Isa Brown Chicken Breed Guide: Size, Variety, Eggs, Care & Pictures

Here, you can find a complete breed guide for the Isa Brown chicken. Many farmers love to grow chickens, either for meat or eggs. So, we can say it is a dual-purpose chicken.

Farmers raise this chicken, especially for the bulk amount for egg production. The massive egg-laying capacity makes this fowl among the top-most egg-laying birds.

Also, Isa Brown chickens are very sweet and quiet-mannered. These breeds love to spend time with human families. The beautiful hens of this breed are very attractive.

In this article, we have mentioned details regarding the Isa Brown chicken’s history, temperament, egg production, behavior, characteristics, color, size, problems, benefits, and raising tips.

The article can help you clarify your doubts regarding Isa Brown chickens. This is a complete breed guide of Isa Brown birds, along with the information required to raise them in the best and most comfortable zone of farming.

What is Isa Brown Chicken?

isa brown chicken standing
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In this poultry world, a new chicken breed has been introduced as Isa Brown chickens. These fowls are very popular among farmers for their wonderful egg-laying and their friendly personalities.

Isa Brown hens are very productive and are known for being remarkable egg-laying hens. This breed is useful, among others, and these factors can’t be denied as they are friendly and render a huge egg output. These breeds are as good as other breeds of chickens.

History of Isa Brown Chickens

This breed was developed in the laboratory in the earlier days. This fowl was born in France in the year 1978, in a laboratory named the Institute de Sélection Animale. 

It is a mystery that many breeds are also mixed with this kind. These birds are designed with a closely guarded trade secret, but there are rumors that the birds are named “Rhode Island Red and that white breeds have a contribution from White Leghorns.

Lifespan of Isa Brown Chickens

Isa Brown chickens have an average lifespan of 4-5 years. As compared to other large chickens, the life expectancy of this chicken is a little bit less.

Recognized Continental Breeds and Varieties of Isa Brown Chickens

This chicken breed was developed in France, and it weighs about 2 to 3 kg. In 1997, this breed became Hubbard ISA after the collaboration of ISA with Merck and Co.

The genetic makeup of this breed is closely guarded for trade secrets. The continental breeds, such as Rhode Island red and white chicken breeds, were born from white leghorns.

There is also a mystery about the involvement of other breeds.

Egg production

This is a vital reason for the development of this breed. The Isa Brown hens are very suitable for egg-laying.

These hens can exactly serve your purpose by laying beautiful medium-sized eggs in a huge quantity per year. 

An Isa Brown hen can lay up to 300 or more brown-colored eggs on average annually. Do you know that lots of chickens lay colored eggs? If not, then read our guide on chickens that lay colored eggs.


Isa Brown Chickens have a benevolent temperament. They are recognized to be approachable, passive, huggable, silent, and domestic. The Isa Brown hens are very gentle birds, the excessive Danes of the chicken world. 

Also, Isa Brown chickens love free ranging and living in confinement. Isa Brown enjoys getting on your shoulder for fun.

Color, Size, Appearance, Characteristics of Isa Brown Chicken

Below we have explained the color, size, appearance, and characteristics of the Isa Brown rooster vs. hen. This helps you to know the difference between the male and female of this chicken breed.

Isa Brown Chicken Inside Fencing
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The Isa Brown chicken’s color is based on the hens and roosters. Isa Brown hens are brownish-red in color, whereas the roosters are white.


The size of the Isa Brown roosters is large as compared to brown hens. The feathers of roosters are a little long, but hens have small feathers.

The standard weights of Isa Brown roosters are about 11 lbs, and hens are about 8.5 lbs.  


If we take a quick look, you will find that these Isa Brown birds are very fond of humans. Their soft feathers are very adorable, and they are good for children.

The appearance of an Isa Brown bird can be described as being medium-sized birds possessing a rectangular body shape with a slight dip at the back.

Their tails are available with feathers in an upward direction. The range of their eyes is from yellow to a bay red color.


  1. These Isa Brown pullets have their own demand in the market.
  2. The massive egg production is admirable for this breed. Isa Brown chicken possesses a very friendly nature.
  3. They are particularly good with toddlers as well.
  4. Farmers can have these for beneficial usage.
  5. These fowls live in almost all extreme weather conditions.


They are cold hardy chickens and live happily in the winter. In the summer, they like backyard tree shades.

We can consider the ISA Brown Chickens as the best breed for farmers who are willing to keep chickens for their source of income. The Isa chickens are very amiable and keep good relations with humans. 

The birds of this breed are also a prodigious choice for a family who needs a pet chicken. The Isa Browns are fond of playing with the kids at home. We can rate this breed as the most family-friendly chickens.

Benefits of Raising Isa Brown Chickens

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1. The best breed to grow in your backyard

The good news is for you all who are looking forward to keeping the Isa Browns as their productive breed. The good news is for you. This breed is friendly and a backyard lover’s species. Isa Brown chickens are a good option for food and help with your earnings. 

2. Isa Brown chickens adore human company

As we mentioned in the sub-title, this species is fond of human company. Their lovely feathers can provide a smooth and lovable experience.

This bird is also a mood changer as they love to cuddle in your hands. The Isa Brown chicks are also a center of attraction for the kids because of their cuteness.

3. One of the best chicken massive egg productions 

These birds know how to lay more eggs. A farmer can keep up his or her earnings by selling their eggs.

The condition of the environment, proper diet, and proper place of living can surely help to lay eggs in more numbers. This breed is an excellent choice if anyone plans to create a farm for selling eggs.

5. The prettiness of Isa Brown hens draws attention

Anyone can enjoy the scenario during the afternoon when their lovely feathers shine in the dim and dusty sunlight. This species can coexist with other dominant breeds living in your courtyard. You can count it as a measuring point.

Problems in Raising Isa Brown Chickens

1. Very hard to keep them in a coop

It is very difficult for anyone to keep the Isa Brown hens in a coop or birdcage. They only live in very spacious areas like the courtyard. You cannot keep these fowl caged for a long period. They can’t take it easily.

Also, this breed’s hens and roosters always stay in the flock, so a large space for it requires them. Anyone can’t keep them in a compact area because it won’t bring any benefits except disappointment.

2. Possess low immunity towards diseases

This breed can’t resist any serious diseases, bacterial diseases, or flu. The brown cheeks are very low, immune to any diseases.

When it comes to brown hens and roosters, they are also very weak against any diseases.

That is the reason for the early deaths of these birds. Along with bacterial diseases, they also suffer from kidney disease, which is also a demerit. 

Care Guide For Isa Brown Chickens

Isa Brown Hen in Freeze Winter Snow
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1. Chickens require care

These kinds of fowl require a certain amount of care and management. This can surely help them in their growth and also keep them strong and healthy. Perfect care can boost their egg-laying capacity.

The maintenance cost of this bird is very low. So, they just require considerable care, but not too much.

2. Grooming of Isa Brown chickens

Because of their short and non-profuse plumage, you can groom these groups of birds with ease.

You need to check them regularly to keep them safe from parasites like lice and mites, as they are very feathery and love to mess. If you don’t want any kind of outbreak in your flock, you need to check them regularly.

3. Diet

They are the best egg layers, so they also require a healthy and sufficient diet. You need to take care of your girls with a controlled food diet.

A sufficient diet is necessary for your hens as they are busy converting the protein from their feed into the production of eggs.

To boost your hens’ capacity, you need to offer your hens some mealworms or a small amount of live culture yogurt once or twice a week. You can also read our complete guide to Chicken Scratch. This will fill up your chicken’s nutrition deficiency.

4. Housing

To construct a perfect home for Isa Brown chickens, it requires farmers to build a specious nesting box that is in a private and draft-free area. This chicken nesting box can help your hens engage in their business of egg-laying comfortably.


Those who wish to buy Isa Brown chickens can get them from a domain breeder. As mentioned earlier, this fowl breed is very fond of egg-laying.

Isa Brown Chicken’s egg-laying capacity makes this breed an incredibly special attraction for farmers. It is quite easy to find Isa Brown chickens near me for sale or buy.

There are so many options available for those who will sell Isa Brown Chicken. Many farming companies keep Isa Brown chicks for sale. This breed is the best option for farmers in terms of egg production.

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