Top 7 Best Chicken Breeds That Lay White Eggs (with Images)

Are you searching for some best chicken breeds that lay white eggs? If yes, then keep reading this guide on layers of white eggs.

Some chickens lay white eggs and some brown. But there are few chicken breeds which lay colorful eggs. 

If you want to know more about chickens that lay colored eggs, here is the complete guide.

I have been a chicken farmer for the last few years so in my suggestion if you are keeping chickens for eggs, white egg laying chickens are one of the best choices for poultry farmers.

White Eggs Vs Brown Eggs

Are you confused that chickens that lay white eggs differ from brown egg layers?

Whether the egg is white or brown, both have good nutritional value. But most people think that brown eggs are healthier than white one.

So, what do you think? Are brown eggs healthier than white eggs?

The answer is no. Both brown and white eggs have the same nutritional value. You can see differences in egg nutrition value if the hens have different physical activity and diet.

If your chicken roams a lot in the sun, she will get more vitamin D, which lays good quality eggs. Also, if you feed your chickens good quality pre-starter to finisher feed, then it also affects the nutritional content of the egg. 

So, now the question is- If there is no difference in nutrition value of brown and white eggs, which type of good egg layers chicken breed should you raise in your backyard farm.

It is up to you where you are living. In your state, which color eggs have more demand.

Top 7 Best Chicken Breeds That Lay White Eggs (with Images)

Below you will know about 10 best white egg layers-

1. Leghorn Chicken

Leghorn Chicken best white egg layer
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If you are a serious farmer who is looking for white egg laying chickens, then Leghorn chicken is the best. 

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This is mostly found in white color with red comb and wattle. They live in many climates but hardly in winter.

According to American Poultry Association and The American Bantam Association there are different Leghorn varieties including white, red, black-tailed red, light brown, dark brown, black, buff, Columbian, buff Columbian, barred, and silver.

In Britain, the Leghorn Club recognizes eighteen colors: golden duckwing, silver duckwing, partridge, brown, buff, exchequer, Columbian, pyle, white, black, blue, mottled, cuckoo, blue-red, lavender, red, crele, and buff Columbian.

Leghorn chickens lay about 280-300 white eggs per year. 80-90% of eggs received from this amazing breed.

Read the complete breed guide on Leghorn chicken here.

2. Ancona Chickens

Ancona Chickens lays white color eggs
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The Ancona chickens are another best chicken breed that lay lots of white eggs. This breed can lay up to 200-220 small size eggs.

They are available in black color feathers with small white dots. This is called Beetle green ground tipped with white color.

The medium size Ancona chicken breed weighs about 2.5kgs normal breed and bantam about 650gms.

Pullets of Ancona breed lay eggs after 5-6 month. These are very hardy and active chickens, but bad hatchers.

You need an incubator for hatching eggs. Here is our complete guide on best incubators for hatching eggs at home.

Ancona chickens are good flyers, so go need to make good fencing to keep them safe from outside predators. Learn more about fencing equipments here

3. Polish Chicken

Polish Chicken that lay white eggs
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The Polish Chicken is one of the beautiful white egg laying breeds. Most of the children’s love to play with them.

It is an European breed of chicken famous for its cool looking crest of feathers. Looks like the bird has worn a wig on the head, a muffler on the neck.

They are available in different colors and varieties. This is one of the oldest breeds from about the 1600s. According to various sources, it originated from Spain. 

So many American Poultry Associations approved Polish chicken breeds one available. That are Non-bearded golden Non-bearded white-crested black, Non-bearded silver, Non-bearded white, Bearded golden, Bearded silver, Bearded white, Non-bearded buff laced, Non-bearded white crested blue, Bearded buff laced polish.

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Polish chickens are one of the best egg laying chickens. They lay about 150-180 medium to large size white color eggs.

They are very friendly and love to play with your family. The roosters weigh about 6 pounds and the hens about 4-4.5 pounds.

4. Hamburg Chicken

Hamburg Chicken a White Egg Layer
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The Hamburg chicken it’s one of the beautiful and unique color birds. They have color patches like dalmatian dogs. 

Chickens of this breed are one of the best white egg layers. Hamburg chicken is non-broody and non-friendly fowl. So you may need a good incubator to hatch their eggs.

Here is our step by step guide on incubating eggs.

White feathers with black dots and lines look great on them. This is a small chicken breed that lays white eggs, so most of the farmers keep them only for eggs.

This breed gives about 180-200 small to medium size white eggs. Hamburg chickens are friendly and docile. 

They love to fly, so if there is danger of predators in your area, use good fencing around your farm.

Avoid keeping them inside the coop. Give them space to roam. They are fully free-range birds. 

5. California White Chicken

California White Chicken a Good white egg laying bird
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It is another white chicken breed that lays white eggs. California white chicken is a sex-linked cross breed, which was resulted by mating a White Leghorn hen and a Gray California rooster.

If you want to know about Hen Vs Rooster, here is our guide on it.

California White chicken is also a good layer, like Leghorn chicken. It is a small to medium size breed.

This excellent layer produces about 280-300 white eggs per year. The egg size of California White chicken is smaller to medium.

They have a large comb and weight goes up to about 4.5-5 pounds. This white chicken breed lays eggs after 16-17 week of age.

California White chicken is good for many climates and loves to free-range. They are easy to handle and friendly in nature. 

If you are looking for a chicken breed that lays white eggs, this is a good choice for you.

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6. Andalusian Chicken

Andalusian gallus (hen), also called Andaluza Azul a white eggs layer
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Source – Wikimedia

The Andalusian Chickens are one of the best birds that lay large size white eggs. This is an ancient breed that loves to free-range.

This breed survives in many climates. Andalusians are blue-laced feathered chickens first imported into England by Mr. Leonard Barber in 1846-47.

Only the blue Andalusian chicken was recognized by the American Poultry Association. The roosters of this breed weigh about 3.5 kgs and hens about 2.5 kgs, but the bantam male weigh about 750gms and female 650gms.

This breed is also known as Andaluza Azul. The hen of this breed lays about 165-170 white color eggs weighing about 70-80gms.

7. Egyptian Fayoumi Chicken

Egyptian Fayoumi Chicken one of the best fowl that lay white eggs
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This Egyptian Fayoumi Chicken breed is one of the best white egg layers. It is a small and beautiful fowl.

This chicken breed has dark eyes. The neck part of Egyptian Fayoumi Chicken is white and the body part is black-speckled.

The upright tail looks like a Leghorn chicken tail, but the color is different. The hens of this breed lay after 16-19 weeks. 

Egyptian Fayoumi Chicken lays about 150-160 small size white eggs. They are not that friendly, but they are very alert.

The flocks dislike someone touching them. They love to free range in your backyard area. Because of their lightweight, they easily fly so use a 6-7 feet height fencing of hardware cloth around your farm.

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We have explained about the few best chickens that lay white eggs. But as you know, there is no difference between white eggs and brown eggs. The difference is only the color of the shell.

So, it is up to you which breed you select to raise in your backyard, the white egg or colored egg layers.

Hope you liked this informative guide on chicken breeds that only lay white eggs. Which white egg layer fowl do you own? Comment below.

Top 7 Best Chicken Breeds That Lay White Eggs (with Images)
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