Top 7 Best Automatic Chicken Feeders: Guide & DIY Ideas

Do you want to know about the best automatic chicken feeders? If yes, this guide includes the list of top automatic feeders, their benefits, DIY making and FAQs.


Poultry production is following a trend similar to modern agriculture in that it is expanding into tech and a large operation and becoming industrialized. 

The new automatic chicken feeding, a more recent and comparatively new discovery, is making that transformation into reality and profitable. 

Since the invention of incubators which allowed for some large-scale hatching, the feeding of the poultry farms has been a major constraint in any chicken farm. 

When done manually, the entire cost was expensive, time-consuming, and feed-consuming operation. 

The automatic chicken flow meter has removed that logjam, allowing owners to achieve effectiveness and maximum production output.

What are Automatic Chicken Feeders?

The automatic chicken feeding machine feeds the birds constantly throughout the day by taking fodder from a core hopper or bin to the feeding zones. 

Instead of having to fill a slew of different feeding grooves, the poultry guy fills just one – then the hopper – and does so only once a day.

At the beginning of the main feed line, there is also a human resources hopper that aids the process. In this article, we will look at the automatic chicken feeder pros and its cons.

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Benefits of Using a Chicken Feeder With Automatic Dispenser

As this machine’s application continues to gain popularity among poultry farming, here are some benefits one gets from installing and using a chicken feeder with an automatic dispenser:

1. It is Effective

When it comes down to the efficiency and effectiveness of an automatic dispenser, any farmer with this new machine can confirm that its operations are faster, safe, and power-efficient. 

In a poultry farm with over 100,000 birds, the machine was able to find them in less than 40 minutes while a normal feeding done by hand with over 50 people took 3-4 hours. 

The system ensures that there’s an equal distribution of feeds in all feeding spots.

2. Saves Space

As we continue to re-use our land, space is becoming one of the major problems, and an automatic chicken feed dispenser is solving this. 

The system can come with a storley design that allows you to feed your flocks in a smaller space while keeping your output maximum. 

Automatic chicken feeders are more of a solution to everything about feeding speed, space, and food distribution to your farm. 

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3. Easy For Large Number of Chickens

In addition, the land coverage of a higher density system is estimated to be 70% less than that of typical ground-feeding equipment making the dispenser one of the best solutions in the whole farm. 

Lastly, the rising number of your birds should not worry you because the device can adjust up to 63 birds per square meter which is almost too infinite a number you will always be able to serve.

Types of Automatic Chicken Feeders

Below are few common types of automatic chicken feeders in the market:

1. Pan Feeders 

Pan feeders are one of the many versions of automatic feeders in the market and work so that the pan moves to and fro under the chicken feed, picking up the feed and then sliding it forward to the feeding spots. 

The design is also known as a reciprocating feeder, and as the food pan is removed, the feed is forced off by the weight of the pan behind the initial weight.

2. Hopper Feeders

The feeder is also known as a top-fill, a design that comes with a larger feeder stand supported with three or more legs holding the feeding station away from debris and other impurities. 

The design also adds another crucial extension known as an anti-scatter ring which prevents waste by keeping your chicken from flipping feeds out the dispenser. 

The feeder can be used on ducks, chickens, or any other poultry on your farm.

Best 7 Automatic Chicken Feeders With Pros and Cons

Our guide was able to sample out the market and come up with the top 7 best automatic chicken feeders for you. Our choices were based on efficiency, effectiveness, and the dispenser’s capacity; with that being said, here are the best automatic feeders to buy.

1. Grandpa’s Feeders (40lb): Best Large Size Popular Automatic Chicken Feeder

Grandpa's Feeders Automatic Chicken Feeder - Large Size for 12 Chickens for 10 Days (40lb Feed) Long Lasting Galvanized Steel Poultry Feeders - Rat Proof & No Spill with Weatherproof Lid7
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The Grandpa’s Feeders dispenser holds up to 20 pounds of chicken feeds, enough for 4-6 chickens for about seven days. 

This is a good choice if you leave work late and don’t want your chickens to go hungry and thirsty when you’re away or if you travel frequently. 

Though this particular design is not advised to use in a mixed flock, it offers nothing but quality service to your birds. 

Though some designers will instruct that you use only with full-grown chickens, a small modification on feeding rate will also fit your baby chicks


  • Reduce the need to check on the feed daily.
  • Keeps wild birds and rodents away.
  • Reduce and eliminate spilled feeds.
  • Requires a refill after seven days.


  • Sharp edges.
  • Requires some training.
  • Not waterproof.

2. Little Giant Large Steel Poultry Feeder (25 lb.)

Little Giant Large Steel Poultry Feeder Galvanized High Capacity Poultry Feeder, 25 lbs (Item No. 171267)7
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LITTLE GIANT is a simple hanging style feeder that can hold up to 12lbs, which is (approximately 20 cups) of chicken feed. It can also provide feeds for up to sixteen adults for 11-02 days. 

The interiors are made of galvanized metal, making it rust-free, reducing the risk of iron-related diseases in your birds.

One thing about them is that they offer a great way to feed your chickens without having to worry about the feeder falling to the ground. This would be an excellent choice for a flock of adults and young chickens.


  • No rust.
  • Keeps feed off the ground.


  • It does not include a lid.
  • Used indoors only.

3. RentACoop Treadle (40 lbs): Best Large Size Automatic Chicken Feeder

RentACoop Automatic Chicken 40 PoundTreadle Feeder, Pest, Rat, and Weatherproof Feeding System for Poultry, Pheasants, Ducks, and Fowl7
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It has a capacity of 40 pounds, making it one of the widest choices on our list; one thing I love about this kind of feed is that your hens will only reach for dry, fresh, and new feeds since this particular design is rain-proof and rodent-free. 

With this feeder, the worry of raccoons, squirrels, wild birds, rats, and mice, or any other pest getting at your bird’s feeding area is eliminated. 

You can get rid of unwanted rodents by using a good rat and mouse trap for your chicken coop.

Unlike other forms of feeders in our list, the RentACoop Treadle Feeder is adjustable from 2 pounds of pressure and 4 pounds, making it efficient in both fully grown chicken and chicks.


  • Simple to assemble.
  • Cheaper.
  • Adjustable pressure.


  • Rust.
  • Heavy.

4. OverEZ Chicken Feeder (50 lbs): Best Automatic Waterproof Platic Chicken Feeder

OverEZ Chicken Feeder - Holds 50 Pounds of Feed - Inside or Outside Hen Coop - Large Gravity Fed Automatic Poultry Dispenser - No Waste Rainproof Design7
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This is a high-capacity feeder with the ability to hold up to 50 pounds of feed and require some refill only after six weeks for 4-6 hens, 3-5 weeks for 7-10 birds, and one week for 15 plus birds. 

The feeder allows more than two birds to feed at once, making it affordable and efficient for time and feed utilization. 

In addition, the OverEZ Chicken Feeder is made of durable and strong material, all guaranteeing you longer services.


  • Effective.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Use gravity.


  • Heavy.
  • Require some extra installation.

5. Mounted Metallic Poultry Feeder (25 lbs): Best Automatic Feeder For Ducks and Chickens

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If you are looking for a waterproof and no waste design, then the Mounted Metallic Poultry Feeder is your best pick; the feeder comes with a recycling system that ensures only waste is dropped. 

So if your birds are so messy and like playing with feeds, consider this design; it also comes with a waterproof frame meaning you can feed your birds outside and indoors.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to lean
  • Light


  • Rust.
  • Rodents and wild birds can get access to feed.

6. RentACoop 65lb Capacity 6-Port Metal Poultry Feeder

RentACoop 65lb Capacity 6-Port All Weather Metal Poultry Feeder7
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This is a six-port feeder and works well with larger flocks, and multiple birds can eat at the same time. 

The feeder can hold up to 65lb making it one of the largest options on our list and the best if your farm has more than ten birds. 

The interiors are designed in a way that wild and mice can’t access; this gives you a guarantee of no wild birds in your feeds. The frames are made of steel and iron-reducing the rusting effect to half the original rate with iron.


  • Allows many birds to eat at once.
  • Larger enough for a larger farm.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Expensive.

7. Sunshine&water Galvanized Poultry Feeder (30 lbs)

Sunshine&water Galvanized Poultry Feeder Holds 30lbs of Feed Chicken Feeders Rat Proof Hanging Chicken Feeder with Lid Weatherproof Outdoor Coop Food Dispenser Space Saver Wall Feeder, Red,Silver7
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The Sunshine water Galvanized Poultry Feeder is an ideal option for the coop because its design allows the whole feeder to provide a steady supply of food for your ducks, chicken, and quails, or any other domesticated birds. 

The feeder comes with an automatic feeder of 30 pounds, making it one of the best and most effective options. The feed also protects feed from rats and wild birds, leaving the feed to your intended birds only.


  • Waterproof.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It comes with an automatic feeder.


  • Expensive.
  • Require some installation.

Features of An Ideal Automatic feeder For Chicken Coop

Automatic chicken feeders are an excellent way to reduce food waste and maximize output. 

An ideal feeder should always protect your feeds from stormy weather, snow, rats, wild birds, and rodents. 

So, before you make a choice on which feeder to buy, here are some ideal features your automatic chicken feeder should have.


Always Seek out galvanized steel feeders with a non-slip tread plate; this is important for feeding and how your birds will be eating. 

So a nice and ideal option you should buy should be rust-free; that is, all options with steel and have a non-slip plate.


A good automatic feeder should be able to withstand rain, snow, and humidity, and the best way to avoid waste is to keep the feed as dry as possible. You can use best quality tarpaulin sheets to make your chicken coop weather proof.


Always ensure the chicken feeder you buy has enough pods, crumble, or stir feed to feed your birds. And with automatic feeders, you only need to fill the unit once a week. 

The Design

The design should always meet your intended purpose, and that means the capacity and number of your birds. The term “automatic” feeder can refer to a variety of designs. 

A treadle is found on some high-quality feeders. On the other hand, others rely on gravity to keep the feed trough full, and some automatic feeders hang and drop feed when the chickens pecks at the tray.

How to Make An Automatic Chicken Feeder Using Galvanized Sheets?

Below you will read Steps by Step Guide For Building a  Automatic Chicken Feeder at Home

Note: Use Galvanized sheets in place of plywood using the above video tutorial

1. Materials Required

2. Measure your sheet into a dimension

Always start with the base because it is the easiest part to cut; place your 500mm x 400 mm sheet on a flat table and use a square to scribe the lines. 

Cut exactly 500 mm X 390 mm, then make some scribes along the 390 dimensions on 20, 105, and s60 marks; these are your folding planes.

3. Start the folding

With all the lines in place, you can use the scraper or drill to make the lines deeper for easy folding. At this stage, you will need some hinges, rivet guns, and pop rivets to join the planes. 

4. Finalize

The pedal is the last step and always the trick one; watch all the bends well and trim them to fit into your dimensions; this will help you achieve an amazing finish in the end, then measure the exact dimension for the lid.

How to Make an Automatic Chicken Feeder Using PVC Pipes?

1. Materials required

  • 1-meter medium PVC pipe
  • Two elbow connecting valves
  • Hack saw
  • Joining glue

2. Cut the PVC pipes

Cut a two in 5.6 cm section out of the whole end of the 0.91 m PVC pipe. Note these measurements are taken from the end mark of 1m. Use your hacksaw, or a hand saw to cut the pipe into two pipes.

3. Glue to Connect

Glue the back of the PVC pipe to the inside of your feeding bowl or a shallow bucket and apply a significant amount of liquid adhesives or cement, then insert the T-junction on the main pipe. With this, you will have two or more, depending on the number of T-junctions you have.

3 Lay the bow on its side and apply the glue, always allow it to dry overnight for proper connection, then fit your elbow extension on the PVC pipes and allow them to dry. You can stick this into a wall to avoid toppling or fit it in a strong datum for support. 

Small DIY Automatic Chicken Feeder Using Water Bottle

If you have two or three chickens on your farm, then a bottle feeder will do you some good. All you need is a medium bottle size, a scalpel, and some adhesive.

Make some holes and cut

Hold your bottle and make some holes in the bottle; this extension will serve as the feeding point for your chickens. 

Then cut or remove the parts and replace them with a feeding bow; with this arrangement, you will have a two to three days feeding dispenser for two chickens. 

Homemade Automatic Chicken Feeding System Using Bucket & PVC 

1. Material Required

  • A large bucket or any plastic bin
  • PVC pipe
  • PVC fittings
  • Six elbows
  • Caps 
  • Six pipes
  • Caulking

2. Mark and outline on bucket

The first step here is to mark the bucket or your plastic bin; these marks will act as your guiding points. 

Take a market and outline the whole outline on how the feeding holes will be arranged; note the circles you make should be the same as your PVC fittings.

2. Make the holes

Create the feeding holes using a hole saw at the bottom of the bucket, and as we said before, ensure that the diameter matches the pipe when making these holes. For our case, we are going to make six holes from a 39-gallon bucket.

3. Cut the opening of the pipes on the inside

When cutting, ensure your hand saw is held at an inclined angle of 150 degrees; these will allow the feed and grain to pour out easily.

4. Fit the PVC pipes in the holes

Once you have made some proper opening, you can fit the pipes, and all the fittings should always protrude out of the bucket. 

And if you made some errors, you can fill the left space using glue or liquid cement. The all-female end of your PVC pipe should always fit in the inside of the feeder extension.

5. Apply your Caulking

This is the final step, and its aim is to give your new feeder the waterproof ability, ensure that all the outer parts are covered with this power, and after applying, allow your feeder to dry in cool and dry air overnight.


As you continue to advance and improve your poultry farming, automatic feeders are the best option for your next installment; our guide has outlined all the benefits and some of the top options you should buy. 

So, before you make that move or search online on which automatic chicken feeders to buy, you can feel free to look at our guide and pick some of the best options. 

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