Can Chickens Eat Celery? Green Leaves, Scrap, Root

Can chickens eat celery? This question arises in every new poultry farmer’s mind. In this guide, you will know all the good and bad things about feeding celery to chickens.

Celery is a marshland plant, mainly used as a vegetable. It is found chiefly all over the world. It contains high antioxidants, vitamins A, B, C, and K, and calcium.

But can celery be a good treat for your backyard boys and girls? Keep reading to understand why, which part, how to feed celery to chickens.

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Can Chickens Eat Celery?

Yes, chicken can eat celery because it induces better egg-laying in hens. Celery helps in nurturing chickens’ health. Celery contains a good number of nutrients, and it is good for chickens, but in a small amount.

Celery is an essential dish in many houses. It is crisp, aromatic in taste, mixed with the gentleness of onions and carrots to design the holy trio on mirepoix. 

In most houses, it is made daily, and you can’t make a classic Thanksgiving stuffing recipe without this fresh veg.

We know that celery is a highly nutritious vegetable. It is grown in the swamp as a vegetable in ancient times. Celery and its seeds deliver a significant source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

If we give more celery to the chickens, it may be risky because they have a small stomach and may not get all the nutrients they need. So, provide celery to chickens in moderation.

Chickens are a bit choosy and will refuse food that looks dangerous to them. But they were going to enjoy the celery when they understand its taste.

The celery acts as healthy and delicious for them. Celery is full of nutrients that help the chickens grow healthy and lay plenty of eggs. You can serve them as a treat with other vegetables, like kale and lettuce.

Health Benefits of Celery to Chickens

It May Help Fight Cancer

Celery contains antioxidants that kill cancer-causing radicals from the cells. It also supports autophagy. Dismissal of dysfunctional components of cells, avert diseases. 

Research reveals that luteolin is a celery plant with flavonoids, probably accountable for anticancer effects. 

Studies show that luteolin reduces the number of mouse tumors by 50 percent and delays the growth of new tumors. A researcher says that eating straws may help fight cancer of the liver, breasts, pancreas, and ovary.

It May Minimize Inflammation

Celery has anti- inflammation properties and can be used to cure inflammation. Researcher says that celery seed abstracts can assist in arthritis in chickens. 

It is possible that these seed abstracts can lower the pain and defend against stomach damage. A lot of the fibers in Celery are important for digestion. 

It Helps In Regeneration of Neurons

Celery also stimulates the growth and regeneration of nerve cells. Celery seed helps in lowering blood pressure.

Due to the presence of apigenin in celery, it has anti-inflammatory properties. This apigenin molecule in the celery helps in restoring the immune balance. 

Celery provides vitamin A, C, K, and Riboflavin, which is a source of vitamin B6 complex. 

Which Part of Celery Can Chicken Eat?

In celery, the chicken can feed upon their stem, pulp, tops, stalks, and even roots. The parts of the salary that are rich in essential vitamins are suitable for chickens.

Celery Leaves

Leaves of celery contain a substantial amount of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and potassium. This part of celery is better for them. Celery leaves are frequently used for cooking in many households. 

The dark green leaves on the outer stalks of a particular type of celery give you a variety of leaves, such as pale leaves growing in the center, and the dark leaves turn to be thick and bulky. 

Celery tastes leaf-like parsley, and very dark leaves can be more brassy and bitter. Pale leaves are tasty and smooth in texture.

As we know, the outer and inner leaves of celery taste different and should be used indeed. The green outer leaves are intensely tasty more than the stalk but can be very hard and fibrous. 

The inner part of the leaves is green. They are very soft and delicate and bundle more celery than stalks. 

The taste and the texture are good to eat raw. You can give your chickens by making salads. Just cut them into small pieces with stalks and give them to your backyard boys and girls.

To keep the celery leaves fresh and long, we have to wrap the entire stalk with aluminum foil rather than plastic bags. Soak the paper towel in an airtight place where you can store it for several days.

Celery Scrap

Yes, you can feed celery scrap to your chickens, but it is helpful to grow more celery plants at home. It will help you to grow more organic celery for your chickens.

Celery scrap is a fragment that is usually cut-off from the base of the stalk of about 2 inches from the root end, and this is planted and grown in soil by providing a sufficient amount of water. 

Celery scraps are grown in the soil to access all the essential nutrients from the ground. Growing your celery for chickens is satisfying, and seeds are not required for the plantation.

Celery Root

Yes, chicken can eat celery root but they do not like it. Chickens only like to eat the celery greens only.

How to Give Celery to Chickens?

At the time, we know that from research, if you hand over whole celery to a chicken, they will start grazing. But I do not recommend you to do that.

It is better to feed the celery by cutting it into small pieces and stir with few other greens. Mix a small amount into their essential treats. 

You should only leave the chicken feed with celery for one or two days. If you keep this for a more extended period, then it starts decaying.

Chickens will start avoiding the meals because they do not want to risk their lives consuming them. As we all know no body want to eat stale food.

If chickens are not willing to eat, then we must soak the celery for a small amount of time; by doing this, it will soften for a while, which gives them the confidence to eat.


From the above source, we get to know that chickens can eat celery. Chickens are going to enjoy eating celery. Still, we should not overload them with celery. 

The best method for celery is to mix up. Make sure that celery forms a part of their balanced diet or as a treat.

I hope this guide helped you answer the question, “Can Chickens Eat Celery?“

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