing, so you may see some errors because native languages differ from state to state and country to country.

My family and I raised chickens in our backyard for the last 15-16 years, but we started large-scale poultry farming in 2010.

We love to raise chickens. We have large farms in our forests where you have made 3000 sq. feet shed for raising free-range birds. Birds only live inside the sheds at night to stay safe from predators.

In our backyard coops, we are raising about 100-200 free-range chickens of different varieties like Asil (Aseel), Sonali, Vanaraja, Naked Neck (Turken) Chickens, and other hybrids (sex-linked chickens).

Also, I am a student of the medical profession (Pharmacist) so caring for my birds is easier for me in case of various type of vaccination and medicines.

My father is a retired Army person, and he takes care of the backyard flocks. We also sell them if someone wants to buy them, and also we collect eggs.

In 2019 I thought to start a blog on poultry farming to share my ideas on poultry farming. But because of some issue, I just bought the domain but was not able to share any post.

In 2020 I started blog posting on this site and started sharing my experiences.

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