Top 10 Best Incubators for Hatching Chicken, Duck, Quail Eggs

People who raise chicken in their farm invest largely and selecting best incubators for hatching eggs pays a major role in poultry. Whether you wanna hatch eggs of chickens, duck, or quail.

There are many companies in the market which offer various sizes and models of egg incubators for chicken, duck, and quail at different prices, and choosing the best incubators becomes a difficult task.

We are here to help you select the best chicken incubators for your small farm. We have done some research and published this complete guide on best incubators, which will hatch 100% eggs. 

Top 6 Best Incubators for Hatching Chicken, Duck, Quail Eggs

Here is the list of best 6 incubators for hatching various poultry eggs-

1. Brinsea Products Manual Egg Incubator, that is used for Hatching 24 Chicken Eggs or Equivalent

The Brinsea Octagon 20 Eco incubator is quite simple, but a high-quality egg incubator. It uses a tough insulated cabinet. The octagon 20 is coupled with an advanced electronic temperature control system that is reliable to get hatching results for several species.

This is an incubator for those who don’t want to spend much money; it is also simple with several features. The octagon 20 Eco has a high accuracy temperature control, and it has a proven proportional band electronic controller that can be easily adjusted.

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  • The normal factory preset temperature is at 99.5F that can be adjusted.
  • It has a flashing temperature indicator along with a correct liquid-in-glass thermometer.
  • It has a capacity of 24 eggs.
  • Fan assisted air circulation is present, and hygiene ABS plastic construction that can be cleaned easily.


  • The temperature should be around 99 to 100 degree.
  • The right humidity condition is not always available.

2. Brinsea Products Mini II Advanced and Automatic 7 Egg Incubator, One Size

The NEW UPDATED Brinsea Mini II is an advanced and high-quality egg incubator with a capacity of 7 eggs. Its performance is exceptional, and it provides automatic egg turning an auto stop before 2 days of hatching.

Features like a countdown to date-of-hatch, temperature alarms, periodic cooling on its digital display so you can know the status of the hatch.

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  • Excellent visibility
  • Programmable automatic egg turning
  • Fully digital menu-driven controls
  • Countdown to hatch day with an auto stop
  • Robust, hygienic ABS plastics construction for easy cleaning


  • You can’t hold swan eggs
  • It doesn’t have the right canal to hold humidity

3. KEBONNIXS 12 Egg Incubator with Humidity Display, Automatic Egg Turner, Egg Candler, for Hatching Chickens

If you want an incubator that is easy to use, having high hatch rate and without even worrying about the fluctuation of temperature and humidity, then the KEBONNIXS 12 egg incubator is the one that you should choose.

It has built-in LED egg Candler; in this, you can easily observe the development of eggs and also track and monitor if the eggs are developing correctly or not.

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  • A strong circulating fan drives an induced airflow system from creating a stable incubator temperature.
  • There is no additional expense for a hygrometer to monitor the incubator humidity level.
  • Additional Egg Candler also does not have to observe the egg development.
  • There is no need to open incubator lid that can avoid causing temperature fluctuation.
  • It automatically stops turning eggs 3 days before hatch.


  • You can’t change the hatch days; it can only be reset to 21 days.
  • The temperature is very much unreliable.

4. Egg Incubator, HBlife 9-12 Digital Fully and Automatic Egg Incubator for Chickens Goose, Ducks and Birds Eggs

This incubator has a large space and is much user friendly; also, it has a better design and can be easily cleaned; it is also more versatile as compared to other incubators. This incubator is great for quail and duck eggs, and it is as efficient as to that of chicken eggs.

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  • It is of good price, and it held temperature well to hatch eggs.
  • Fits quail and duck eggs well just like the chicken eggs.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It is simple in operation and usage.


It isn’t easy to clean around the electronic bits as only side view can be seen, the instructions can be much better.

5. Magicfly Digital Mini Fully Automatic Egg Incubator for 9-12 Eggs Poultry Hatcher for Chickens, Goose, Ducks and Birds

It is a simple and reliable egg incubator and is perfect small-scale incubation, like for family and household who want to incubate chickens, ducks and geese. It has an easy design and, and its function is easy to use even for the kids to start the basics of incubating eggs.

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  • It is brand new and good quality eggs incubator.
  • It is simple in style and is made of durable, healthy PP+ABS material.
  • It is fully automatic egg incubator, and around 9-12 eggs fit in it.
  • It has automatic egg turner; it can hatch chickens, fowls, geese and ducks.
  • It has an automatic temperature control system.


  • It’s has a forced-air incubation system. It contains a small fan for circulating air.
  • The automatic turner can’t be turned off.
  • Humidity setting is not present in this incubator.

6. Harris Farms Nurture Right Incubator with 360 Degree & View

Harris Farms, LLC is based in Nolensville and is a TN-based company, and it has been serving for three decades to the customers along with the America’s Choice in poultry, ranch, and farm supplies.

The Harris Farms group of brands has much reputation in poultry, ranch, and farm industries, and it has been consistently delivering products with excellent qualities.

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  • It has a clear top on the incubator that is best for educational observation.
  • The Nurture Right 360 provides optimal air circulation and temperature stability.
  • It makes the incubation process easy and helps to stimulate the hatch of hen for a higher hatch rate.
  • The Nurture Right 360 stops the egg turning just 3 days before the egg hatch.
  • It has a capacity of 22 chicken eggs, 12-18 duck eggs, and about 22-24 pheasant eggs.
  • It supports the egg of all ages.


  • The water has to be filled often.
  • Oversized eggs can’t be fit by the egg turner.

Best Incubator Buying Guide for Poultry Farmers

What Is an Incubator?

An incubator is a device that is used to simulate avian incubation by keeping the eggs warm within a fixed temperature range and a particular humidity condition along with a turning mechanism to hatch them.

This equipment keeps a balance in environmental conditions like temperature and humidity, for successful hatching of the fertile eggs that are placed in the enclosure.

It is used by both small and big poultry farmers to hatch their poultry eggs. Mostly small-scale chicken lovers use incubators when the hen doesn’t sit on her eggs and if your chickens are laying lots of eggs, which is not possible for natural incubation.

If you want to know more about incubating and hatching chicken eggs here is the step by step guide.

Purposes of Incubation

It is usually used for growing bacterial cultures, artificial hatching of eggs, and to supply suitable conditions for chemical and biological reactions. The incubator is used to hatch eggs of birds and reptiles.

It prepares the fetus inside the egg to grow without the need of a mother to supply warmth. Chicken eggs hatch in a usual time of about 21 days, however other species of birds may take either shorter or longer period. Birds are also raised by using incubators.

Common Names of Egg Incubators

The common names of the incubators for chicken eggs are:

  • Breeding machines
  • Hatchers
  • Hatching machines
  • Setters
  • Egg incubator
  • Artificial incubation equipment
  • Egg breeding equipment

Benefits of Using Egg Incubators

Best egg incubators are used to hatch more eggs at a time as compared to hen; it is also more reliable to use. Hen, while hatching eggs, stops laying eggs for that time as it just sits on the eggs to produce offspring.

This means you are losing chicks that you could have hatched by using the best chicken incubators. If you remove the eggs from the hen’s best, she will continue to lay an egg that you can hatch in the incubator. 

  • A hen can lay around 20 to 30 eggs per year if you do not use incubators. 
  • But if you use an incubator, hen can lay about 300 eggs per year on an average. 
  • You can notice that it is a 1000% increase in production.

What Does an Egg Incubator Do?

Best rated chicken egg incubators create a stable environment to hatch eggs. If a broody hen incubates the eggs, external factors like wild animals and environmental conditions might harm the hen and eggs.

If you use an incubator to hatch eggs, it is guaranteed that the conditions are safe and remain consistent for the 21-day incubation period cycle. A sure hatch egg incubator produces good incubation and also increases the rate of the good hatch.

Incubation Methods

In industrial incubation, there are mainly two types of incubation. They are single-stage and multi-stage. 

1. In single-stage incubation, the incubator contains the eggs of only the same embryonic age. The major advantage of single-stage incubation is that the climatic conditions can be adjusted as per the needs of the growing embryo. 

2. In multi-stage incubation, the incubator contains eggs of many embryonic ages, usually that of 3 to 6 age groups. The climatic conditions cannot be exactly adjusted as per the needs of the embryo, and hence a compromise must be done to give the embryo the conditions that best fit their needs. 

In multi-stage incubators, the heat that is produced by the older embryos is used to supply warmth to the younger embryos of the setter. Different types of equipment are needed because of the different physical demands of multi-stage and single-stage incubators. Most of the industrial producers prefer to use single-stage machines.


Modern incubators are heated electrically and are controlled by a thermostat, while some incubators are powered by solar energy because of epileptic and irregular electricity supply.

The modern incubators can be used in the farmhouse for large scale rising of chickens; they can also be found in classrooms for the students to study and see the egg inside it. 

Some industrial incubators are so large that it can have a capacity to hold as much as 1,30,000 eggs, while some other can hold only a few eggs.

The styles of incubators include:

  • Setter
  • Combination incubator
  • Hatcher incubator

Editor’s Choice

Brinsea Products Mini II Advance Automatic 7 Egg Incubator, One Size is an awesome egg incubator. I would recommend that you get a digital thermometer that can also read humidity levels.

You can get one on for around. This is a great product overall. 100% hatch rate can be achieved in turkey eggs. If the temperature adjustment is down once, and a sufficient amount of water is provided, the work becomes too easy and doesn’t need any further dedication.

Eggs laid are as small as few inches to as large as geese eggs can be incubated together. The egg turner turns the eggs during incubation, as the whole incubator is rocked side by side.

This is done manually about three times a day, or the automatic egg turner is turned on to turn the eggs automatically hourly. It is economical to buy and simple to use.

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Hope you liked this complete guide on selecting a best incubators for hatching chicken, duck, quail eggs. Which one you select and why? must tell us in comment section.

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