Can Chickens Eat Parsley? Don’t Give Without Reading This

Wondering if parsley is good for chickens? Read our guide to know all the details about can chicken eat parsley.

It’s the practical query that arises in the mind of most fowl keepers “whether chicken and other birds can feed on certain types of herbs like Parsley or not?” 

This parsley herb helps the chickens to live healthy because it’s healthy and nutritious for their health.

In this article, all your doubts regarding the feeding of parsley to chicken, their health benefits, parts of parsley that are fed to chicken, and the various ways of providing parsley to chicken will be clarified. 

So, before giving parsley to your chicken, please go through this article.

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Can Chickens Eat Parsley?

Chickens can easily feed upon the most commonly available herb, parsley. Chickens loved to eat a variety of herbs, including parsley too, and this herb provides various health benefits to chicken.

It’s also safe, and you can feed this to yourself without any hesitation. When you are planning, herbs for your chicken, parsley must be on your list as it is enriched with high nutrition.

This highly nutritious green herb is versatile in terms of growth. It requires shade occasionally, but it thrives the best in sunny conditions. 

Parsley acts as a nutritional powerhouse as it is enriched with vitamin A, B, C, E, and K and with calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and selenium. 

The nutrition present in parsley aids in blood-vessel development and also stimulates egg production. Farmers feed crushed air-dried parsley to their layer chickens to get better results.

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Health Benefits of Parsley to Chickens

A fresh or dried parsley herb helps improve the flock’s health and helps improve the hen’s laying capability. Also this herb becomes essential as it allows them to stay healthier and happier.

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Parsley strengthens their immunity, enhances their productivity, and helps them remain active. So, it must be considered to feed this type of nutritional herbs to your chicken at a certain interval along with a regular diet.

Research shows that parsley shows a positive effect on chickens. Herbs such as parsley are a rich source of nutrients. 30gram of freshly chopped parsley contains various nutrients such as:

Dietary fibre-1 gram
Carbohydrate- 2 gram
Proteins-1 gram
Vitamin A-106% of RDI
Vitamin K-546% of RDI
Folate-12% of RDI

Vitamin C-56% 0f RDI
Fatless than 1 gram
Potassium-5% of RDI 

This green herb contains various types of nutrients and is enriched with vitamin K, which helps in the clotting of blood, thereby helping in strengthening the bone and keeping the bone in healthy condition. 

Vitamin K supports the osteoblasts (the bone-building cells), and it also activates certain proteins that increase bone mineral density. Increases in bone density make their bone strength and reduces the chances of fracture in their bone.

Parsley is a reliable source of vitamin A and vitamin C, which possess excellent antioxidant properties. This antioxidant prevents the cellular damage caused to chickens. 

For the optimal health of chicken, you should maintain an optimum amount of free radicals and antioxidants. The common antioxidants present in parsley are- vitamin C, carotenoids, and flavonoids. Flavonoids reduce the risk of certain diseases such as heart attacks.

Intake of carotenoids reduces the risk of chronic disease in chicken, and vitamin C promotes the immune system. Some research reveals feeding parsley to chickens helps in the rapid growth of feathers. The presence of vitamin A in parsley also promotes good vision.

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Which Part of Parsley Can Chicken Eat?

Parsley is the favorite herb of many chickens. Chickens loved to feed upon the stems and leaves of this parsley herb directly from the garden.

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Poultry birds can eat the stems of parsley herb, which contain no toxin, and it is free from danger to eat. It would help if you cut the stems into small pieces before feeding, otherwise, it will choke the chicken.

You should avoid feeding parsley seeds to the chickens as they are toxic and harmful. If it is consumed in a huge array, it is not good for their health.

Parsley Stems

Chickens can easily feed upon the parsley stems as the stem of this parsley herb doesn’t contain any toxins, and it’s safe for the chicken. 

There’s one foremost thing that needs to be kept in mind before feeding them parsley stems and chop them into smaller pieces; otherwise, it’s going to be a choking hazard for the chickens. 

Parsley Leaves

You can toss the freshly chopped leaves to your chicken. First of all, wash the parsley leaves to remove the dirt and traces of pesticide, chop them into small tiny pieces, and scatter them in those areas where they usually roam. 

If you find chickens are not eating the chopped parsley leaves from the floor, you can add them to their staple feed. After mixing them in their staple feed, they will use those herbs without noticing their presence.

If you harvest parsley in your home garden, then after maturing allow your birds to access it to enjoy its taste. Use chicken wire or hardware cloth (grazing box) to control the amount of parsley that your chicken can eat in the garden. One should bear in mind that this herb must be considered a treat, not as the main chicken feed.

How to Give Parsley to Chickens?

When it comes to feeding parsley to chicken, there are some methods you can try. As you know, parsley contains most of the nutrients present in them, and you can feed them anytime.

Before giving parsley to chickens, make sure that you have washed the parsley thoroughly to remove any debris and pest present in the field, chop them into small pieces and serve the parsley on a clean surface where they can eat it.

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Occasionally chickens will not eat parsley as well as herbs at all. You have to chop the herb and parsley with their food to feed them. They cannot differentiate between herbs and feeds and will eat all.

If you have space in the garden or backyard, then you should try growing fresh parsley herbs in there. When the herb turns mature, then they can eat fresh parsley. 

If you have grown other plants in your backyard, make sure to block that area for chickens so that they cannot eat everything edible.

You can give dried parsley as a nutrition booster to them, as they are loaded with nutrition and one of the best ways to provide them with nutrition. You can also sprinkle the dried parsley on their food.


Yes, it is observed that chickens can eat parsley. Parsley is important for them as it helps them to get a well-rounded diet of minerals and vitamins. 

Lots of herbs are present that are beneficial for chicks. The chicken loves these herbs, both fresh and dried. So, it’s become easier to feed them these useful herbs like parsley.

Along with parsley, you can also add other herbs to their diet like basil, lavender, calendula and marjoram. 

Basil improves their mucous membrane health, calendula helps in keeping the insects and bugs away, lavender improves blood circulation, reduces stress, and ultimately aids in their sleep. 

Lastly, marjoram, which is a laying stimulant, which is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and it also improves blood circulation. 

I hope you got your answer for the question – Can chickens eat parsley?

Can Chickens Eat Parsley? Don't Give Without Reading This
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