How to Keep Chickens Cool in Summer? 11 Best Tips

Are you in worry for–how to keep chickens cool in summer? If yes, then do not worry this complete guide on keeping chickens cool help you manage your flocks in hot climates.

Chickens can do a lot of things. They love to lay eggs, make us laugh, dig holes, search for insects as their snack from grass or soil, throw sass, and many more. But when summers come, their all activities become slow because of extreme heat.

All chicken farmers are curious when the summer arrives. They should know what the best methods are to keep chickens cool in summer.

The summer is not giving your chickens enough comfort. Do it on your own to provide your coop with the required amount of comfort. Chickens are not that good at weather changes.

They find it harder when it is winter or summer. For a hot climate, the breeder should choose heat tolerant chicken breeds.

The life-saving breeder effort is all they need. Nowadays, many methods have been developed to protect your coop and chickens cool in summer.

Let us start this chicken care guide for summer.

11 Best Tips to Keep Chickens Cool in Summer

Chickens enjoy the human company a lot. But they do not survive in extreme heat condition and may cause various health issues.

Here are the best 11 tips for keeping chickens cool in summer-

1. Provide Shade to the Chickens

Chickens are not good with the hard sunlight, as the sun is being cruel during the summer. Besides, the unpleasant sunny weather is not good for your coop at all. That is why the breeder should prepare a perfect shelter for their chickens.

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Your chickens must have enough space to save their self in the shade. The shade is there to protect them from sunlight and they feel cool. Keeping them in extreme heat increase chicken body temperature may cause dehydration and diarrhea.

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Is your chicken not laying? Do not worry! The comfort you have supplied is enough for them to cope up. They will start laying after this.

2. Provide Fresh and Cold Water

Do chickens like water? Yes of course.

Yes, this can do the job for you. Your thirsty birds may feel a little dizzy during the summer, and so it will be wiser to supply them with enough water.

Keep the water cold and fresh. The more you supply hygienic water, the more you can comfort them in summer.

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A question may be raised in your mind: How cold can chicken handle? Well, it is effortless. Could you provide them with some ice added to it?

The water will gradually turn into a normal temperature because of the heat. A temperature with a mild cold is good for your chickens.

3. Suitable Cold Treats

The right choice of treats helps to increase the body temperature of a chicken. For summer, it is necessary to keep your chickens cold to survive against the heat. Supply some freezing treats to the chickens.

It is seen that frozen corn, peas, chopped strawberries, cucumber and watermelon chunks are the best treats for hot chickens during the summer. You can also make a frozen treat block to keep the food cooler for a longer period.

If you want to know more about chicken treats here the complete list.

4. Try to Store Their Feed at a Lower Temperature

You should take some necessary steps for the nutrition of the chickens. The breeder needs to improvise the coop for having a nutrition-based healthy diet. The chicken’s food requires a time of one hour inside a refrigerator. 

Providing them with frozen treats can help to lower their temperature from within during the summer. The frozen treats are good for birds in a hot climate.

5. Check Out the Ventilation of the Coop

Ventilation inside the chicken coop is mandatory. During summer, its priority also gets higher. The ventilation of air is a vital process as the stale air leaves, and fresh comes inside the coop at the same time. 

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To do so, the breeder may need a chicken coop fanThis is the best and safest formula to cool chickens by supplying ventilation. The fan is necessary for egg-laying hens and chicks. 

If you don’t have any fan inside your coop and want to buy one, read the definitive guide for selecting a best chicken coop fan here.

6. Regular Cleaning of the Coop Is Necessary

Hot conditions are not good for the chicks and the elder members. That is why you must keep your coop tidy. Regular cleaning can do the job for you. It reduces the harmful gases, which supply a cool feeling to your flocks.

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Also, you can do some cleaning for their comfort. To oppose the heat-trapping, the breeder should reduce the altitude of the bedding layer. However, the height should not be lower than 2 inches. Regular cleaning can keep your chickens away from dangerous microbes.

If you want to know more about good coop cleaning procedures, here is our complete guide.

7. Arrange a Mud Puddle or a Kiddie Pool

When the temperature rises, it will be wiser to put out the wading pools for your coop. A mud puddle or a kiddie pool is the best treatment for the chickens. It helps them to decrease their temperature.

Do you want to know how? The chickens love to keep their body inside a little layer of water in the pool. The water is the best thing that helps them in decreasing their body temperature. If you do not have a pool, you can prepare a muddle puddle area.

8. Application of Sprinklers Will Be Great

Water treatment is necessary. Sprinklers can be the best choice to keep down the heat inside the coop.

These are very useful during the summer, and so you can install the sprinklers on your poultry farm. Further, they make a comfortable zone for the coop members.

The water droplets evaporate at once after they get released from the sprinklers. This will keep the environment cool inside the farm despite the outside climate changes.

Do not wet your litter. It is recommended to wet only kennel run area of small farms.

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9. Supply Enough Space for a Dust Bath

The chickens use the dust bath to make themselves clean and cool. This sounds weird to human beings. However, this is not the same for chickens.

They love it and it a lot. The breeder should provide enough dust space near the coop so that the chickens can enjoy it.

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But it would help if you made sure that the dust bath should take place under the shade. Keep them away from the sunlight.

You can create suitable dust bath space by adding a sturdy tote bin or galvanized metal tubs, or a kiddie pool with some fine sand.

10. Dip Your Chicken in Water

This is an effective method in summer for your chickens. When your chickens do not look good or cannot cool themselves, step in.

How to give a chicken a bath in summer? The breeder should dunk the chicken in mild-cold water (not too much cold). The temperature should be 85°F. 

70 seconds will be the best time for each chicken. This is an annoying method but quite effective for your dizzy coop members.

11. Keep Some Summer-Friendly Breeds

When you are confused with which breeds are the best in winter. This article can surely help the climate changes during summer.

The hot temperature is not that good for all chicken breeds. However, some breeds can tolerate such climate changes.

White Plymouth Rock, Leghorns, Welsummers, Rhode Island Reds are the best breeds for summer tolerant. The farmers can go for these breeds at the time of summer.


It is hard for the breeders to keep chickens cool in summer, but not impossible. To keep your coop fresh and healthy, these are the best tips. You can surely apply them to your coop and can enjoy the outcome. 

Supply them with sufficient fresh air, cold water, frozen treats as these are the vital methods to grow them in difficult climate dilemmas.

Exhaust fans, chicken coop fans, gadgets like water sprinklers are the best equipment for your coop in summer. 

These tips will sure help your flocks to keep them cool in extreme summer. If you have any query about keeping chickens cool in summer, we will be happy to hear from you below.

How to Keep Chickens Cool in Summer
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