11 Best Chicken Feeders: Automatic, Plastic, Metal Chicken Feeder

Are you searching for few best chicken feeders? This guide includes the top poultry feeders for your chicken coop and run.

Chicken feeders are available in different varieties like automatic, gravity, with lid, with lever, hanging, metal, plastic and more but after reading this post you will learn which one suits your flocks and coop.

If you want your chickens to have better feed inside the coop, you should use sturdy and durable poultry feeders.  

In this article, you will learn about the different types of poultry feeders and their advantages and disadvantages.

Additionally, you will learn to select the best automatic, hanging, covered top, and metal chicken feeder for your backyard coop members.

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What Are Chicken Feeders?

What Are Chicken Feeders?
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A poultry feeder is a device similar to a bowl or a container that carries the chickens’ food. That is why it is also commonly called a chicken feeder. 

Chicken feeders have a holding capacity of 1 to 50 lbs. It is suitable for feeding between 50 and 100 birds at once. The chicken feeders are essential for providing distributed nutrition to the poultry birds. 

Before giving anything to chickens, you must have a look into the below guides about chickens feed:

11 Best Chicken Feeders for Your Poultry Flocks

Here is the list of best chicken feeders- 

1. Harris Farms 1000293 Galvanized Hanging Poultry Feeder : Best Metal or Steel Chicken Feeder

Harris Farms 1000293 Galvanized Hanging Poultry Feeder, 15 lbs, Metal
  • Harris Farms Galvanized Hanging Poultry Feeder, 15 lbs
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel construction
  • Rolled edges for safety and a convenient hanger/carry...
  • Spring loaded clips for easy set-up and adjustment
  • Designed to minimize waste

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The Harris Farms 1000293 is one of the best classic design chicken feeder. It is made up of strong galvanized steel. It is available in two sizes, with 15 or 30 lbs holding capacities.

The design of this chicken feeder is old but still, it is one of the most highly using chicken feeder by most of the poultry raisers.

This chicken feeder is made from strong alloy steel. For adjusting the height of the feeder, you can use the hanger. It is sturdy and easy to hand in both coop and run.

It has rolled edges for safety from cutting and injury to handling person. Moreover, the clips are attached with spring for easy setup.


  • Made from galvanized steel.
  • An ideal hanging chicken feeder.
  • The hanger is rolled for safety.
  • Carry handle is available in this product.
  • It reduces the wastage of poultry feed.
  • Good price.


  • This chicken feeder has no lid, so rodents can get into it.
  • Not fully weatherproof, needs to keep in dry place.

2. Harris Farms Hanging Poultry Feeder : Easy to Use Plastic Chicken Feeder

Harris Farms Free Range Hanging Poultry Feeder | Twist Lock Base | 10 Pound,White
  • EASY-TO-CLEAN: This easy-to-use feeder is simple to...
  • BPA FREE PLASTIC: Carefully crafted from BPA free...
  • MEDIUM FLOCKS: Up to 25 birds can use this feeder.
  • HANGING HANDLE: Our feeder is made with a heavy duty...
  • FEED VISIBILITY: Visible feed level for easy refill.

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It is another best plastic chicken feeder by Harris Farms. There are two different variations of this hanging chicken feeders, one is 7 lbs and another for 10 lbs feed capacity.

The feeder base is green and upper container is white in color. The complete product is made up of high quality BPA free plastic.

It has a open no cap top and provide a visible feed levels. You will know when the feed is going to end in the container. It can feed up to 18-25 chickens at a time.

It also has a metal hanger which will help you to hang it easily inside chicken coop and run area. The hanger can be used as a handle to carry it from one place to another.


  • Easy to use.
  • Durable BPA plastic.
  • Carrying handle available.
  • Good for chicks and pullets.
  • Sturdy built.


3. RentACoop Chicken Feeder With Lid : Best Square Bucket Feeder For Chicken Coop

RentACoop 20lb BPA-Free Chicken Feeder with Large Ports - Includes Lid, Anti-Roost Cone, Ports, Rain Hoods - Suitable for Chickens - Corner Placement
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1,742 Reviews
RentACoop 20lb BPA-Free Chicken Feeder with Large Ports - Includes Lid, Anti-Roost Cone, Ports, Rain Hoods - Suitable for Chickens - Corner Placement
  • One Long-Lasting Feeder for Your Flock: Our Large Ports...
  • Large Capacity: Ideal for Larger flocks, this durable...
  • Clean and Cost Effective: Innovative port design keeps...
  • We Thought of Everything: Large easy-install ports...
  • What's in the Box: 1 20lb Feeder (Corner) with Lid and...

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This is one of the best plastic made chicken feeder with lid by RentACoop. It is a square base bucket design feeder with 2 rounded feeding ports.

This modern design chicken feeder can hold up to 20 lbs chicken feed. It is available in two options: one for corner placement of feeding ports and one for center placement of feeding ports.

The feeder is suitable for chickens older than 12 weeks. You can keep it in both chicken coop and run area. It also has a hanger.

Lid on the avoid medium size predators like wild birds, squirrel, rats away from eating feed. As they eat chicken feed mostly when they fall on floor which is not possible in this feeder.

The product is made up of high-quality BPA free plastic. You can refill the feed every 30 days for 2 hens, but we recommend filling less feed to avoid moisture getting into the feed.


  • It prevents wild birds, squirrels, mice, or rats from eating poultry food. 
  • You can place it anywhere in the yard.
  • It helps the food to stay dry.
  • It decreases food wastage.
  • A hanging chicken feeder with lid.


  • Chickens need to learn feeding.
  • Not for small chicken breeds and baby chicks.
  • You need to put food and check the quantity regularly.
  • Plastic quality for outdoor use needs improvement.
  • Little overpriced.

4. RentACoop 25LB Galvanized Chicken Feeder 20 Liter: Best Waterproof Outdoor Metal Square Chicken Feeder

RentACoop Metal 25lb Corner Feeder - Includes Lid, Installed Ports, Rain Hoods, and Hardware - Suitable for 12 Week and Older Chickens, Adult Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys and Poultry
  • A Long-Lasting Feeder for Your Flock: This durable...
  • Compact and Efficient: Ideal size for smaller spaces...
  • Clean and Cost Effective: Innovative Port design keeps...
  • We Thought of Everything: Large ports include Rain...
  • What's in the Box: 1 Galvanized Metal Feeder with Lid,...

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This is another weatherproof chicken feeder by RentACoop. This poultry feeder is made up of rainproof galvanized steel. This feeder can hold up to 25 lbs of feed.

The company also claims that the feeder is 100% spill proof also. The design is fully closed design and opened only from the feeding port. On the top you will get two handles for carrying and opening the lid.

You will also get two screws for installing it on wood surface. The feeder is only suitable for chickens older than 12-13 weeks.

This is one of the best large size metal chicken feeder which can hold crumbles, grains, pellets, and starch with ease.

As it is a closed and kept few inches above the ground, it’s hard for all the rodents to eat feeds from the container. 


  • Sturdy as made from galvanized steel.
  • Rainproof chicken feeder.
  • Has handle and lid on the top.
  • Good for pullets and large chickens.


  • Price is little high.
  • Not for baby chicks.

5. RentACoop Rectangular Feeder: Best PVC Chicken Feeder with Rain Cover 10 Pounds

RentACoop 10lb High Rise BPA-Free Single-Port Chicken Feeder - Includes Anti-Roost Lid, Rain Hood, and Mounting Hardware - Suitable for 12 Week or Older Chickens, Adult Chickens, and Poultry
  • One Long-Lasting Feeder for Your Flock: Our Large Ports...
  • Ideal for Small Spaces: Suitable for smaller flocks, or...
  • Compact and Efficient: Innovative design keeps dirt and...
  • We Thought of Everything: Large Port includes a Rain...
  • What's in the Box: 1 10lb BPA-free plastic Port Feeder...

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The name of the brand is RentACoop and the feed capacity of this feeder is 10 lbs. The dimension of the chicken coop feeder is 6×6×17.5 inches. 

It is fully made up of BPA free plastic. This feeder is suitable for chickens, ducks, geese, turkey, peacocks, and more.

It is ideal for hanging in the run and coop. You can install this poultry feeder inside or outside your coop because it also has a rain cover.

It can be rested upon wire or wood. The product performs very well in rain and snow. The product comes with 2 screws for installation and 2 custom hooks for hanging it.

This chicken feeder avoids eating feed by unwanted wild birds, squirrels, mice, and rats. Moreover, it is compact, you can place it where you want.


  • Compact size chicken feeder.
  • Saves feed from unwanted predators.
  • The item is 100% waterproof.
  • Easy to hand and fit on coop and run.


  • Only for 12 weeks and older chickens.
  • Sometime food stuck on corners. 

6. Royal Rooster Poultry Feeder with Rain Cover 6.5 lb Capacity: Best Cylindrical PVC Chicken Feeder

Royal Rooster Automatic Chicken Feeder with Gravity Feed Dispenser - 7lb Feeder for Chickens, Chicks & Mixed Poultry - Hanging Chicken Poultry Feeder - Auto PVC Chicken Poultry Feeder with Rain Cover
  • NO WASTE CHICKEN FEEDER: Our chicken coop accessories...
  • VERMIN PROOF CHICKEN FEEDER: Feed only your poultry and...
  • EASY TO USE: This hanging chicken feeder is easy to...
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Hook straight onto mesh chicken coop...
  • PERFECT SIZE: The 7 lb chicken feeder is 20" tall. Each...

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This is an outstanding chicken feeder by Royal Rooster brand. The feeder is the best example of DIY chicken feeder. You can make these types of chicken feeders at home.

It is made up of 20 inch hollow PVC pipe. The size of the item is 5×9×20 inches. Its weight is around 1.2 kg.

This innovative PVC covered chicken feeder with lid which provide no waste of feed. It also saves time, which will help you to keep your coop clean and flocks healthy.

The wastage of food can be decreased in its installation. It protects food from wild birds and animals. It comes with a hook to be mounted on a wall or wood. 

The company claims this one feeder is sufficient for about 4-6 chickens. It is small, so holds up to 6.5 lbs of poultry feed.


  • Best design PVC chicken feeder with lid and rain cover.
  • Your poultry foods are safe inside the feeder from external intruders.
  • It is weatherproof.
  • The aluminum bracket makes it firmer while mountain to the wall.


  • Small as it holds only 6.4 lbs. of food.
  • It is a tall-designed product, which makes it a little weird.
  • Looks overpriced.

7. Little Giant Hanging Poultry Feeder 3lb : Best Plastic Chicken Feeder For Baby Chicks

Little Giant Hanging Poultry Feeder 3lb
  • Poultry feeder
  • Feed saver lips help minimize spillage, Adjustable feed...
  • Anti scratch vanes help prevent crowding and feed waste
  • Smaller size is perfect for chicks and baby quail
  • 3 Lbs, Includes hanging hardware

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The Little Giant 3lb is a standard design chicken feeder for baby chicks. It is made up of the best quality plastic.

The color of this small plastic chicken feeder base is red, and the top container is white. It can hold 3 lb chicks feed.

It is a cost-effective poultry feeder for chicks with dimensions of 8.25×8.75×8.25inches. Likewise, it has feed saver lips, which help reduce spillage.

You can adjust the feeder levels as it has a hanger. It is one of the best feeders for baby chicks which you can place inside brooding area.


  • The product prevents poultry feed from being wasted.
  • It has a unique feature of anti-scratch vanes.
  • The smaller size makes it ideal for baby chick and quail.
  • Easy to hand inside brooding space and coop.


  • Small in size.
  • No lid and rain cover.
  • Only for baby chicks.

8. Little Giant Flip-Top Plastic Poultry Feeder (20-inch): Heavy-Duty Plastic Chicken Feeding Tray with Holes

Little Giant® Plastic Poultry Feeder Base | 20 Inches | Heavy Duty Plastic Feeding Tray with Holes | Chicken Feeder Trough | Poultry Tray | Purple
  • HOLES FOR FEEDING - This feeder tray features 28...
  • PROTECT YOUR FEED - The covered top helps preserve your...
  • MINIMIZE WASTE - The plastic poultry feeder has...
  • EASY TO CLEAN - The durable feeder's top slides off for...
  • HIGHLY DURABLE - The feed tray is made of high-density...

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This is the ‘Little Giant’ Flip-Top plastic chicken feeder. The weight of the item is 20×9×2 inches. 

The feeder is available in purple and green color. This feeding tray is 20 inches long.

It has 14 feeding holes on both size, so total 28 holes. This is best for medium to large size chickens.

The feeding holes are not covered, so there is a chance of rodents and other small birds can eat to feed. The most important feature is it reduces food wastage. 

It is one of the best linear feeders for chickens. The product is made from polypropylene (plastic).


  • This chicken feeder is easy to clean.
  • Sturdy built, classic design. As it’s made up of polypropylene plastic with high-density.
  • The product can provide you with years of service without breaking.
  • Value for price.
  • A good feeder for all sizes of chickens. 


  • Predators may eat feed from the feeder.
  • Little hard to clean.
  • Base is not that much high in density.

9. Miller 9112 12lb. Galvanized Hanging Poultry Feeder: Best Steel Feeder For Chicken Coop

Miller 9112 12lb. Galvanized Hanging Poultry Feeder
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1,054 Reviews
Miller 9112 12lb. Galvanized Hanging Poultry Feeder
  • PROTECTS FEED - This feeder protects the quality of...
  • DURABLE STEEL BODY - This feeder has a tough galvanized...
  • LONG LASTING - The hanging feeder is constructed of...
  • GET OFF GROUND - The hanging handle included allows you...
  • HIGH VOLUME - This feed container holds approximately...

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This is one of the best galvanized steel chicken feeder by Little Giant Store. It has a hanger, so you can easily hand it for adjusting the height.

The product comes in two different sizes. One is 12 lb and another is 30 lbs. It comes with 3 packaging systems such as 2-pack, 4-pack.

This metal chicken feeder is made of strong galvanized steel, which is best for an about 8-10 adult chickens. 

You can avail warranty and other details related to it by contacting the online seller. It is made in the United States.


  • Best for medium to large size chickens.
  • Made up of strong galvanized steel.
  • Easy to use.
  • A hanger or handle is included.


  • No rainproof because it has no lid / cap.
  • Little overpriced.
  • Not suitable for baby chicks.

10. Plastic Poultry Feeder by Farm Tuff : Best Chicken Feeder For Pullets and Baby Chicks

Farm Tuff Durable Outdoor Hanging Plastic Automatic Poultry Feeder with Customizable Flow Rates for Chickens, 17lb Capacity
  • This hanging poultry feeder is ideal for a variety of...
  • Crafted from heavy duty, BPA free, polyethylene plastic...
  • Contains five convenient feeding levels for a...
  • Features a durable metal handle bracket and three...
  • Measures 14" tall and 14-1/2" wide with a 2-1/4"...

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This is one of the best chicken feeders for baby chicks and pullets. It is available in both 6 and 17 lbs size.

The hanger is made up of metal that has feeding section to avoid spilling of feed.

It has five different flow rates for feeding the coop. The metallic handle and clips make it durable enough. No further assembly of accessories is necessary after installation.

You can easily hand it inside the brooder section and coop. Your chicks will love feeding inside the feeder. It is made up of polypropylene plastic.


  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Best for baby chicken and pullets.
  • The item is capable of providing food at five different flow rates.
  • It is durable as it has metallic hooks and handle.


  • This has no rain covered top.
  • Not for adult chickens.

11. Grandpa’s Galvanized Steel Automatic Chicken Feeder : Best Pressure Lever Steel Automatic Poultry Feeder

Grandpa's Feeders Automatic Chicken Feeder - Sturdy Galvanized Steel Poultry Feeders - No Spill with Weatherproof Lid - Standard Size for 6-12 Chickens 10 Days (20lb Feed)
  • BUILT TO LAST: Unlike other chicken feeders, Grandpa's...
  • FEED ON DEMAND - Grandpa's Feeders provide Feed on...
  • LARGE FEED CAPACITY: The Standard Automatic Feeder will...
  • SAVE MONEY: Many customers tell us that their...
  • TRUSTED FOR OVER 25 YEARS: Proven design, sold...

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This is one of the best automatic chicken feeder in the market by Grandpa’s Feeders Store. The product is made up of sturdy and highly durable galvanized steel.

The chicken coop feeder is an advanced design steel poultry feeder. It provides a steady food supply to your poultry members and only opens when a chicken goes near it.

Chickens will enjoy their scratch feed and treats with this automatic pressure lever chicken feeder. It is an automatic chicken feeder that has a capacity of 20 lb.

Farmers should not worry about this chicken coop feeder as it will not rust or crumble on heavy outdoor usage. The product is spectacular to prevent chicken predators like rats. 

It has safe side guards, so chickens will not will able to feed from sides. It is fully weatherproof, so don’t worry about keeping it outside during rain.

The lid automatically falls down when the chickens move away from the lever or stand. It is mostly for medium to large size chickens. You need to train your chickens for few days with this new technique of feeding.


  • Best automatic chicken feeder.
  • Easy to use.
  • Very sturdy built and hassle-free.
  • Keep the chicken feed safe from rodents like squirrel, rats.
  • It is a rainproof chicken feeder.
  • Suitable for medium to large chicken breeds.
  • Grill stops chickens throwing food out.


  • Need few days to train your chickens.
  • Some chicken doesn’t like the lid opening sound of the feeder.
  • Little high in cost as it offers many features.

How to Select Best Chicken Feeders for Your Poultry Flocks?

selecting a best chicken feeder
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Selecting the best chicken feeder for your poultry flocks is important for you and your chickens. Here are a few points that you should consider before buying a chicken feeder.

  • The feeder must suitable for chickens you have. The baby chicks and large size chickens requires different type size and types of feeder. Like baby chicks require a small-sized feeder, and larger chickens can be given a feeder with various features.
  • Your chickens feel easy and comfortable during feeding. 
  • The chicken feeder must have a protected lid to avoid moisture, and it should be predator proof.
  • It must have clips and hangers to attach or hang on a particular height.
  • The chicken feeder must be rainproof so that you can keep it wherever you want in your yard.
  • It must be made up of good quality (BPA Free) plastic or galvanized rust free steel.
  • The chicken feeder must be spill proof so that chickens do not make mess and scratch the feed on the floor.
  • Always buy a low-cost and sturdy product which is under your budget.

How Many Chicken Feeders Do Your Birds Need?

It is very hard to say how many chicken feeders do you need because it is fully depending upon the chicken’s size, breed, and number of flocks.

However, for more than 10 chickens, you will need a 30 lbs feeder. A feeder with a capacity of 20 lbs is best for a hen coop that houses between 7 and 10 hens.

If you supply a proper number of chicken feeders, you will see less mess and fewer fights between your chickens.

Your flocks can enjoy decent food whenever they wish. Recent surveys have shown that it is ideal to keep the feeders with five meters between them. The distance is for chickens who are older than six weeks.

Some breeders also say that you should keep a few medium-sized chicken feeders if you have few large chickens. 

The larger feeders can serve the purpose of their feeding. The most important thing is the farmers must see the feeding time and analyze whether all your flocks have eaten feed.

If your flock is bigger than the number of chicken feeders, you need to add more feeders so that all the girls and boys can have a good meal.

The standard hanging chicken feeders are the best choice for beginners. The bulky and automatic chicken feeder is the right choice for the breeders. The farmers can give the required amount of food to settle the coop.

Types of Chicken Feeders

a) Automatic Chicken Feeder

This is a type of feeding system for your large poultry farms. The farmers of a massive capacity of chickens (at least 400 flocks) can go for automatic poultry feeders.

These types of chicken feeders are designed so efficiently, promoting lower food wastage, and making the feeding process more manageable. It also gives you the advantage of getting rid of any other workforce.

b) Linear Chicken Feeder

The linear feeders are made from galvanized steel. Some local markets also sell these products, which are made from wood, bamboo, etc. The feeding to chickens with the linear feeders is special.

Among all poultry feeders, this variant has also gained some popularity to set up good food management among the chicken flocks. A little change in the height, and you are ready to feed them.

A decent height can offer the liner feeder to serve its purpose. A feeder stand is also needed for each linear feeder. Another advantage of using this feeder is that it allows your beloved chickens to enjoy their meal by standing on either side.

c) Circular Chicken Feeder

The circular feeders are the semi-automatic feeders. The capacity to hold the weight of the food for each of them is 1 to 30 lbs. Its shape is mostly conical. 

This is one of the most popular and old  design chicken feeder which is used all over the world. This allows the prevention of food wastage. 

Here the feed is added from the hopper part and when the chicken ends the lower part feeds the feeding area automatically fill-ups again. 

This is hanged using a hook and rope inside the poultry coop. The height is adjustable accordingly to flocks’ age.

If you are searching for the best portable chicken coop for your flocks, here is the complete guide on it.

Benefits of Using a Good Chicken Feeder in The Coop

Of course, many farmers are shifting to automatic chicken feeding machines. The machines allow them to free up more time.

However, some farmers are unaware of them, and the price point of an automatic feeder is also expensive.

Benefits of Using a Good Chicken Feeder in The Coop
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Here is the list of benefits of using a good quality chicken feeder:

1. Keeps Your Poultry Food Safe

Poultry birds are a little funny. They cannot go outside the farm, so they make their playground inside it. The safety of food is necessary.

The poultry food will also remain safe from outside intruders such as wild birds, squirrels, or other animals. They not only eat your poultry food but also waste it. So, best chicken feeder is an ideal choice to make things safer.

Not only this, good feeder keep the chicken food safe from getting moisture. It always stays fresh inside the container.

2. No Wastage of Food

While they’re a lot of poultry, food may be wasted if feed is given in a bowl or plate. To avoid those things, breeders must install the chicken feeders in their coop and run.

The best quality chicken feeder does not allow spillage of feed and keeps it moisture resistant. Moreover, chickens will not be able to scratch, which avoids falling of feed on the floor.

3. Clean Food for Your Poultry

The chicken coops are always clean with goods quality feeder because they do not cause any wastage of feed. The installation of chicken feed is also dealing with their safe food consumption. 

The farmers should buy the best quality chicken feeders to give a good feeding experience to their flocks.

If feed grains are scattered on the floor, it will create an unpleasant environment and food wastage. To keep your farms clean, you should use chicken feeders that are branded.

Editor’s Choice on Best Poultry Feeder

We recommend the Little Giant Hanging Poultry Feeder 3lb as the best chicken feeder for baby chicks and RentACoop 25LB Galvanized Chicken Feeder for large chicken breeds.

Those who want something extra and aren’t concerned about budget, the Grandpa’s Galvanized Steel Automatic Chicken Feeder is one of the best options.

I hope this guide with list for the best chicken feeders helped you to choose one.

Bijaya Kumar
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