Bresse Chicken Breed: Eggs, Size, Temperament, Pictures

Bresse chicken breed (La Gauloise or Bresse Gauloise) that originated in the Bresse region of France and is noted for its high-fat, high-protein meat and egg production.

The Bresse chicken is a dual-purpose breed that is usually used for both meat and egg production.

In this breed guide, you will know the history and origin, color varieties, lifespan, temperament, egg production, size, appearance, characteristics, and caring guide about Bresse chickens.

History and Origin of Bresse Chickens

In France, this breed is known as Poulet de Bresse. Eastern France is the origin of Bresse Chickens in the 1500s. This breed is a cross-breed of the local French fowl.

In the early 1600s, a French king named King Henry IV encouraged his people to eat chicken every Sunday. This made it possible for Bresse chicken to be bred and raised. It became popular among the farmers in France and other parts of Europe as well.

Nowadays, Bresse Chicken is one of the most expensive chicken breeds in the world. It is known of the best chicken meat you can get.

Bresse chicken is also a famous ornamental chicken and is famous for their beauty and distinctive plumage. It is popularly also known as La Gauloise or Bresse Gauloise chicken.

Bresse Chicken Color Variety

The Bresse chicken found in 4 common color varieties that are black, white, blue, and gray. Although white is the most common color among Bresse chickens. The legs are blue, which makes its appearance more beautiful.

Lifespan of Bresse Chickens

The average lifespan of Bresse chickens is about 12 years. This depends on their chicken’s genetics, good care and proper nutrition. It is known for its long-running lifespan.

Bresse Chicken Temperament

La Gauloise or Bresse-Gauloise Rooster
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The Bresse Chicken is calm, kind, and gentle to the people around it. This chicken breed is famous to be good mothers and easy to be tamed. The breed is also an active forager and roamer.

Bresse chickens are known to be companion pets and good with children. They are not aggressive and are not afraid of strangers, it is one of the most social breeds you can find.

Bresse Chicken Hen Eggs Laying Age, Count, Egg Size and Egg Color

Hen Eggs Laying Age: The Bresse chickens are good layers. They start laying eggs at the age of 4.5 months. The maturity rate of the Bresse chicken is fast and is good for egg laying.

Egg Count: Bresse chickens lay eggs at least 250 eggs per year. An average of 5-6 eggs per week. Most hens are known to lay at least 300 eggs a year.

Egg Size: The Bresse chicken produces medium-size eggs. The eggs weigh about 50-70g.

Egg Color: The color of Bresse chicken eggs is golden-brown. The eggshell is thin, that is why it is easy to break. The color and texture of the Bresse chicken egg is quite different from the other chickens.

Color, Size, Appearance, Characteristics of Bresse Chicken


Bresse chicken has two colors, white and blue legs. They can also come in black and gray color, with their black color body. The head of the Bresse chicken has white feathers with a red comb on it.


Bresse chicken has a large body. Roosters are about 5.5–6.6 lb in weight, while a hen weighs around 4.5 lbs. A Bresse chicken has a good breast that can produce high-quality meat and eggs. The Bresse chicken has a large head too.


Bresse chickens are good-looking chickens that can be kept as pets. They are not aggressive and friendly birds. The Bresse chicken has a red comb and wattles.

It is known for its white feathered body. Some have gray and black feathers. The color of their eyes is black, and their legs are also blue color. The ear lobes are white or spread with some reddish color.


  1. They are resistant to common diseases, so it’s an ideal breed for breeding.
  2. They are a good forager and roamer.
  3. It is a very social breed.
  4. Bresse chicken can adapt well to coop life. 
  5. Doesn’t like being handled a lot.
  6. The personality may change if confined for a long time.

Bresse Chicken Hen Vs Rooster.

bresse chickens inside coop
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There are some distinguishing features between a Bresse rooster and hen.

A. Size- The size of the Bresse chicken is different from the rooster, as they are two different birds. The rooster is larger than the Bresse chicken hen. The weight of the rooster is about 6.5-8.5lb, while the weight of the Bresse chicken is only 4.5 lbs in size.

B. Behavior- The behavior of the rooster and the Bresse chicken hen are quite different. The Bresse chicken is not aggressive and are friendly with everyone around it. They rarely attack other birds or people. Unlike the rooster, they can be aggressive and can be dangerous to people at times.

C. Sound- The rooster produces a crowing sound that is quite loud. After 48 hours, the Bresse chicken hen will produce sounds of clucking that is very gentle.

Bresse Baby Chicks Appearance

Bresse chicks, adorable and fluffy when they are young. They are white colored with steel bluish legs. The wings and beaks are already developed when they are young.

The chicks have red eyes. They start to grow feathers at the age days, 7 days, and will get their adult feathers at 4 to 5 weeks old.

Benefits of Raising and Breeding Bresse Chicken

One of the most popular meat chicken breeds is the Bresse Chicken. It has already been domesticated in Europe. 

They can also be reared in captivity easily as they are very calm and peaceful even if they are not handled by people. Beyond this, there are numerous benefits of raising the chicken that you will love.

Egg Laying Ability

They are excellent layers, but you can also use them as egg producers. The eggs from the Bresse chicken are quite different from other breeds of chickens. They have a unique balloon-shaped shape.

There are also rare to get, so you can also sell them at a high price. The eggs have a golden-brown color and are light in weight. If you have the Bresse chickens, then you will have an unlimited supply of eggs.

Good Meat

Bresse chicken meat has been known to be the best chicken meat you can get. It is good for cooking, perfect for chicken soup or stew. You can also use its meat as sausage or make it into kebabs with other meats.

The meat of the Bresse chicken is delicious and high in quality. They are superb in taste, they have huge breasts, and you can ask your butcher or farmer to cook them for you. 

Excellent forager

The Bresse chicken is an excellent forager. They will go around your backyard and look for insects, worms and other stuff that they can eat.

Bresse chicken is a great breed that can get all the food they need from your backyard, so you don’t have to spend money on food and other stuff.

Good for Free-Range

The Bresse chickens are good for free ranges. They will easily adapt to their surroundings, so you don’t have to worry about them.

The better the environment for the chicken, the better their meat and eggs will be. You don’t have to worry about them because they are going to eat and drink whatever they find on their own. 

Easy To Raise

Raising Bresse chickens is pretty easy and can be done by anyone. The hen is not aggressive at all and can be kept with other birds without hurting them. They are very friendly and can be kept with other birds.

Very Healthy Chicken Breed

The Bresse chicken is a healthy chicken breed. They do not carry the common disease that most of the other chicken breeds can get. The Bresse chicken is less aggressive and often likes to stay by itself.

A high breeding rate

The Bresse chicken have a high-rate breeding rate. They are very friendly and will typically hang around near their owner. If you want to breed them, they will do that easily.

You can also breed them inside your home and your backyard. You can also breed them with other chickens and get some cross-breed chickens that are full of health. The Bresse chickens are very friendly, so breeding will be easy for them. 

Good for show

The Bresse chickens are also good for shows. The color of the Bresse chicken is charming, and people around the world like to keep them as a pet and show it off in shows.

You can also use the hen and rooster in different farm shows. You can also win different prices thanks to the Bresse chicken.

It is a heritage breed.

The Bresse chicken is a heritage breed, and it is one of the rare breeds that you can find in the market.

Other than the looks of the Bresse chicken, this is a type of chicken with great qualities. They are good egg layers and have an excellent meat quality. 

Its cold hardy

The Bresse chickens are cold hardy birds, and they can survive in cold climates. You can keep them in your backyard, but it is better to keep them indoors if you live in a cold climate.

Very friendly

The Bresse chicken is very friendly with its owners and with other animals near to them. The hen is very laid-back and doesn’t fight with other animals near to it. It likes to stay by itself, but when it sees something that it wants, it will approach it and eat what it wants. 

Problems in Raising Bresse Chicken

bresse hen head picture
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Bresse chickens are quiet and easy to raise. However, there are some problems that you have to take into consideration when raising the Bresse chickens.

If you are planning to raise these chickens, then you should read the points below to make sure everything will be okay.

The chicks are hard to take care of

The Bresse chicks are small when the eggs hatch. If you are not careful, the chicks can die quickly if you don’t feed them carefully. You should make sure that they get enough food to stay healthy and not die. 

To keep them alive, you need to feed them every second day. They should be fed a good type of feed with small poos or pellets. Don’t offer them too much food.

Prone to diseases

The Bresse chickens are prone to disease, and you need to be careful with them. If they do get sick, you will have to take them to a vet immediately.

Do not leave them around to get ill. Furthermore, you should keep them away from other sick chickens so that they won’t get any diseases and then die too.

They are a high-strain breed

The Bresse chicken is a high-strain breed. If you are not keeping them properly, they will get stressed, and they will die.

You should keep the Bresse chickens cool during summer and warm in the winter. They are not good with extreme climate changes.

They don’t like the cold weather

Bresse chickens are not good in cold weather. They can freeze during winter and die if you don’t keep them warm.

You should keep the snow away from their hen house and make sure that they stay warm all the time. Use a good quality chicken coop heater and heat lamp to keep the flocks warm.

You can’t keep them with other birds

The Bresse chickens are not good in company with other chickens. You should not keep them with other birds because they will fight for food and space. If you keep them together, the Bresse chicken will get stressed and die soon.

FAQs About Bresse Chicken

Where are Bresse chickens from?

The Bresse chicken originates from France and is originally from the area of Bresse, in the eastern side of France.

How much do Bresse chickens cost?

Bresse is an expensive chicken breed, they cost around $90-100, but every so often it may go up to $150-200 per bird.

Why is Bresse chicken so expensive?

Though Bresse chicken is a good quality chicken, they are mostly expensive because they are a rare breed of chicken. They are also known for the sweetest and best-tasting chicken meat in the world.


The Bresse chicken is a great choice for the new chicken owner because it is effortless to raise, and you will get healthy and high-quality meat from it. It is also a great choice for the experienced feeder who wants to try something new.

The Bresse chicken is praised by the French people because they are so delicious. You can try one of these chickens, and you will see why this French chicken has such a good reputation.

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