Can Chickens Eat Tomatoes? Surprising Facts Revealed

“Can Chickens Eat Tomatoes” is a common type of question in every flock keeper? Many flock keepers are curious about the eating habits of chickens.

A chicken eats virtually anything, and it’s quite a bit interesting too. You can add a few treats to their usual diet; tomato is one such example. Here is the list of 100+ chicken treats.

Birds like chicken can feed upon these tomatoes. Chickens particularly like red ripe tomatoes a lot; they love to peck at them, tearing them and ultimately swallowing them.

On this page, you will know all about feeding tomatoes to chickens. Also, understand what are its health benefits and the various ways by which you can give tomatoes to your flocks. 

So, before feeding tomatoes to your chicken, go through this article to clarify all your doubts.

Can Chickens Eat Tomatoes?

Yes, chickens love to eat tomatoes like the other food. They are healthy with various types of essential nutrients. Also, tomatoes are delicious, juicy, and easy to eat. 

All types of tomatoes like Cherry, Roma, Better Boy, Cocktail are suitable for chickens but treat them to your flocks only ripe ones.

Tomatoes are one of the contentious foods of the Solanaceae family. It is high in sugar and has more nutrients compared to other fruits. You can feed a couple of tomatoes once or twice a week to your chicken.

Tomatoes can also be eaten raw. The quantity of lectins present in tomatoes is very low. There is no precise confirmation on inflammation or arthritis. Tomatoes contain vitamins, minerals, fiber, and Polyphenols which are very healthy to eat.

Chickens love to feed ripe tomatoes rather than the unripe green tomato. A red tomato makes a tasty treat for most of the birds in the flocks. 

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Health Benefits of Tomatoes to Chickens?

Various benefits are associated with the feeding of tomatoes to chickens like-

  • It reduces the risk of pancreatic cancer. It contains Lycopene that is useful to slow the growth of cancer cells in the body.
  • Feeding tomatoes reduces body fat (obesity). To get rid of excess body fat in the body needs regular exercise, high protein, and calories like tomatoes. These nutrients play a vital role in keeping good body weight in chickens.
  • Flavonoid compounds and zeaxanthin present in tomatoes works to counteract free radicals. It is good for health and skin.
  • It contains calcium that is beneficial to strengthen the bones and teeth.
  • Tomatoes control blood sugar and also protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.
  • Tomatoes are a great source of fiber; these fibers are insoluble and come in the form of hemicellulose, cellulose, and lignin.
  • Tomatoes are also enriched with carbohydrates that comprise 4% of the tomato. Simple sugars, for instance: fructose and glucose, are also present on them, and all these nutrients ensure that birds remain active and energetic throughout their life journey. 

Which Part Of Tomatoes Can Chicken Eat?

Give only the ripe red fruit part of tomato to your chickens. They cannot feed upon other parts of tomato like leaves, stalks, flowers, and other parts as they contain solanine which is harmful to chickens.

Tomato Plant Leaves

Tomato plant leaves are bitter. The chicken will try them once for a small amount, and then they will, and further will not go there.

Raw Tomato 

Tomato is an edible berry of the plant, commonly known as Solanum Lycopersicum. Tomatoes contain very vital nutrients that keep chickens healthy on feeding. 

Red tomatoes contain lots of antioxidant properties. It carries antioxidant Lycopene, which is a critical factor for both humans and chickens. 

Antioxidants play a significant role in fighting many different types of diseases, including heart and even cancer.

Red tomatoes are also enriched with Vitamins. Tomato contains vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, folate, and other essential vitamins to help the chicken stay fit. 

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Vitamins are an essential part of human life, and it’s the same for every animal. You can also buy the vitamins from stores, but the best way is to feed the chickens naturally.

Red tomato also has beta-carotene, which helps to give them a natural red color. When a chicken eats it, it converts into vitamin A, which helps in keeping healthy eyes. 

Tomato Sauce

Yes, you can give tomato sauce to your chickens. It is safe for chickens. In my case, my chickens hate tomato sauce. My flocks love to eat only when I give them by cutting them into two pieces.

Giving them homemade tomato sauce is natural and healthy for them. Store-bought tomato sauce is also a safe but not affordable treat for chickens.

How to Give Tomatoes to Chickens?

It solely depends upon the availability of tomatoes as well as the number of chickens you have. 

Chickens easily eat them without any side effects. Tomatoes must be supplemented as snacks and treats, and you should provide in moderation.

Only feed ripe tomatoes to your birds and never give more than 5% of their diet with tomatoes. Always keep in your mind not to feed green or moldy tomatoes to your chicken as this may cause serious health issues in them.

Cut in Few Chunks

To distribute tomato to a chicken, we have to cut the tomatoes into small pieces. You can spread your flock and help each chicken to get their treat.

Don’t Spoil The Chickens

Chickens should be given a small diet, and it is advised to give 5% of tomatoes to their diet. It is considered a treat, so make sure that you should not be feeding them regularly. 

Then only you can consider it healthy. We should regularly check how much quantity they eat.

Winter is Coming

Chickens used to eat a lot of foods during wintertime to produce heat for their bodies. In such cases, you must increase the amount of food or tomatoes in general, which will make their body warm. 

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Keep in mind that it may be bad for their health if you are giving excess food to chickens. If your backyard has lots of ripe tomatoes, give them one or twice a week to your flocks.

Read how to keep your chickens warm in winters?


If you are feeding moldy tomatoes to chicken, it can be very harmful. Molds like Aspergillus flavus produce the toxin which causes cancer to both people and animals. Keep the tomatoes dry and mold-free in any form; it can be very harmful to chickens.  


Yes, backyard chickens can eat tomatoes. You should keep in your mind while feeding that you should not give unripe and moldy tomatoes. It should be kept in mind that, to feet, ripe tomato only, not any green tomato.

Tomato should be considered the treat food, and it’s not a staple food for your chicken. It would help if you supply tomatoes to your flocks as a treat in a moderate amount and give them specific weekdays.

Another thing, you should be very careful of chickens eating leaves, flowers, or other parts of the tomato plant. It would help if you kept an eye on the chickens because they don’t know what is good.

It consists of Solanine which contains harmful chemicals and can cause health problems when consumed. I believe this article will be helpful and exciting, and you might consider all the steps that you should take before feeding your chicken tomatoes. 

Can Chickens Eat Tomatoes? Surprising Facts Revealed
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