Best 7 Chicken Coop Camera for Safety and Surveillance

In this article, we will tell you the best chicken coop camera for safety and surveillance in your backyard chicken farm. Also, we have given a complete guide on how to set up a camera in your chicken coop.

Most of the farmers say that a chicken coop needs a camera setup, and some do not agree on this. We will also discuss which chicken coop needs a camera, and who not?

So, if you are going to install a chicken coop camera, please read this complete guide so you may save some of your hard earned money.

As we all know, investing lots of money for a camera in a chicken coop is not possible, so we have selected budget coop cameras under $100-$200. 

What is a Chicken Coop Camera?

Chicken coop camera is normally a camera which is installed inside the poultry house or surrounding of a chicken pen. It is mainly used for safety and surveillance of various unknown factors which may harm your farm and flocks.

Types of Chicken Coop Camera?

These coop cams come in various types according to different features- For e.g. solar powered, weatherproof, wireless & streaming webcam, battery powered. 

Let’s tell you more about them one by one-

Solar Powered 

The solar powered chicken coop camera comprises a small solar panel, camera, battery. You do not need any external power supply in this chicken coop cam setup. 

Because of the solar panel, your coop cam will get continuous power supply in daytime and at night it will use power from the battery present inside the camera.


The weatherproof chicken coop camera is mainly used on outer walls of the farm. It is weatherproof and sturdy. Rain, hot climates, freeze snow also does not affect its working, so it is called a weatherproof coop cam.

Battery Powered

In this type of coop cam, the battery is attached to conserve power for working in power cut time. This is a good option for those poultry farms which are present in places with lack of electricity.

Voice Assistant Enabled

The voice assistant enabled chicken coop camera is a smart coop cam. It works with various types of voice assistant programs like Alexa and Google Assistant, etc.

Best 7 Chicken Coop Camera for Safety and Surveillance (Under $100-200)

Here is the list of best chicken coop camera which you can use in your backyard farm-

1. Zmodo Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

If you want continuous monitoring of your flocks and chicken coop Zmodo 1080p full HD camera setup will fulfill your needs. You can fit this camera in both outside and inside of the coop.

The best thing about this chicken cam is its long distance capturing power. It easily records HD video within 65 feet of range in both day and night.

It is one of the best weather resistant chicken coop cameras and works comfortably in -10°C to 50°C. Also, it records footage on heavy rainy days so you can say it is water proof.

Zmodo Outdoor Security Wireless camera is also a smart voice assistant enabled webcam so you can control it Alexa app by giving voice commands.

If you need, you can also buy Zmodo cloud recording services for better safety of your video files. It has features like motion detection and cloud storage.


  • HD recording.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Smart feature.
  • Cloud storage.
  • 3G, 4G, and Wifi support.


  • No local storage.
  • You need to buy a cloud subscription.

2. Reolink Argus Eco-2 Pack Outdoor Wireless Camera

The Reolink Argus Eco is another best outdoor wireless chicken coop camera. It has some amazing features which makes it top in the list.

This device contains a built in 5200mAh high capacity rechargeable battery. According to the company, this battery lasts for around 180 days.

In the box you will also get a 5V 2A adapter for changing camera battery. This chicken coop camera provides Wi-Fi support so that users can easily watch live streaming videos from anywhere.

It has 1920×1080 Full HD videos with night vision camera and digital PR motion sensor. You will also get a 7 day free trial for cloud storage.

This camera can capture 75 ft. distance footage in day and 33 ft. night continuously. It is also a voice assistant supported camera so you can give voice commands using Google Assistant.

You can use a 64GB SD card to save your footages locally. Also, it is fully waterproof.


  • HD Camera.
  • IP6 Waterproof Certification.
  • Supports local storage.
  • Wifi Support.
  • Smart options
  • Inbuilt Battery.


  • Medium distance.
  • Motion detection needs improvement.

3. WYZE Cam Outdoor Starter Bundle (Includes Base Station and 1 Camera)

It is another popular camera brand which you can use inside and outside the chicken coop. The couple setup in this coop camp is wire free.

The camera is 1080P Full HD with 25ft. night vision distance. It has a good 12 second motion activated video recordings.

The WYZE Cam includes a base station and 1 camera. This is a wireless IP65 weatherproof camera that works on many conditions. 

It also includes an inbuilt battery of about 2600mAh. Company claims that batteries go around 6 months, which is a cool thing.


  • Cool design.
  • Inbuilt battery.
  • Good image quality.
  • No need for the wire setup.
  • 14 days free cloud storage.
  • Water proof camera.


  • Only 32GB memory storage.
  • Motion sensors need improvement.
  • Reception needs improvement.

4. All-new Ring Stick Up Cam Solar HD security camera

The Ring Stick Up Cam Solar HD security camera is another best security camera for a chicken coop. It is also a smart camera which you can use directly from your Alexa device.

This chicken coop camera comes with an inbox solar panel which will give you continuous power supply during the daytime. It has an inbuilt battery which will give power to the camera at night.

It also provides a ring protection plan paid for cloud subscription. It provides a 130° diagonal, 110° horizontal, 57° vertical field of view.

This coop cam is also Wi-Fi supported and has a 1080p HD, day and night camera. You can also use it on a portable chicken coop because it is completely wire free and with solar panel.


  • Motion detects works great.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Solar powered.
  • HD recording. 
  • Wifi support.


  • Battery needs improvement.
  • Need to add mac support.
  • Wi-Fi range needs improvement.

5. Arlo – Wireless Home Security Camera System

The Arlo is another wireless security camera which you can use in your poultry farm. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor places in your coop.

It is 100% wire-free, so you do not need setup for that. You will also get night vision with HD Quality 720p live video. 

Also, it is designed weatherproof, so it works in rain, sun, and freezy temperatures. Also, you can set up for getting push notifications on email about motion alerts.

The camera has 110° viewing angle, and it easily records clear videos up to 20-30 feet. Also, the company provides rechargeable batteries inside the camera. 

Arlo also provides 7 days free cloud storage.


  • Weatherproof.
  • Free cloud storage.
  • Motion detection. 
  • Night vision.
  • Wireless camera.


  • Battery needs improvement.
  • Alexa voice support.

6. Arlo Pro – Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren

Arlo Pro is another product by Arlo security camera which has some pro features. It works with Alexa for voice commands. The camera is best for your chicken coop if you want a wireless camera for surveillance. 

This model contains rechargeable batteries, which also support fast charging. The Arlo Pro camera comes with two-way audio, so you can also talk with another person on the other side.

The camera covers a 130° angle lens for recording and motion sensor. It includes a 720p high definition camera with 7 days of free cloud service for video saving.

Best thing is you can also use your own Usb local storage for video backup. It also has a siren to alert any unwanted animal if caught in the camera.


  • HD video.
  • Battery with fast charge support.
  • 2 way audio.
  • Free cloud storage.
  • Usb storage. 
  • Wireless feature.


  • Only 720p recording.
  • Motion detection needs improvement.

7. YI 2pc Security Home Camera 3 Baby Monitor

It is another one of the best Wi-Fi cameras for coop which you can use. Yl is one of the popular brands which provide a wide range of cameras. 

This YI camera contains 1080p Wireless HD Camera. You can use it in every type of poultry house, but it’s 107° wide angle is good for medium size chicken coop.

You can use a micro SD card for keeping your recorded files. Also, the company provides cloud storage, but that is paid.

Motion detection feature is also present in this camera. You can drill the base in any place and also the base is magnetic so you can mount it on metal objects.

You can place this camera only inside the coop, because it is not a weather proof camera. If you need an activity tracking camera inside the chicken house it is a good camera.


  • Magnetic Base.
  • SD Card storage.
  • Cloud storage (Paid).
  • Wi-fi Support.
  • 2 Way audio.
  • Sturdy Design.


  • No Battery.
  • No Solar.
  • Paid cloud storage.
  • No waterproof.

Do You Need a Chicken Coop Camera?

If you are worried about your chickens when you are not available at the coop, then yes you need a chicken coop camera. It’s not only about worry. 

There are so many things which will tell you the need for a cam in your coop. Let’s understand its need one by one –

  • It keeps your chickens safe – Most of the time we hear about chicken thieves. This causes alerts to thieves and they will be afraid to do any type of harm to you chickens.
  • Check regular activity – If you place a chicken coop camera inside the shed, it will capture all activity of your flocks. This will help you understand various types of health issues like disease symptoms and mortality. Also you can check the conditions of chicks during brooding process directly from home.
  • Safety from predators – You can check footage daily, which will also give you an idea about various outside predators like dogs, cats, foxes, raccoons. So, you can make your coop more secure with fencing. Learn more about hardware cloth fencing here.

How to Select the Best Chicken Coop Camera?

Want a best chicken coop camera for your farm, then you need to understand what are the features you must need in the cam. Before selecting the camera, check some important points given below –


The camera must be small and portable So that you can easily attach it on any door, wall, and fencing. It must have good attachments for mounting.


This is a major feature which you must include in your checklist for buying a coop cam. Weatherproof cameras are also studied for every weather like summer, rain, and snow. 

Most of the chicken coop has open space, and you need to attach the camera in both indoor and outdoor places. Also, you need spraying of various detergent foams and disinfectants regularly. So mounting a weatherproof camera keeps the device safely.


It is the most important thing in web cameras because if you face electricity failure backup power is everything which will keep your cameras on. 

Some Wi-Fi cameras come with solar powered batteries inside, few come with only rechargeable batteries, and few only come with a charger with no battery-no solar panel.

We recommend solar with rechargeable battery system coop cams because they use green energy and also they have a multiple source of power.

Pixel Quality

It means the image quality of the camera. Most of the wireless cameras come in 720p and 1080p image quality. So, the more the pixel, the more the quality of the image. But be ensured that you have a high-speed internet.

Video Storage

Storage is everything for a webcam. So, check the storage and see how the coop camera is storing the footage and photos. 

Cloud storage is safest because you can login from your device and can download the footage even if the camera is stolen. But most of the cloud storage services in Wi-Fi cameras are limited or paid. 

So, you can check another local storage feature like storing videos in SD cards and Hard disk. This will give you some more space to keep long days videos on your device.

Two-way audio

It helps you to talk with the person who is in front of your camera. This will ease your work.

Night Vision

Nowadays It is a normal feature in all the wireless cameras but if this feature is not available, we do not recommend buying that one.

Other features

Also check about some other normal features which must have required like motion detection, siren, multiple cameras in one app, availability of apps in app store and play store.

How to Put a Camera in a Chicken Coop?

Mounting a Wi-Fi camera in or out a chicken coop is not a tricky job, but understanding where to mount it is very important.

Mount the coop camera in corners, which will cover all the coop areas. It will avoid missing any footage if any accident will occur. 

If the camera angle of a specific brand cannot cover the whole coop area, understand that you need one more camera setup inside that coop. This problem mainly occurs in long chicken coops.

Mount the camera outside the coop above the doors so it will focus on all the areas of your farm and backyard. If any of your boys or girls are missing, then it will help you understand where the cam captured them last time.

Also mount the camera outside on other places like the back side of the coop which will help you know how they are living and to see their activities.

Editors Choice

From the above list of best coop camera we recommend you 3 coop cams in the basis of all features and aspects.

If you want cloud storage and battery powered coop camera, then WYZE Cam Outdoor Starter Bundle is our recommendation because this camera includes this feature.

Most of the farmers want a green energy powered coop camera, those people can buy the solar panel, battery powered, HD camera featured Reolink Argus Eco wireless camera.

Another budget friendly chicken coop camera is Arlo Pro wireless security camera. This includes all features like motion detection, hd recording, battery, free cloud service and more.

Hope this definitive guide helped you to buy your best wireless camera for chicken coop. If you have any question comment below.

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