13+ Best Yellow Chicken Breeds

Are yellow chicken breeds something you’ve heard about? They are buff in color, and people call them yellow in the real world.

Chickens are the most reared animals in the world. According to statistics, there are 25.8 billion chickens in the world.

Poultry birds are the most preferred animals because of their ease of rearing, they are a good source of income, and they provide meat, eggs, and manure. 

Yellow chickens are among the birds you will find in most homes, and apart from being good sources of meat and eggs, they can also act as ornamental birds to beautify your home.

There are different types of yellow chicken breeds, and every breed differs in different ways. So if you are planning to rear these beautiful birds, you must find the best breed to meet your demands. 

You may be looking for a good chicken pet, a wonderful egg-laying chicken, or a chicken for great meat

All you need is to know the characteristics of the yellow chicken that will be the best choice for the reasons you want the chicken. 

In this article, we will discuss the best 13+ yellow chickens you can choose from.

1. Black-Tailed Buff Japanese Bantam Chicken (Chabo)

Black-Tailed Buff Japanese Bantam Chicken (Chabo)
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Black-tailed buff Japanese chicken originated from Japan, and it’s normally kept for its good appearance and temperament to act as a pet and ornament. 

This is one of the black and yellow chicken breeds you will find in many yards, domesticated for their beautiful colors. It’s a poor egg-laying bird, producing 80-160 small-sized white or tinted eggs yearly.

This chicken is also not good for meat. The chicken is difficult to rear and can only be handled by experienced people or under the observation of an experienced person. They are small in size with very short legs.

They are friendly, hence easy to keep with other animals, and can happily live with children.

Their upright black tail can go over the head of some chickens. This chicken can live up to 8 years, and there are no known health issues.

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2. Golden Comet Chicken

a golden comet hen yellow or buff color
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Golden comet chicken is a crossbreed between a White Rock hen and a New Hampshire rooster. These golden colored chickens are small and are not kept for meat. 

They have golden red feathers and white feathers on their neck and back. They are good egg producers and can lay 300–330 eggs annually. They start producing eggs at 16 weeks.

These yellow bantam chickens are friendly and curious and do relate well with people and other animals.

They are peaceful and are never involved in a fight with others. This is the best choice if you are looking for yellow chickens that will produce many large eggs for commercial purposes.

Like other chickens, you must give them the right environment to reach the maximum laying capacity. The lifespan of a golden comet chicken is 4 to 5 years.

3. Lemon Pyle Brahma Chicken

These are heavy chickens, with a yellow hen weighing 10 pounds while a rooster weighs 12 pounds. 

They look gigantic because of their fluffy feathers, so that they may look twice their real size. These chickens originated from Shanghai and Cochin in East Asia. 

They are good in cold weather than in hot weather, and they lay eggs well during winter and take a rest in summer. These chickens can lay between 180 and 200 eggs in a year. 

Their eggs are extra-large and are tinted. If a hen accidentally steps on the eggs, they can break the eggs because of their weight.

Despite their big size, these wonderful birds are docile and live peacefully with other chicken breeds and children. You can have this chicken as a pet without fearing for your small children. 

They can live up to 8 years, but reach 10 or 12 years if taken care of. They are multipurpose birds that can be kept for meat, eggs, and decoration.

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4. Hungarian Yellow Chicken

Hungarian Yellow Chicken
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Hungarian yellow chickens originated in Hungary, but it’s rare to find them here currently, but a good number are found in the United States. 

They were widely crossbred, leading to their extinction in this country and the war. A hen weighs around 5 pounds, while roosters weigh 5 ½ to 6 pounds. 

They are good foragers, but are expensive to source and rear. It has a rigorous temperament; it lays 130 to 140 medium-sized eggs yearly. 

They are beautiful birds to have in a home; even though they are small, their meat is very sweet. They have a lifespan of up to 8 years.

5. Buff-Laced Wyandotte Chicken

Buff-Laced Wyandotte Chicken with yellowish dots
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If you want a yellow colored chicken that will beautify your yard, this is one of the best choices, compromising glossy and deep red feathers. 

They are big, and a rooster weighs 8 ½ pounds and a hen 6 pounds. A big yellow chicken can lay up to 200 eggs every year. 

They are good foragers who like roaming around and feeding themselves as they bathe in the sand.

Other than being ornamental birds, they are good egg producers and good for meat too. They can also be kept as pet chickens for their friendly temperamental. These chickens can live for over 5 years.

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6. Buff Silkie Chicken

yellow color buff silkie chicken
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Many people domesticate these chickens because of their good appearance and friendly nature. People choose these chickens as their pets because of the ease of breeding

They lay about 140 eggs in a year because they are good brooders, so they spend the rest of their brooding.

They are small-bodied and hence not the best choice for meat. Buff Silkies are one of the top yellow chicken breeds.

These buff colored chickens originated from Eastern Asia and have a 7-9 year of lifespan.

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7. Buff-Laced Polish Chicken

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These chickens have long, unique crest feathers that sometimes hinder their sight. They were believed to originate from the Netherlands, and they are mostly found in Europe. 

It’s a friendly bird loved for its beautiful appearance and was first adopted for ornamental reasons. They are also good birds to keep as pets. 

They are handy chickens that can survive in unfavorable conditions; hence easy to breed even for beginners. The hen lays about 200 medium-sized white eggs every year, and they rarely brood. 

These chickens are small in size and hence not good for meat. These yellow chickens breed are rare, hence getting one can be costly. It can give you a service of 8 years but can live more.

8. Buff Orpington Chicken

A yellow buff Orpington chicken
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These are calm breeds that are gentle around people and other breeds. Although they are large birds, you can rear them as pets. 

They produce large brown eggs, between 200 and 280 per year. It was developed in Orpington, Kent, England, to produce a good breed for eggs and meat. 

It’s a crossbreed of gold-spangled Hamburgs, Dorkings, and Buff Cochin’s. They are easy to manage and are good with children and other animals. They have a life span of 8 years.

9. Buff Leghorn Chicken

There are over 10 varieties of these chickens, and they have varied colors. The most known is the white color, but there are other varieties like red, black-tailed red, light brown, black, barred, silver, dark brown, and buff Columbian. 

They are medium breeds, with the male weighing 7.5 pounds, but their different variations weigh differently. They are free foragers and free birds that like roaming around and are good flyers. 

If you want to lock them in a coop, you must ensure it’s spacious. They are also noisy and intelligent, making them not good with children.

The hens lay 280-320 large or extra-large white eggs. They are the best egg producers in yellow chicken breeds and can be good for meat. 

This breed came from Tuscany, Central Italy, and was first bred in North America in 1828. They can live for 5 or more years.

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10. Buff Easter Egger Chicken

Buff Easter Egger Chicken
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Besides their friendly and comical nature, people love these breeds because of their blue and green colored eggs

They also come in various colors, like red, buff hens, and black. This wonderful breed originated from America and has a beard and muffs. 

However, since there are different variations, some don’t have. The only common thing among the breed is the blue and green colored eggs. 

These are medium-sized yellow chicken breeds, with the rooster weighing around 7 pounds. They lay about 200–280 eggs annually and are tolerant of cold weather. They have a long life of over 8 years.

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11. Buff Cochin Chicken

yellowish looking Buff Cochin Chicken
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Buff Cochin chicken, a breed of yellow chicken, originated in Shantung, North of Shanghai, and was first domesticated in America in 1846. 

It’s a large breed, and a rooster weighs 11 pounds, which makes them good for meat. Although they were introduced for meat, their use was changed shortly after. 

Those who introduced the bird tasted its meat and found it coarse, and they discovered that the chicken was not great for meat. 

From then, it was no longer used for meat but for exhibition. Its friendly and docile nature also makes it a good pet.

They come in a variety of colors; white, silver laced, blue, black, golden laced, partridge, barrel, and brown. 

They lay between 150-180 large eggs per year, which they lay for 2 to 3 years. This bread has a life expectancy of 8–10 years.

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12. Buff Brahma Chicken

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This breed of chicken traces its roots to China, but most of its improvements were done in the USA. 

These beautiful birds are very big and have plenty of feathers, making them thrive well in cold weather. They are kept for meat; a hen can lay around 150 brown eggs yearly. 

They are calm and gentle birds despite their large size, making them great pets. However, it’s good to train them from an early age.

They are good foragers, and hence they can seek food for themselves. They can live for over eight years. Roosters weigh around 12 pounds and hens 10 pounds. 

They have a variety of colors; dark, light, and buff, which also makes them awesome to be around your home. They are unique birds with many feathers on their legs.

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13. Buff Rock Chickens

Buff Rocks have pretty bright yellow legs and beaks, with golden-buff plumage on their feathers. They are ancient yellow chickens large, hence good meat producers, and are also good layers. 

A hen lays 280 light-brown eggs per year. These beautiful golden colored chickens came from Rhode Island. 

They are docile and easy to live with, even in a home with small children. Their life expectancy is about six years.

14. Buff Showgirl Chicken

This is the most beautiful yellow chicken breed of the yellow chicken breed that many farmers highly embrace for its attractive look. 

They have no feathers on their necks and have fluffy plumage. These are 21st-century birds that are a crossbreed of old Silkies from Asia and the Transylvanian naked necks from Germany. 

They are small birds weighing 1.8 to 2.8 pounds and lay 80 to 140 eggs in a year that are tinted cream or brown. 

They have good parenting skills, brood their eggs and care for their chicks. They are gentle and friendly, hence fun to breed and live with. These birds can live for up to 10 years.

Final Thoughts (on Yellow Chicken Breeds)

Yellow chickens are not real-world yellow. They are actually buff and wheaten in color. 

People call them yellow because there is no specific color name for buff. Most of the yellow chicken breed are good chicken for meat, eggs, ornament, and pets. 

However, each breed is different from the others, so it’s crucial to look at the characteristics to choose the right yellow chicken breed that will give you profitable results.

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