Top 10 Best Chicken Tractor Wheels (Portable Chicken Coop Wheels)

Are you looking for best chicken tractor wheels to prepare a good-quality chicken tractor? The wheels will give your chicken tractor (portable chicken coop) a smooth passage upon the rough surface.

Many poultry farms are using the chicken tractor fitted with wheels to avoid space consumption. It also promotes less effort on moving your flocks from one place to another.

The chicken tractors should be very light, so it will be comfortable to move. Most of the poultry farms prepare their chicken tractors as the A-shaped structure. At the bottom, they place the best chicken tractor wheels so it will carry their weight and help in transportation.

The chicken tractor wheel design may be on one end or both ends. It promotes safe passage for the chickens inside the tractor. In the market, you must find many chicken tractor wheel designs. You need to be aware of every wheel available in the market, which can help choose the right one based on your requirement.

In this article, you can gain enough knowledge regarding the best out of the best chicken tractor wheels, along with various products and specifications.

Top 10 Best Chicken Tractor Wheels (Portable Chicken Coop Wheels)

Here is the list of the best 10 chicken tractor wheels that are available online: 

1. Titan 8 Inch Overall Diameter Flat Proof Replacement Wheel 300 lb Load Capacity, Gray/Black

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Product’s description

The product manufacturer is Waxman. The wheel is of 8-inch diameter. It is a type of displacement wheel, and the hub’s length is .63 inch. The dimension of the axel is a 2.2″ offset hub.

The wheel is perfectly suitable for your chicken tractor. It is also used on carts, wagons, or any other manually operated gadgets such as the chicken tractors. The chicken tractor is quite heavy, and this product is perfect for the job.

The weight that a flat-proof tire can handle is 300 lb. One packet includes only one wheel.

The product has a limited warranty which is 5 years. It also has a single hole.


  • The product is light and durable.
  • It is a small-sized product and easy to attach with the chicken tractors, carts, or wagons.
  • You can find them in two color variants, i.e., gray or black.


  • It can’t handle too much weight.
  • Multiple wheels are required for a larger chicken tractor.

2. Steelex D2580 Swivel Heavy Duty Industrial Wheel, 6-1/4-Inch

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Product’s description

The wheel is made of black rubber knobby. The design is a swivel type. The diameter of the wheel is 6.25 inches, so it can handle weight up to 440 pounds. Further, there is a gap of 3.46 * 2.96 inches between the two holes. 

7.48 inches is the height of the mounting plate. Steelex company is the manufacturer of this product. The weight of the product is 5.6w pounds each. It only comes in black color. The wheel is also praised by the buyers.


  • A wheel can handle enough weight.
  • The product is durable.
  • The gap between holes helps to install more wheels between both.
  • The specialty of this wheel is its swivel functionality.


  • The packet has only one wheel. You need to buy multiple items.
  • It only comes with one year of warranty.
  • It has no other color variant except black.

3. SLT 10 “X 2.5″ Flat Free Hand Truck Tire Solid Rubber Replacement Tire, 2.2″ Offset Hub, 5/8” Bearings

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Product’s Description

This wheel is made from rubber and ideal for the chicken tractor wheel. It has 10 inches of length and 2.5 inches of breadth. It also has 2.2 inches of offset hub, and the ball bearings are ⅝ inches.

The use of wheel and tire is commonly available with hand trucks, small water pumps, and chicken tractors. Some also use this wheel in generators and other tiny mechanical gadgets.

The product quality is very high, and it is brand new. The durability of this product is very satisfactory. These tires are very lightweight. That is why it is very popular on construction sites. The wheels won’t let you worry about the flat. They help to carry the goods smoothly.

The load capacity of each wheel has 330 pounds. It promotes a decent balancing to the chicken tractor. The wheel is functional with ball bearings and very easy to fit with the chicken tractor.


  • The product is durable with heavy usage.
  • It is very light so that you don’t feel heavy while using it.
  • No problem is there while moving the chicken tractor.
  • The load capacity of a single wheel is enough.


  • Required multiple wheels as the size are small.
  • Sometimes noise comes due to the ball bearing failing.

4. BAIVE BW 4.80/4.00-8″ Solid Wheelbarrow Tire Non-Slip Flat Free Wheel with 6″ Iron Hub

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Product’s description

The size of the wheel is 4.80/4.00. It has a 6 inches centered hub. Also, it has a ball bearing of ⅝ inch. PU foam is used to prepare the wheelbarrow tire. That is the quality required for your chicken tractor.

The tire is flat-free, which enables better pressure-proof performance. The grain design can provide you better steering power to your chicken. This can save your strength while moving your portable poultry.

The product is specially designed to be fitted with any carts or chicken tractors. It is also handy with a hand truck, tiny cart, tool cart, cleaning tanker, snowplow, and so on.

A wheel can bear up to 440 lb of weight. 


  • The wheel is compatible with many types of chicken tractors.
  • It produces no noise under load.
  • The product won’t deteriorate in extreme weather conditions.
  • It can bear hard sunlight and moisture.
  • It is very easy to install.
  • It won’t be compressed at heavy usage.


  • It is not suitable for highway use.
  • The chicken tractor wheel design won’t allow it to roam on muddy roads.

5. Oregon 72-107 Universal Wheel 7X150 Diamond Plastic

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Product’s description

The product manufacturer ‘Oregon’ is the best in chainsaw guide-bars. The company also put its interest in the production and supply of universal wheels that are suitable for your chicken tractor.

The wheels are durable and serve perfectly for a chicken tractor. The company has guaranteed the best outcome from the wheels. 

The dimensions of the product are 12*12*12 inches. Its weight is 15.2 Ounces. The wheel has a diamond-shaped thread design.


  • It has a decent hob length which is 13/8-inch.
  • Diamond-shaped thread design makes it functional over rough surfaces.
  • The size of the wheels allows lifting more weight.


  • Multiple wheels should be used.
  • Slightly more expensive than other products.

6. Martin Wheel PLSP16D175 16 by 1.75-Inch Plastic Spoke Semi-Pneumatic Wheel

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Product’s description

The size of each wheel is 16 inches. It is made of plastic. The length of the hub is 2-⅜ inches.

The size of the bore is ½ inches and the shape of the tire is diamond style tread. A single tire can handle up to 100 lbs of weight. However, the product is not good for highway use.


  • It has the perfect weighing ability.
  • The product is decent for general purpose use.
  • No other assembly is necessary.
  • The diamond shape design stimulates smooth passage to the chicken tractor.


  • Do not bear enough weight beyond 10 lbs as the material is plastic.
  • It can’t be useful for highway usages. 

7. MaxPower 335112 Plastic Spoked Wheel, 12″ X 2”, Black

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Product’s description

The name of the manufacturer is Maxpower. The company crops good quality chicken tractor wheels. The size of the product is 12*2 inches.

It has a ½ inches ball bearing system. The length of the spoked wheel 1-¾ inches. The gripping aspect of the wheel is lug tread. It promotes a decent contact patch with the floor or soil.


  • The size of the product makes it useful.
  • The ball bearing system makes the wheel smoother during movement.
  • The diamond structure helps a strong grip with the soil or floor.
  • Spoked design helps the wheel to bear more weight.


  • The wheels may be fussy on the muddy surface.
  • The wheel may behave abnormally at the brokerage of the spoke.

8. Shepherd Hardware 9613 8-Inch Semi-Pneumatic Rubber Replacement Tire, Plastic Wheel

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Product’s description

The wheel is a shepherd hardware branded product. The product is available at a lower price. The size of the products is 6, or 7, or 8, or 10 inches.

It is available in five package systems. You may order 2 packs, or 3 packs, or 4 packs, or 5 pack wheels.

The size of the rime of the wheel is 5-inch. It has a load capacity of 60-lb. The tires are perfect for your chicken tractors. 


  • The tires are light in weight and puncture-proof.
  • The design of the wheel doesn’t put away the grip from the rim while using roughly.
  • Multiple varieties are available.


  • The load-bearing capacity is quite not good i.e. only 60-lb.
  • The pricing is a little higher than the others.

9. FactorDuty 4 All Black Metal Swivel Plate Caster Wheels Heavy Duty

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Product’s description

The specialty of this type of wheel is it can give you a 360-degree rotation. The brand name is ‘Factorduty’. The sizes are many for the wheel.

The wheel comes with a hardware kit and is good for heavy-duty use. The weight of each wheel is 1 Pound and its material is metal. The size of the blade is 2.5″ (63mm) x 3.5″ (90mm). 


  • A wheel comes with 4 casters and no brake.
  • The material is iron which makes it durable.
  • It has a decent mounting hole dimension which is 10mm.


  • The cost of a wheel is very high.
  • It makes your chicken tractor a little heavier.

10. Headbourne 8270E Designer Casters 5 inch Soft Rubber Chrome & Black Designer Caster, 4 Pack

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Product’s description

The wheel is made of steel. It has a 13-inch diameter and 3-inch width. It can perform the heavy-duty.

The wheels are ideal for the best chicken tractor wheels. It comes with bronze bushing and consists of an oil hole. It has no weight lifting limit for its practical usage.

500-lb is the highest weight that it can bear. This helps you move your mobile chicken coop easily. The weight of the item is 38 pounds.


  • It is a durable product. 
  • The ball-bearing of the wheel allows the operator to move the mobile poultry effortlessly.
  • The product will remain as it is because of the stainless steel material.


  • The price of the wheel is high.
  • It makes the mobile a little heavier.

Buyer’s Guide on Chicken Tractor Wheels

What Are Chicken Tractor Wheels?

Another name is used for the chicken tractors called ‘portable chicken coops’. Further, make a fine portable chicken coop; you must require the best chicken tractor wheels. Wheels are attached below the portable coops to make it movable. 

Also, the tractor allows portability to your poultry. The A-shaped tractor is a superb choice for the breeders, who have very few amounts of space around their farm.

They admire this procedure and prepare the chicken tractor for portability using the best chicken tractor wheels to make things smoother. These wheels prevail the portable poultry to move. Therefore, they can be carried into any place by keeping the chickens inside with ease.

The movable poultry house can be used in your farm or yard. The tractor allows your chicken to enjoy the fresh grass and soil and also promotes soil fertilization. 

The coop or cage attached with wheels forms a chicken tractor. The purpose of calling this portable poultry a tractor as it permits the chickens to till the soil at the time of its motion. It would help if you moved the cage every few days.

Benefits of Using Chicken Tractor Wheels

Well, the chickens inside the portable carriage can grant many benefits. Plus, it allows the breeder to get enough space around the farm or courtyard. 

The following points display the benefits of using chicken tractor wheels:

1. It allows smooth transportation

There will be no pain while dragging the chicken tractor wheel design. The smoothness can be a pleasure for a lot of breeders to transport their portable poultry around the courtyard. 

The wheels of the chicken tractor are quite beneficial. The working hour and labor of the farmer can be efficient after the attachments of the wheels.

2. The tractor allows the chicken to enjoy fresh air from outside

Fresh air is pleasant for your coop. They can enjoy the outer air when you keep them inside the chicken tractor. However, the movement of the tractor allows them to enjoy the smooth grass and soil. 

3. The chickens provide the best fertilization to the soil

When they get a tour of your courtyard inside the tractor from one place to another, it can be the reason for your joy. They add a very smooth and beautiful touch to fertilize your soil.

4. The wheels of the chicken tractor help the breeder to keep it moving

It may be an exercise for the breeders. They can keep moving the tractor with some effort, as it helps to engage themselves in some work. Here the farmers can also enjoy the beauty of their courtyard through portable poultry a tour.

5. This portable poultry allows the chicken to enjoy the soil.

The soil is a warm place. Chicken admires to stay on the grass and walk upon the soil. They can also get to select their food from the grass.

Also, it creates a unique experience when these flocks grow their feathers. The natural integrity can bring your flock a different state. This is only possible because of the chicken tractor with wheels.

6. You can move the chicken tractor by hand or by using the motor.

When a motor is attached at the end of the tractor, it can be used as a small portable vehicle. The motor will ease the pressure from your hands. However, you have to operate the poultry tractor manually for proper guidance.

7. The chicken tractor is the best way to keep your flock away from predators.

The predators on your flock won’t be a problem anymore when you keep your lovable breeds inside the chicken tractor. They are safe and sound inside the surrounded construction of the tractor.

The predators can’t reach them, nor can do any harm. So, the chickens remain safe and sound from other outside disturbances.

8. The free-ranging via chicken tractor allows the chickens to eat less grain.

Chickens are quite fond of collecting their food. However, farmers are giving them enough nutrients to improve their growth. When they are inside the tractor, and in your courtyard, they can collect the small grains or grab the ground insects out of the grass.

How to Select Best Chicken Coop Wheel Set for Your Poultry House?

Here are some basic points to check and understand which chicken coop wheels support your poultry coop –

  • Check the wheel quality and brand.
  • Also, check whether the specific wheel can handle your coops weight or not.
  • The tyre quality must be great because it needs to carry high weight.

Conclusion (Our Editors Choice for Best Chicken Tractor Wheels)

We have choosed one of the best . The product named “BAIVE BW 4.80/4.00-8″ Solid Wheelbarrow Tire Non-Slip Flat Free Wheel with 6″ Iron Hub” will be the best for chicken tractor wheel design.

Why this product? 

The following explanation can clarify all your doubts and give you the proper information regarding this chicken tractor wheel kit:

The wheel comes with a dimension of 4.80/4.00. A 6 inches centered hub is also available with the wheel. A ball bearing of ⅝ inch is also available with the wheel. A special method and material are used to prepare the wheel. It is made of PU foam.

The material has prepared the special wheelbarrow tire. A perfect quality-based product is that you must buy for your chicken tractor. These wheels are the best lawn mower wheels at harbor freight.

The flat-free tire is its specialty. It promotes smooth and shock-proof performance. The design of the tire is grain type. It can offer the operator to steer the chicken tractor perfectly. power to you. You can do a lot by saving your strength on moving your portable poultry.

The design of the product is special.  It can be attached to any carts or chicken tractors. The performance is also at its best with the device such as a tiny cart, hand truck, tool cart, snowplow clearing tanker, etc.

The weighing capacity of a single wheel is 440 lb. 


  • Different types of chicken tractors can be accessible with this wheel.
  • It has no noise produced under heavy usage.
  • The product can withstand different atmospheric conditions.
  • The wheel is made to beat hard sunlight and moisture.
  • Its installation process is quite easy.
  • It can tolerate heavy usage such as dragging and moving the chicken tractor.

There are many suitable wheels for chicken tractors. However, the farmer must have to choose the required set up. The right product can give your chicken tractor a smooth experience.

There are many chicken coop wheels available online. However, the farmers are requested to go through this article carefully so that it will be easier for them to choose the required product.

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