Can Chickens Eat Carrots? Leaves, Raw and Boiled

Can chickens eat carrots? Keep reading this guide if you have a question about feeding carrots to chickens.

Most chicken keepers think in their minds that, they should feed carrots to their chickens or not?

Is adding carrots to chicken’s diet good?

Also, you will know which part of the carrot chickens can eat and different ways to give carrots to your backyard chickens.

Can Chickens Eat Carrots?

Yes, chickens can eat carrots. They will love to eat carrots. Many chicken keepers feed their chicken’s carrot scraps.

Carrot scraps can be given to chickens to give them extra nutrition.

Carrots are a cheaper way to give chicken treats in states and countries where it is readily available, but in most countries they are expensive.

Health Benefits of Carrots to Chickens

Carrots and other vegetables, fruits, and roots don’t have all the nutrients that your chicken needs, but they make up for the lack of a few essential vitamins and minerals.

Here is our list of best vitamins and minerals for chickens.

Fruits and vegetables have a good number of vitamins and minerals, which will keep your chicken healthy.

Here are some health benefits of carrots for chickens:

1. Nutrition Pack

Carrots are the most favorite treat for chickens. Usually, chickens don’t eat their staple food if farmers give them more carrots. They are full of nutrients, which is good for your chicken. 

2. Low-Calorie Snack for Your Boys and Girls

Carrot serves as a low-calorie snack with a large quantity of beta-carotene and dietary fiber. This is the reason carrots are one of the unique treats for chickens.

3. They Promote Good Vision

Carrots contains vitamin A, because of beta-carotene. This vitamin A helps humans and chickens keep their eyes healthy. Lack of vitamins leads to night blindness. 

4. Carrots Also Enhance the Growth of Feathers

Carrots are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, carotenoids, and a few antioxidants. Some research shows that feeding carrots to chickens helps them grow feathers quickly and healthily.

5. Carrots Boost the Immunity of Chickens

Carrots contain vitamin A, which helps keep the chicken’s immune system working properly and prevents them from getting sick.

Also, vitamin C helps chickens make more collagen. This collagen plays a critical role in promoting the wound healing in case of any injury. 

6. Carrot Strengthens the Chicken Bones

The vitamin A in the carrots promotes the bone cell metabolism in the chickens.

Carotenoids in these veggies are linked to better bone health. Vitamin A help in keeping the chicken bones healthy and strong.

7. Carrot Enhances the Liver Health of Your Chicken

Large amount of glutathione is present in raw and cooked carrots. It’s an antioxidant, which can treat a damaged liver because of oxidative stress.

There is a high amount of plant flavonoids in carrots. These two compounds stimulate and promote the chicken liver’s overall functioning and help keep their liver good.  

Which Part of Carrots Can Chicken Eat?

You can feed carrot leaves (top part), raw carrot (vegetable part). Let’s know more about it.

1. Carrot Leaves or Top Part

Yes, you can feed carrot leaves and carrot greens to your chicken flocks. Carrot leaves have a high level of essential nutrients. 

They are bitter, but they also contain vitamin C, protein, calcium, and potassium. Carrot greens or carrot leaves have essential vitamins that will help the bird stay healthy. 

2. Raw Carrot

Carrots are full of the nutrients that your bird needs. For feeding raw carrots to your chicken the raw carrot, it is always advised not to chop them into small pieces. 

Just throw a carrot to them and watch them; they will pick at it. By doing so, they will remain active throughout, getting chunks of this treat into their guts. 

The best way to clean a carrot is to remove the dirt and chemicals from it before feeding it to a chicken. 

It’s best to keep carrots away from pesticides and other chemicals because carrots might have these chemicals in them. Pesticides and insecticides are fatal for chickens’ health.

These health and safety-related things should be your prime concern, especially while feeding them any treatment.

How to Give Carrots to Chickens?

You can feed them raw carrots or cooked carrots. Whichever you choose, they will enjoy the carrot in their diet. 

Many chicken owners prefer to give their chickens raw carrots instead of cooked carrots because raw carrots have more nutrients than cooked carrots.

Cooked carrots lose their nutritional value during heating. The cooked carrots will taste better than the raw carrot, and your flock will enjoy them more in their diet.

You can give carrots to your chicken if you chop them into small pieces, but you should wash the carrots first. Then serve them in a separate chicken feeder or bowl away from their daily portion of commercial feed. 

It helps to encourage them to eat both types of foods for their health benefit. Always remember to feed carrots to chicken in a moderate amount.

Always slice this carrot into small pieces before feeding them cooked carrots. It will be a good idea to mix a few carrots and other treats when feeding your chicken.

You can give some fruits and vegetables and include some mealworms to balance their diet.

They should always be offered fresh and clean water to quench their thirst and keep them hydrated after all the essential food items have been provided.


Chickens like carrots because they are a delicious and healthy treat. Carrots contain a substantial amount of vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, calcium, and fewer protein and fat quantities. 

Also, carrots comprises essential Biotin, Vitamin K1, potassium, and vitamin B6. These birds can stay active and healthy throughout the day because of the vitamins B6.

In addition to controlling the blood pressure, carrots have the biotin present that helps in the metabolism of fat. Carrots contain Vitamin K1, which helps blood coagulate and keep bones healthy.

So, it’s always advised to add carrots to the chicken diet to help them stay healthy and protective. I hope this guide helped you answer your question, “Can Chickens Eat Carrots?”

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