Buff Laced Polish Chicken: Other Varieties, Color, Eggs, Size, Pictures, and More

Buff Laced Polish chicken is one of the most popular variety of Polish chickens. They have a lovely and unique appearance.

In this guide, you will know the history, lifespan, eggs, size, temperament, appearance, facts, and benefits of raising Buff Laced Polish chickens.

What are Buff Laced Polish chickens?

Buff Laced Polish chickens are a breed of domestic poultry known for their distinctive buff-colored feathers with black lace-like markings. 

They are small and active birds with a unique appearance, often kept for ornamental purposes or their eggs. They are also good foragers, which makes them well-suited for small-scale, backyard chicken keeping. 

This article will discuss Buff Laced Polish chickens and uncover their history, temperament, and care requirements.

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History of Buff-Laced Polish Chickens

Buff Laced Polish rooster with crest of feathers
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Buff Laced Polish chickens have a long and exciting history, with the breed originating in Europe. 

They were popularly known in England in the 17th century and were thought to be a cross between the Dutch breed of chickens and the Polish breed of hens. 

It is believed that these birds gained popularity as ornamental show birds and were kept mainly for their exotic look and attractive feathers. 

They are a breed of Creole chickens, which are descendants of the Old World Jungle fowl, the wild ancestors of all domestic chickens. 

The species has been prized for its unique appearance and has been popular among chicken keepers for centuries. 

In the United States, the Buff Laced Polish Chicken became a recognized breed in the late 19th century and was admitted into the American Standard of Perfection in 1874.

The lifespan of Buff-Laced Polish Chickens

Buff Laced Polish Chicken typically lives for about eight years. Some birds can live even longer with proper care, nutrition, and a safe environment. 

The lifespan of a chicken can be influenced by various factors such as genetics, diet, environment, and health conditions, so it can vary from bird to bird. 

They have been known to make good pets, as they are usually calm and friendly birds.

The temperament of Buff-Laced Polish Chickens

a Buff Laced Polish Chicken foraging
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Buff Laced Polish chickens are generally gentle birds that make good pets. They are active and interested, but can be prone to be easily startled.

The Buff Laced Polish can also be quite loud sometimes, but are mostly quiet birds. They tend to get along well with other chickens, making them a suitable option for mixed flocks. 

Buff Laced Polish chickens enjoy human interaction and can become relatively tame with regular handling. They are also active foragers and enjoy exploring their environment. 

They are not known to be aggressive, but they can be skittish sometimes and may need adjustment when introduced to new surroundings. 

Buff Laced Polish chickens are a charming and entertaining breed that make great pets for small-scale, backyard chicken keeping.

Weight and Size of Buff-Laced Polish Chickens

The Buff Laced Polish Chicken is a small breed of chicken, with males weighing about 6 pounds and females weighing around 4.5 pounds. 

They are known for their distinctive crests, large tufts of feathers on their heads, and their characteristic “V-shaped” combs

Buff Laced Polish chickens have a compact, rounded body shape and a short, tight feathering pattern. They are also known for their distinctive black lace-like markings on their buff-colored feathers. 

Color and Appearance

The males and females have golden buff plumage with white lacing. The birds have white earlobes, wattles, and yellow beaks and legs. 

The head and tail feathers should be a solid buff color, while the rest of the body should be marked with black lace-like markings. The black markings are particularly noticeable on the wings, breasts, and back. 

Buff Laced Polish chickens are also known for their large, distinctive crests, which are tufts of feathers on their heads and V-shaped combs. These specific features make them a unique and attractive breed of poultry.


The Buff Laced Polish Chicken has numerous characteristics, making them a desirable breed for poultry keepers. They include the following:

Hardiness and longevity: These birds are hardy and can live for eight years or more if given proper care.

Interesting appearance: The birds have an attractive, unique appearance with their distinctive black lacing and large crests.

Calm temperament: Buff Laced Polish chickens are usually calm birds that make good pets and get along well with other chickens.

Good foragers: The breed is active, inquisitive, and fond of exploring their environment. They also make for excellent foragers, which makes them a great option for free-ranging.

Ease of care: Buff Laced Polish chickens are relatively low-maintenance birds that don’t require a lot of specialized care.

Adaptability: They are adaptable birds and can do well in various environments, from backyard coops to commercial poultry farms.

Few facts about Buff Laced Polish Chicken

Buff Laced Polish Hen foraging
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-Buff Laced Polish chickens are highly prized for their ornamental qualities and are often kept as show birds or backyard pets.

-The breed was first developed in the Polish city of Poznan by crossing a local land race, Buff Wyandotte, and a black-laced Hamburg.

-Buff Laced Polish chickens are not typically used for meat production, as they have smaller bodies and lower meat-to-bone ratios compared to other chicken breeds.

-They are often used in conservation efforts to help preserve rare and endangered poultry breeds.

-They lay a moderate number of white eggs, with some birds laying around 120–150 eggs per year.

5 Reasons to raise Buff Laced Polish chickens

Rare Breed: Buff Laced Polish chickens are not as common as other breeds, which can make them a unique and interesting addition to a backyard flock. Owning a rare breed can also be a source of pride for chicken keepers.

Hardiness: This breed is known to be a hardy bird that can adapt well to different environmental conditions, making them a good choice for those who live in various climates.

Low-maintenance: The birds are relatively low-maintenance, requiring only basic care and feed.

Ornamental Value: Buff Laced Polish chickens are known for their beautiful appearance, with striking head feathers that add an eye-catching touch to any backyard flock.

Conservation: Keeping Buff Laced Polish chickens can also help to preserve the breed, which is becoming increasingly rare. Raising this breed can be a rewarding experience for chicken keepers and can help to ensure that this breed is not lost.


In conclusion, Buff Laced Polish chickens are a unique and attractive breed of poultry that make great backyard pets. 

You can be sure that these birds will add a unique, beautiful touch to your backyard flock. Plus, raising them can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, as it helps to preserve a rare and endangered poultry breed. 

Whether you’re looking for an ornamental bird or a hardy chicken that can survive in a variety of climates, the Buff Laced Polish Chicken is an excellent choice.

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