Can We Keep Chickens As A Pet? with Pros and Cons

Can we keep chickens as a pet? If you are not sure then this quick guide will help you understand whether or not you should keep pet chickens?

If you are reading this article, maybe you are thinking of buying some chickens for keeping them like pet dogs, cats, and other animals. 

But keeping pet chickens has its own benefits and losses, which we will discuss in this article. 

What are Pet Chickens?

Pet chickens are the same as other chickens, but they have friendly behavior with trained commands. Also, they live inside or near your house without hampering your stuff.

Chickens that are kept for pets love to hug you and eat on your plate. They live like other pet animals and understand all your commands, and they run to you as soon as you call them.

Advantages of Keeping Chickens As A Pet

The benefits of keeping chickens are endless but I will tell you a few outstanding ones-

  • If you keep chickens as pets, you will get organic eggs in your backyard.
  • They are lovely pets and love to play with your kids.
  • The best part of pet chickens is they pay their own maintenance as meat and eggs.
  • Chickens are cheap in price as compared to other pet animals. So, you don’t need any big investment in the starting.
  • You don’t have to go to the market to buy eggs and meat because you can collect them from your home.
  • I have trained my chickens, and they are really wonderful learners. They also learn commands like other animals.
  • If you spend your time with your chickens, you love them, and they will also trust you.
  • In most countries, people grow their chickens without giving them any feed. But giving required amounts of feed to chickens, they live healthily.
  • You can also start a small chicken business in your backyard, which will provide a good amount of money to pay your bills.
  • If you have a large area in your backyard, then keeping chicken is a good option as a pet because you do not need to take extreme care of poultry flocks except predators. 
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Above, we have explained a few common benefits of keeping pet chickens. Now we will tell you some cons of keeping chickens.

However, l am a chicken lover so I didn’t see any problem in raising chickens, but if you are a newbie, then you may face some problems in keeping them as pets.

Disadvantages of Keeping Chickens As A Pet

Here are few common disadvantages of keeping pet chickens-

  • In most of the areas of different counties, vets don’t know now how to treat a chicken during various types of poultry diseases. Also, many vaccines are not available in all areas.
  • Chickens are not the cleanest animal in the world; they are quite messy, because they scratch, left their poop everywhere, so you need an open area for them. You can also
  • Raising chickens only inside a coop is not possible. Either you have to provide them a coop with a kennel run or give them some place to free-range like a backyard and garden.
  • Pet chickens are good and friendly, but not for farmers who have lots of veggies in their backyard garden. Chickens are fond of scratching and pecking so they will ruin all vegetable plants in your backyard.
  • If you are growing grass in your garden, then pet chickens are not a good option because they scratch the grass from the root and eat them. I have 21800 sq. feet in my backyard and my 100 chickens allow no grass to grow because they eat them before they grow.
  • For keeping them safe from predators like foxes, wild dogs, raccoons, you need some extra investments in chicken wire or hardware cloth for fencing.
  • Also, if you want to collect eggs, then you will need some chicken nesting boxes, which will also lose your pocket a little more.

Problems in Raising Pet Chickens

We already discussed the pros and cons of keeping pet chickens. If you are a newbie, you can read our complete guide on raising chickens.

So it’s time to understand what are the common problems which you may face while raising chickens.

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List of common pet chickens problem-

  • Pet chickens most of the time roaming inside your house. So they may leave poop everywhere.
  • Chickens are fond of pecking and scratching so if they are living near or inside your home they may eat your kitchen rice, cereals. If you are keeping pet chickens, it’s better to keep your foodstuff safe in containers.
  • If you love gardening and you have lots of veggies and pots in your home surrounding, then avoid pet chickens in that area. Otherwise chicken will eat twigs, fresh leaves, and veggies in your backyard.
  • Chickens are very sensitive, and they may get bacterial, viral, and parasitic infection easily. So, you need to vaccinate them in a proper interval.
  • Another major problem that I see with my chickens is that they are so naughty. If you are not controlling them in a particular area, they will go far and far. Sometimes they may go to your neighbor’s home & make some problems.
  • In most countries, chickens are only allowed in agricultural and farming areas or zones. They are not permitted in residential and business areas. You may see other rules and regulations in your state. 

Can We Keep Chickens As A Pet? – Summary

We have discussed various aspects of keeping pet chickens. Chickens as pets are an amazing experience, but it’s up to you and your locality. We can safely conclude that chickens are a friendly species and can make great pets. However, you need to check the compatibility with other pets in your house as well as rules of your state or locality.

After reading the pros and cons of pet chickens, you can easily make your decision to keep or not. Also in some places, you may need a permission letter and then you can keep chickens at home.

Personally, I believe that people should have the rights to keep pet chickens. In my country, we do not need any authorization from local authorities if we want to keep pet chickens.

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But for keeping a lot of flocks for business, our government provides some special rules to make farms and biodiversity. Hope this guide helped you to decide whether or not you should keep chickens as a pet?

Can We Keep Chickens As A Pet? with Pros and Cons
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