Golden Comet Chicken Breed Guide: Lifespan, Eggs, Care, Pictures

If you want to know all about Golden Comet Chicken, then you are at the right place. This is an excellent modern chicken that will lay lots of eggs for you.

Here you will get information about the history, color, size, appearance, and raising benefits and problems of Golden Comet Chicken.

Before buying this chicken breed, briefly go through this guide so that you can decide if this chicken will suit your backyard or not.

What are GoIden Comet Chickens?

What is a GoIden Comet Chicken? Picture
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Golden Comets are a chicken breed mainly used for egg purposes. This chicken was developed by mating a New Hampshire rooster and a White Rock hen.

So, in easy words, it is a sex-link chicken. You can call a Golden Comet chicken a hybrid chicken breed. Black sex-linked chickens are different from this breed, but they are also hybrid.

If you are searching for a hen for lots of eggs without interference from any rooster, this hybrid chicken is best for your backyard chicken coop.

Common Names of Golden Comet chicken

Below are some familiar names of Golden Comet chicken –

  • Golden Buff
  • Red Star
  • Gold Sex Link
  • Cinnamon Queen

You can see lots of people who know this breed in different names. So if you hear anyone of the above term, then recognize it as Golden Comet chicken.

History of Golden Comet chicken

This chicken breed is mainly raised for commercial purposes. Its egg-laying capacity keeps this breed on the list of top egg-laying chickens.

Most of the hatcheries mate New Hampshire roosters and White Rock hens for getting Golden Comet chicks. This helps them to run their egg business in the USA.

Most people do not call it a breed because its a sex-linked chicken. In about the 19th century, New Hampshire roosters and White Rock hens were mated together to resect a new sex-link bird.

This chicken breed is known as Golden Comet chicken. People call this breed in different names like Golden Buff, Red Star, Gold Sex Link, Cinnamon Queen.

Nowadays, this breed is only bred for the egg production market. Due to its excessive egg production, this breed faces various reproductive tract problems.

Golden Comet Chicken Lifespan

Golden Comet chickens have an average lifespan of about 4-5 years. The life expectancy is very low as compared to other chicken breeds because of high egg production and reproductive tract diseases.

Eggs Production

Golden comet chicken drinking water
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Golden Comet chickens are excellent layers. The hens of this hybrid chicken lay about 280-320 large size eggs per year.

They lay 5-6 lovely brown color eggs every week. This breed is mainly used for egg production.

If you are searching for the best egg laying chicken, then this bird is suitable for your backyard farm.

Also, it’s helpful for thors people who want to keep some good laying Leas without keeping roosters. You can also check our list of top egg-laying chickens.

This sex-linked hybrid chicken starts laying from 15-16 week, and they lay for three years. Due to their continuous laying capacity, these hens suffer from various reproductive diseases.

Just remember to provide them with some good calcium and vitamin supplement, which helps them live stress-free lives.

For getting a good and proper amount of eggs from Golden Comet chickens, make sure to provide them with a good chicken house or portable chicken coop with nesting boxes.

Baby Golden Comet Chicken

The Golden Comet chicks are very lovely. All the baby Golden Comet chickens have a light buff appearance with lith white tip feathers in early period.


Golden Comet chickens have a friendly and lovely temperament. They love to come towards you and peck scratch feed from your hand. Please read our complete guide on chicken scratch.

This docile sex-linked chicken is best for newbie poultry farmers. Because of their friendly nature, beginners quickly raise them.

If you are a newbie chicken farmer, here is the guide for raising chicken from week 1 to 20.

Golden comet chickens are very comfortable with people, and most of the hens of this breed have zero aggression. So, your children can easily play with them without any fear.

This breed is brilliant and gentle, so managing them is also very easy.

Color, Size, Appearance, Characteristics of Golden Comet chicken

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Color and Appearance

Because it a sex-linked hybrid chicken, there is no breed standards, color or variety are set by APA.

Golden Comet chicken all mostly found in light or medium brown color with some white feather. The name golden perfectly suits this breed.

The Golden Comet pullets look very lovely with their brownish body color, and they have white with light brown feathered tails.

You also see a beautiful white lace collar on most flocks of this breed. The skin color of this breed is yellow, and they have a single red comb on their head.

The beak of this hybrid chicken is yellowish on the upper part, and lower part is brownish. Hens of this hybrid chicken have specifically golden buff color feathers with white stripes. In roosters, you can see pale yellow lines.


The average weight of Golden Comet roosters is about 6lbs, and hens are about 4lbs. You may see more or less 1lbs size chickens of this breed varies because of caring and climate differences.


The Golden Comet chicken has a standard one upright comb with few V shape cuts. A pair of wattles on both sides of the face red in color.

They have yellow color legs with four toes on each one. The body structure is an inverted U shape which provides them with a cool look.

Benefits of Raising Golden Comet chicken

This chicken is mainly cross-bred for commercial purposes. As we all know, hybrid hens of this breed can lay upto 300 eggs per year, so this chicken is used for the egg market.

You can easily collect 5-6 eggs per week from one Golden Comet hen if you take proper care of them. They have a minimal lifespan of about 4-5 years, but they will give you good returns to your investments.

Golden Comet chicken is one of the best modern egg-laying chickens in the poultry industry. Golden Comet pullets start laying eggs from 15-16 week of age. As compared to other best egg layer breeds, it is pretty fast.

Also, you can keep them as good pet chicken because they are very friendly and docile. You and your children can also enjoy playing with them on holidays.

Problems in Raising Golden Comet chicken

Problems in Raising Golden Comet chicken
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Golden Comets are one of the best easy to raise chicken breeds. You will face problems rarely while raising them.

There are some common problems that you may face, like a parasitic infection. You must follow some good poultry farming practices which will help you to raise them properly.

For parasitic infection use some best chicken wormers.

After 3-4 years of age, most of the Golden Comet chickens face health problems in their reproductive tracts. This happens because of the continuous laying of eggs.

Also, because they lay lots of eggs every year, you may see weakness in your flocks. So, you must provide some vitamin and mineral supplements to recover their nutritional deficiencies.

Golden comet chickens have non-broody nature, so they are only used for the egg collection process. If you need more flocks, you have to buy them from the nearest hatcheries.

Care Guide for Golden Comet chickens

They lay plenty of eggs for 2-3 years. So initial growth is most important. For healthy growth, you must use good quality feed and brooding.

Like other breeds, they do not need any special attention, so beginners can easily manage these chickens. But you must complete all their vaccinations.

Also, keep checking their behaviour and activities so that you should be aware of any disease or health problems.

As we have already discussed, Golden Comet chickens are non-broody, so you must provide them with a good place for laying eggs like chicken nesting boxes.

You can treat them with a few best chicken scratch, which will provide them with good health. Treating them with different types of foods helps you to build a friendly relationship with your flocks.

If you are not aware of different types of chicken treats, you can read your complete list of what can chicken eat?

Golden comet chickens are good free-range chickens. Growing some good forage and grass in your backyard helps them to engage and live stress-free.

They are adorable and friendly, so they must give some good fencing to avoid thieves and predators. For fencing, you can use good quality hardware cloth and chicken wire.

If you keep 1-10 number of flocks, you can build or buy a coop with a kennel run. Also, for small numbers of flocks, you can keep some roosters with them. If you are confused about it, read our guide on how much hens per rooster guide?


Where to buy Golden Comet chickens?

The Golden Comet chickens are available in most of the countries. In every country chicks are availble in nearest hatcheries and breeds. You can ask your nearest hatcheries for baby golden comet chicken.

How long do Golden Comet chickens live?

The Golden Comet Chickens live a shorter life as compared to other breed. They have a 4-5 years life expectancy.

What to feed Golden Comet chickens?

The Golden Comet Chickens is same like other free-range chickens. You can feed them regular chicken feed like starter and finisher. But as they are good forangers you can let them go out and find their food.


According to my chicken farming experience, I can say Golden comet chickens are among the best egg-laying chickens. If you are a beginner at chicken farming and need a good egg layer breed, you can start with this.

This is a friendly breed, so you will not have to take enough care compared to other chicken breeds. I hope you have now decided this breed suits your backyard or not.

Please share your experience with Golden comet chickens below in the comment section.

Bijaya Kumar
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