The Sapphire Gem Chicken Breed Guide: Size, Eggs, Care, Pictures

The Sapphire Gem chickens or Sapphire Blue Plymouth Rock or Blue Sapphire Chicken are famous for their novelty and are special among other chicken breeds.

Here in this you will know all about Sapphire Gem chicken. It includes breed guide, chicks, eggs, lifespan, history, recognized varieties, egg color, size, caring information about the Sapphire Gems.

You can search over the web for information on this rare variety of chickens. But, its not that easy to find much on any on the local jewelers’ websites.

We are giving conflicting information about this variety of chicken. A specialty about this breed is that, many do agree and want to have this special kind. 

What is Sapphire Gem chicken? 

The Sapphire Gem Chicken in Garden
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Image Source – Pinterest (Humble Bee Farms)

The Sapphire Gem chickens are also recognized as the Sapphire Blue Plymouth Rock or Blue Sapphire Chicken.

They are the beautiful fowls that are popular for the production of eggs. Many farmers are also interested in this breed as it is human friendly.

The only reason for its popularity is that it is a new variety of chicken. For this reason, the Sapphire Gem chicks can only be purchased from a suitable breeder. 


If you want to know how long do sapphire gem chickens live then you will be happy to know that this chicken breed can easily live around 6-8 years.

History of Sapphire Gem chickens

Is there any mysterious fact about this chicken breed? 

Well, many breeders and firms say that the Sapphire Gem is a cross between heritage and hybrid chickens. This breed was initially developed in the Czech Republic.

The year of origin of this breed is still unknown. Also, some experts said that these treasured birds are crossed with a Blue Plymouth rock and a Barred Plymouth Rock.

Recognized Continental Breeds and Varieties of Sapphire Gem chickens

These kinds are also called Blue Plymouth or Sapphire Blue Plymouth. They are raised for specialty chicken fancies as they show novelty character. 

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Do you know that the Sapphire Gem is not a genuine breed of chicken? Also, this breed is not recognized by the APA. 

Egg production

The specialty of the Sapphire Gem chickens is they can lay large size, brown, eggs and it is a common misconception that this chicken lays blue eggs.

The reason is that the Sapphire Gem hens are often confused with other Sapphire chickens that are a small white bird that lays bright blue eggs. 

A sapphire Gem hen can lay up to a whopping 290 eggs per year. You can manipulate that her purpose is the production of eggs and this breed is not typically used as a meat chicken.

Here is our list of other chickens that lay lots of eggs.


The Sapphire Gem Chicken White Background
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The breeder of this fowl will happily tell anyone who will listen, how incredibly calm and docile this chicken is.

There are some clicks of the Sapphire Gem chickens which say how calmly they do rest in the arms and hands of their adorable master. These fowls love to cuddle and are one of the sweetest varieties of chicken for the kids.

This breed of chickens is new to the market. The data about this breed is still little known about the origins and where to obtain her.

The vital aspect is that the popularity this breed has already gained will only continue to grow. It may even be as fast as that of the Easter Egger.

Color, Size, Appearance, Characteristics of Sapphire Gem Chickens


The color of the Sapphire Gem chicken will amaze you. They are seen in gray to light gray plumage.

You need to remember that the gray to light gray plumage is referred to as blue or lavender feathering in the chicken industry. The color of the egg is slightly brown. Also, they are found in white color as a new breed.


They are medium-sized birds. Their feathers make them bulkier when you notice them. As per the British standard, a mature Leghorn rooster weighs 7lbs and a mature hen’s weights are 6 lbs.


The farmers who wish to keep these chickens to add some beautiful looks to their flock, they are right. You will love exotic colors in your flock and they will catch your eye with their lavender & blue feathering.  

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The Sapphire Gem roosters are characteristically blue with a white dot on his head. On the other hand, the Sapphire Gem hens are mostly blue with a necklace-like ring of gold or grey decorating her neck.

The demand for these colors is extremely high among the breeders. These fowls seem to turn up their noses. So, their appearance seems to be mixed.

Just like a Plymouth Rock, the Sapphire Gem also has an upright appearance. The appearance is due to its genetics and she sports a single comb atop her alert little head.


This Sapphire Gen chicken breed is an excellent egg layer and a great forager. They can lay up to 290 eggs annually.

This particular breed does not give a good experience when it comes to the production of the meet.

Benefits of Raising this Breed 

1. Can tolerate cold weather

This chicken breed handles well in all climates with reports of withstanding cold winters with grace and without decreased production.

A wise move for their protection is to keep them away from frostbite during the colder months. It helps to prevent their combs from falling off near the end of the season. 

2. Love to roam around without giving any headache to farmers

This breed’s chickens are wonderful free-range candidates if you like to let your chickens run free. The Sapphire chickens are outstanding foragers and have no trouble finding the tastiest morsels in the yard. 

Farmers need to keep them in a safe courtyard as they need a separate place from the predators. It makes them even better off if they have the run of the yard.

3. Attractive plumage

The feathers or plumage of these is slightly bluish. It helps this bird to build a special appearance among other breeds. They love to cuddle in human arms which make them more attractive.

4. High egg production

This breed is particularly known for its egg-laying nature. A breeder can keep them if he or she is interested in egg farming. The Sapphire Chicken will not disappoint you when it comes to egg production.

5. Great foragers

They love to hunt their food by roaming in your courtyard. They can search for their food so that they are great foragers like other forager breeds.

6. Pleasant personality

The sapphire fowls are very calm and quiet. When they find a place between human hands, they start to cuddle which is a sign of their pleasant personality.

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7. Easy to care

Not so much burden to take for this breed. The sapphire gem chickens are very firm from their growing stage. They can manipulate any habitat, area of the courtyard, and other factors which may be the drawbacks for the other breeds.

Problems in Raising Sapphire Gem Chicken

  • They can’t survive in extremely hot conditions
  • These birds are not good for meat production
  • Higher expenditure for farmers who live in hot climate regions

Care Guide Sapphire Gem Chickens

To raise the breed of the Sapphire Gem chickens, you will need to provide plenty of shade and cool water for your birds.

  1. You can use electric fans to provide a gentle breeze. The fan layout may be present inside or in a backyard enclosure. You need to consult with some producers of quality animal feed to provide them for your chicks and the grown-ups. Also, you need to provide ice for them in any format, for your chickens.
  2. The Sapphire Gem chickens love to stand near to the ice blocks. These ice-boxes help them to keep cool. Otherwise, they may choose to drink the ice-cold water as it liquefies. You need to provide frozen pieces of fruit for your chickens as it will reassure them to stay hydrated.
  3. The cold environment might be helpful for these fowls but do provide indoor shelter. Also, for the benefit, you need to aid plenty of warm, clean nesting material for your hens. You may also use the heat lamps or small coop heaters during cold bouts in particular.
  4. For the entertainment of the Sapphire Gem chickens, you can deliver several amusements. Also, a rolling treat dispenser or a suet block can be used as a way of keeping hens busy and happy, particularly during the months of winter. Some expert breeders also suggest the addition of ladders, perches, and mirrors to the coop for their entertainment.


Those who wish to buy Sapphire Gem chicken can get from the domain breeder. As we mentioned earlier, this fowl breed is very fond of egg-laying.

The massive egg-laying capacity makes this breed a very special attraction for farmers. It is very easy to find Sapphire Gem chicks near your location.

There are so many choices obtainable for those who are eager to sell this breed. Many farming companies keep leghorn chicken. This breed is the best advantageous possibility for farmers in terms of egg manufacture.

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