Best 21 Portable Chicken Coops and Tractors (Plans & Ideas)

Are you looking for the best portable chicken coops, tractor plans, and ideas? If yes, this chicken tractor list will help you choose one for your backyard.

If you are a small-scale chicken raiser and have a few chickens in your backyard, these portable chicken coop ideas will help you make or buy a lovely chicken tractor for your flocks.

Moreover, we have a guide on ideas and plans to make a chicken tractor at home. Yes, it’s true. By understanding and watching the style and design of each coop’s image, you can easily understand which one is best for your chickens.

Below, we have provided a list of the 21 best chicken tractors with and without wheels. These are free DIY portable chicken coop ideas to help you make one at home.

What Is a Portable Chicken Coop or Tractor?

A portable chicken coop or tractor is a small, movable chicken house that is easy to carry and move from one place to another. People also add wheels on the coop base to make them easy to move.

Because of its rolling feature, people call these types of coops chicken tractors movable, mobile, and rolling chicken coops.

The chicken tractors were made lighter to move from one place to another easily. You can make them using PVC, plywood, and light woodblocks.

Pros of Portable Chicken Coop or Tractor

Here are some wonderful benefits of a portable chicken coop or tractor:

  • It is best for small-scale chicken raisers with 1-15 chicken flocks in the backyard.
  • Movable chicken coops are best for monitoring your chicken’s health and behavior because they don’t go far.
  • Easy collection of eggs.
  • Easy to feed and provide water to your chickens.
  • If you are growing other vegetables in your garden, a portable chicken coop is best to keep your chickens away from digging and pecking your vegetables.
  • Feeding, drinking, and playing areas become compact in a space, so it’s easy to handle them.
  • It keeps your chicken flocks safe from predators like foxes, raccoons, stray dogs, possums, cats, etc.

Best 21 Portable Chicken Coops and Tractors (Free Plans & Ideas)

Below, you can see a list and pictures of the best portable chicken coop or tractor plans and ideas, which are lovely to see and easy to make at home:

1. Simple Portable Chicken Tractor

If you are a small-scale farmer, or you want to divide your chicken flocks in a 6-8 chicken batch, then this is the best portable chicken coop or tractor to build at home.

You can easily keep 5-8 chickens inside this coop. This simple chicken tractor plan is best for non-flying chickens. A Few chicken breeds like Minorca and Andalusian, which fly a lot, are not recommended to keep an eye on this type of chicken coop.

It’s a good chicken tractor plan for small-sized chickens to try making at home. This is a chicken tractor as well as a run for foraging.

This portable chicken coop design is easy to clean. It doesn’t contain wheels but is easy to carry due to its lightweight. This simple portable chicken tractor avoids predator attacks during your flock foraging.

2. Triangular Frame Portable Chicken Coop Run and Nesting Boxes

This portable triangular frame chicken coop idea contains the pen, run, and nesting box. Moreover, you can open the nesting boxes to collect eggs.

Above, you can see a frame design portable chicken coop or tractor. These types of chicken tractors are light and easy to move. You can make them with wood and metal.

But we recommend wooden frames for less weight. Moreover, wood keeps the coop warm in the cold. This is good for 1–5 chickens. On one side of this small chicken tractor, you can see a run area and another side house for roosting and nesting.

Just throw treats for your chicken inside the run area, and they will love to peck. Here is the list of chicken treats if you are interested.

This chicken tractor has two small wheels on the back side, so you can easily move it to another place when your flocks become bored.

3. Simple Frame Style Portable Chicken Tractor With Wheel

Simple Frame Style Portable Chicken Tractor With Wheel
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Photo credit: Tim Farmer (YouTube)

It is the same as the triangular frame design of a wooden portable chicken coop. You can attach one handle to move this tractor on one side, and on the other side of the coop, you can attach two wheels to make a mobile chicken tractor.

If you are prepared to construct a chicken coop with a wheel, purchase the best chicken tractor wheels here.

This chicken coop is portable for 3-5 chickens. The best thing about this coop is it has a nice long-run space, but it has no nesting boxes.

4. Rectangular Portable Chicken Coop on Wheel

Rectangular Portable Chicken Coop on Wheel
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Photo credit – farmagain

It’s one of the easy-to-make portable chicken coop or tractor ideas you can make within a few hours.

This plan consists of a rectangular coop for chickens on one side and other sides along a 2-meter run area with a height of 2 feet. You can add feeder and drinker in the run area.

You can make a door on the upper part of the coop, or you can lift the coop up to release the flocks. This is an easy-to-build chicken tractor idea using wood blocks and hardware cloth.

5. Complete Wheels Rolling Portable Chicken Tractor

Complete Wheels Rolling Portable Chicken Tractor
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Photo credit –

This is one of the large portable chicken coop ideas. So, you need to add about 6-8 wheels to make them easy to move. You can make this chicken tractor using flat woodblocks and chicken wire.

This chicken tractor is best for plane areas because it is a little heavy to move. But adding some wheels makes it easy to move. It has a big open coop with a long run. This coop is best for 5-6 chickens.

6. Curve With Rectangular Shape Base PVC Chicken Coop

Curve With Rectangular Shape Base PVC Chicken Coop
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Image Source: Atomic Zombie Extreme Machines

It is a curved-shaped PVC chicken coop with two wheels on the back and a bicycle design on the front. This is a large-size chicken tractor with a run. 

You can use 3-4 inch gap hardware cloth or chicken wire to make its netting in the run area. This mobile chicken house is best suited for 10-15 chicken flocks.

This is an easy-to-construct chicken tractor design you can build within a day. To make this portable chicken coop, you will need a curved plastic rooftop, PVC pipes for the structure, wheels, and the front part of an old cycle.

7. Dome Shape Mobile PVC Chicken Coop Idea

Dome Shape Mobile PVC Portable Chicken Coop
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Image Credit:

You can make this dome-shaped portable chicken coop if you have over 10-15 chickens. It is easy to achieve this plan if you devote time and passion.

This is a PVC chicken coop. You require some PVC attachments and connect them in a triangular shape. You can use soft chicken wire with a 1-inch gap for netting the coop.

This DIY chicken tractor is lightweight and best for 20-25 flocks. The cons of this design are it has no nesting boxes for chicken flocks. It is only an open coop for keeping chicken out. Just put your feeder and waterer inside the dome.

It provides plenty of space for your chickens, and they also enjoy moving around in that area to forage. You could make a chicken coop by putting the dome-shaped coop over it, turning it into a run.

8. Small Chicken Coop With Planter, Clean Out Tray and Nesting Box

Small Chicken Coop With Planter, Clean Out Tray and Nesting Box
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Image Credit: Ana-white

It is a small chicken coop idea with no wheels. Its small size makes it easy to move around. This plan is a great option for chickens with a small run space and looks like a real home.

The bottom part of the coop is an area intended for chickens enjoyment and free movement. You could try making this chicken coop plan at home if you have a limited budget.

You can make the ceiling top portable, so you can easily change bedding and collect eggs from the nest.

Likewise, it will be suitable for cleaning the coop. This chicken tractor is fully constructed of wood blocks and chicken wire netting.

9. Ogrmar Large Portable Chicken Coop

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Ogrmar Portable Chicken Coop or tractor is best for making a coop for 2-4 chicken flocks.

It is possible to design it yourself at home using wood blocks. It’s one of the many easy chicken coop plans for beginners.

The coop design also includes a small running area. If you are building the coop yourself, you can add wheels to one side to help move it. You can also carry it from one place to another easily.

10. DIY Portable Chicken Coop Idea Made with a Trash Can and Grills

DIY Portable Chicken Coop idea made with Dustbin and Grills
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Image Credit – blossomsnblunders

We can make this portable chicken coop from a trash can and iron grills. It’s a wonderful DIY plan. You can make this chicken tractor easily at home. All the equipment and raw materials are easy to get in a local hardware store.

Here, the Iron grills were attached with hardware cloth. The run is inside the triangular frame. You can add a PVC pipe to make a feeder and a water bottle as a drinker.

A small wooden block is fitted in the top part of the trash can coop for roosting. You can easily make this chicken coop using all used items.

11. Rooftop Portable Chicken Coop Plan for 3 to 5 Hens

Rooftop design chicken coop for 3 to 5 hens
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Image credit:

It is a portable chicken coop plan for 3-6 chickens. The entire base is a run area, and on the rooftop, there is a chicken house.

The roof of the chicken house is made of plastic pattern asbestos sheets. Plastic sheets are lightweight, so they do not increase your coop weight.

A 2 cm mesh hardware cloth can cover the run part. In this chicken coop, there are two wheels on the backside. The coop will be easy to move if you add two handles on the front part.

12. Rectangular Traditional PVC Chicken Coop Plan

Rectangular traditional portable chicken coop plan
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Image credit:

If you don’t want to go tricky, this is a simple plan for making a chicken tractor at home. The structure of this poultry coop is made up of PVC pipes, which are joined using PVC cement or glue.

You can use ½ inch, 2 feet height hardware cloth or chicken wire for netting in the top and side of the coop. Attach the hardware cloth with a PVC structure with cable ties.

It is a DIY freestyle chicken coop for 15-20 chickens. If you need more, you can make another one easily. The best thing about this portable chicken coop is that it is inexpensive and easy to make.

13. Water Tank Design Chicken Coop DIY Idea

Water tank design chicken coop DIY
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Image credit:

You can make this chicken coop from an old oil drum or water tank. It’s possible to make it from other waste materials in your backyard. This plan will save you money.

You can use wood blocks or plywood sheets to make the entrance part of this coop.

This chicken coop is a little heavy, but we can easily make it mobile with four wheels. It provides no run space.

14. The Palace Chicken Coop

The Palace Portable Chicken Coop
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Image source:

If you design this chicken coop, it looks like a palace. There is enough room for your flocks to move in this chicken plan. You can build the house part on the top part, and the whole floor is the run part.

It provides adequate space for chickens. It is a little heavy, so moving with one person is hard. You must need 2-3 manpower to move it to another place.

You need some easy-to-get chicken coop-making kits like wood blocks, hardware cloth, and some steel nails for making the coop structure.

This portable chicken coop plan or idea suits 5-6 flocks, but you could add 1-2 more.

15. Tractor Design Portable Chicken Coop Idea

Tractor design Portable chicken coop
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Image Source: BackyardChicken

It’s a small, portable chicken coop plan for you, which is made from wood. This design is most suitable for 2-3 chickens. You could replace the wood with plywood to make it lighter.

This coop looks like a real tractor. You can use hexagonal chicken wire to cover the small run area. You can color the coop with beautiful paints.

If you need the best paint for your chicken coop here is our complete guide on it.

16. Elevated chicken coop portable size

Elevated chicken coop portable size
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Image source:

This elevated-design chicken coop plan has nesting boxes for 5-6 chickens. This chicken coop is easy to make, and you can have it done within 24-48 hours if you have all the coop-making kits.

These types of portable chicken tractors, generally, do not have a run. It’s only for roosting and egg-laying.

17. Budget-Friendly Portable Chicken Tractor Plan

Budget Friendly Portable Chicken Tractor
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Image Source:

If you don’t want an extra budget, build this portable chicken coop. This plan is best for 5-10 flocks. This is the easiest chicken coop plan you can build within a few hours.

Although this design may be heavy, it can be easily moved by a couple of people. Your roosters and hens will like to live inside and forage outside.

18. The Feather Factory Chicken Coop

The Feather Factory Chicken Coop
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Image Source:

This is a beautiful chicken coop plan with a well-ventilated design. It has a full run on base.

Furthermore, the inner part is painted white, which looks great. You are, of course, free to choose any color you prefer.

Here is our best guide on chicken coop paints for selecting the best paint.

It is best for 1-5 chicken. Consider building a proper space for roosting and nesting inside the chicken coop.

19. Chicken Barrow Coop Design

Chicken Barrow coop design
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Image Sources:

It is a curved design, beautifully shaped PVC chicken coop plan. The coop’s body structure comprises wood blocks, plywood pieces, and PVC pipes.

PVC pipes were bent to make the roof part of the run, and a 2-inch gap hardware cloth is used to make the run fencing. No wheels are needed for this coop because it is lightweight.

It is a temporary coop for your chickens to roam in the daytime. You should keep them in a strong pen to prevent them from being attacked by a predator.

But if you want to keep your flocks in this coop, then you should cover the coop with tarpaulin sheets at night. It will help them to remain warm and feel safe.

20. Temple Design Portable Chicken House

Temple design portable chicken house
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Image source:

This is one of the more beautiful portable chicken coop plans on this list. It looks like a temple.

The roosting and nesting area was constructed at the top of the coop, just below the hexagonal top. The chicken tractor is best for 5-6 large-size chickens.

Six sides of hardware cloth netting surround the coop. This temple chicken coop design provides your flocks with a good ventilation run area and is also gorgeous.

It is a heavy, portable chicken coop, so you may need one or more extra people to move it when needed.

21. Bkeees Chicken Tractor Plan or Idea

Bkeees Chicken Tractor
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Image Source:

It is one of the small, cute design chicken tractor plans for 1-2 chickens. Your chickens will love this coop.

The feeders were placed in the run area, which is great for ventilation during feeding and drinking.

You can also build a nesting box with an opening door on the back to collect the eggs. This is a portable coop for chickens, which is made from wood and hardware cloth.


Above, we have added a few free, beautiful, compact, well-designed, and portable chicken coops and tractor plans available. Most of the coops in this list are easy to build.

If you keep chicken coop tool kits on hand, it will be very easy to build any of the chicken coops listed above.

Which one of these 21 movable chicken coops is compatible with your needs? We look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.

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