No Crow Collar for Roosters: All About Its Use, Pros, & Cons

No crow collar for roosters is one of the most controversial products used by chicken raisers. In this guide, you will know all about the rooster collar, its use, and its pros and cons.

A few people say that using a rooster crow collar is torture to chickens, while others say that it helps them keep their roosters quiet and relaxed.

Stopping a rooster from crowing is a question that needs to be talked about. 

But why are people using a rooster collar?
What is the reason for people’s compulsion to use the anti-crow collar?

If you want to stop your rooster’s sound or want to reduce the noise for some reason, this guide will help you a lot. 

What Is No Crow Collar?

A “no crow collar” is a popular neck-belt-like product that is used to reduce and stop Rooster’s crow. It is mainly made up of nylon.

Usually, roosters use their reserved air from air sacs to expel it forcefully for crowing. Using a no-crow rooster collar limits the force of the air and reduces the crowing noise.

No noise rooster collar, anti-hook noise-free neckband, and nylon neck belts for roosters are some of the names that are used for the No crow collar.

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Do No Crow Collar Work?

As we have already explained above, it is a neck belt that will drastically reduce the Rooster’s crow. But if you would like to stop crowing a rooster totally, it’s not possible because it’s in his genes.

Using a no-noise rooster collar can reduce the rooster’s crowing to a very minimal sound, which will be very hard to hear by your neighbors. But you can’t stop a rooster from crowing because that is his natural characteristic.

Is It Safe to Use Anti-Crow Rooster Collars?

Yes, It is safe to use. There are no problems with the rooster’s daily activities if you use an anti-crow collar. 

After using a no crow collar, they can quickly eat, breathe, dust bath, mate, and do all their physical activities. Always remember to remove any obstructive item from the coop and run that may snag.

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Benefits of Using a No Crow Collar for Rooster

If you live in a locality or state where rooster crowing and noise are not allowed, this small nylon no crow collar will do an excellent job.

Also, if your backyard roosters are making noise, you can use it to reduce the crowing sound of your roosters. Every so often, you also need a calm environment.

Anti-crow rooster collars do not hurt the Rooster’s neck and are safe to use, but you must know about their good and bad aspects before using this fancy band.

If you are embarrassed by your rooster’s morning crow, this is a fantastic thing to tie around a rooster’s neck. 

The rooster crows are annoying to people living in urban areas because they work night shifts and sleep late at night. In that case, you can tie a no crow collar on your rooster’s neck.

In a few roosters, there is some bad habit of unnecessary crowing at night and early in the morning. If you are worried about them, you can use an anti-crow rooster collar.

Top 5 Best No Crow Collars for Your Rooster

Here is a list of a few best no crow collars for reducing roosters’ sounds:

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How to Put On a No Crow Collar for Roosters?

Putting a no snow collar on your rooster’s neck is an easy process, but putting it correctly is most important. Loose or tight-fitting may make the rooster uncomfortable. 

Also, you must check your chicken’s breed size before buying a neck collar for him. Click on the link to find the correct size of no crow collar for your Rooster.

So, follow these easy steps to put a no crow collar on your rooster’s neck:

  1. Firstly, relax your rooster and hold him on your lap. Use a second person to hold him so that you can easily do the process if he is feeling uncomfortable.
  2. Then just put the collar on the Rooster’s neck and check the belt is not tight. 
  3. If the collar looks ok, check the fitting by inserting your little finger inside the top and bottom part of the belt.
  4. Make sure the rooster collar does not pinch and feather. Feathers must be hanging over the nylon collar.
  5. Before you let the rooster out, check to see if he is breathing, standing up, or walking. You let the rooster, check his activity like breathing, posture, and walking. If everything looks, release him. Monitor him for a few minutes.
  6. However, your Rooster needs a bit of time to make himself comfortable with his new collar.
  7. Always remember, it will not stop your roosters from crowing entirely. Yes, but it will reduce his high, long, disturbing sound.

Do No Crow Rooster Collars Work?

No, there is no such guarantee that these anti-noise nylon neck belts will completely stop your Rooster’s sound.

As we have already explained above, no noise rooster collars will not entirely stop your Rooster from crowing, but will drastically reduce the volume and frequency of their crowing.

The no crow neckband will not work if it is not properly fitting. The results may be different from rooster to rooster.

Are No Crow Collars Cruel?

It is a controversial question because people think that putting a band on a rooster’s neck looks like putting a band on a dog’s neck. 

In some people’s opinion, using no crow collar is cruel because you are stopping his natural characteristics. 

But from my perspective, it is not cruel because it is not stopping them from any of their daily activities like roosting, eating, bathing, and mating. It is just a collar to reduce their voices.

If using a no crow collar is cruel, killing chickens and breeding chickens for eggs is also cruel. 

What’s your opinion on this?

Do You Need a No Crow Collar for Your Rooster?

If you want to use no crow collar for fashion, I will not recommend you. Doing this to show off is not a good idea. 

I suggest you use this anti-crow rooster collar only if you experience some issue with your rooster sound.

We’ve talked about how you can use this anti-crow neckband if you live in an urban area where rooster noise is not allowed.

So use an anti-crow rooster collar on your Rooster’s neck only if you need it.


In this guide, we talked about the ‘No noise rooster collar’. It is a neckband that does not irritate or kill your rooster.

You should only use rooster crow collar when you need it. Using it for fancy purposes is not recommended because of an extra obstruction for your chicken.

I hope this guide on no crow collar helped you to understand all about this nylon and velcro neckband. 

It’s not a cruel thing, but it’s not a must-have thing, either. You must use no crow collar only if you need it.

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  1. My chickens are louder than my roosters. My chickens make more noise than my roosters. The roosters are just louder. Don’t get me started on my female turkey, She is a talks and talks and talks non stop, wanting me to come outside. The noise they make is natural

    • Hi, Lisa thanks for comment.

      I am confused you are talking about turkey or chickens. However Turkey and Guinea makes a lots of noise.

  2. My rooster was pretty quiet before the surprise egg that hatched. 50/50 chance and of course it’s another rooster. Now our big boy who is supposed to always be separated from the girls is loud and obnoxious. He crows whenever he hears me. 4:30 am or a midnight trip to get a drink of water or get rid of one. If he hears me he starts in. There is a 16 foot easement between us and our neighbors . We’re hoping this will keep both both a bit quieter. I would give the second away but for my fear it would be used to fight as that is unfortunately a big thing in the river valley. Disgusting as that is.

    • It is normal for that big boy, because her girls are carrying small ones from others, You can use a no crow collar to reduce the noise.

  3. And thanks for the information but is there a turkey collar? My tirkey is louder than ever ♥️♥️♥️️️️️️️️️

  4. Use a small adjustable cat or dog collar (measure the bird’s neck to ensure an appropriate size).

    Alternately, use a stretchy material, sew velcro to it, and wrap around the bird’s neck.

    These methods don’t always help with female poultry, as clucking/squawking is different from crowing.


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