Araucana Chicken Breed Guide: Lifespan, Color, Eggs, Care Guide, Pictures

Araucana Chicken is a rare breed, and it comes with much controversy and many challenges. Do you wish to add them to your flocks?

Before adding them to your backyard, it’s a good decision to know every detail regarding this breed.

Try to collect every detail regarding Araucana breed- its color, size, appearance, history, raising benefits, and the problems associated with this chicken breed.

All the above information is available in this breed guide about Araucana chicken. Please go through it before taking any steps. After analyzing all the information related to it, you can make a proper decision regarding it.  

What is Araucana Chicken?

Araucana Chicken with White Background
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Araucana chicken is a breed from Chile. The hens of this breed lay blue eggs, and they are only popular for the craze of blue eggs. It is also known for its ability to lay colored eggs

This chicken breed is mainly breaded for its blue egg-laying ability. It is a breed of domestic chicken. However, the history of its origin is not documented. Araucana chicken is discovered by Spanish aviculturist Salvador Castello.

It has white skin color and may lay blue or green eggs, and chicken can vary from country to country. They are rumpled and have unusual tufts of feathers on the ears. Lethal genes cause both rumples and tufts.

Common Names of Araucana Chicken

Araucana Chicken Breed is known by different names all over the globe-

  • Gallina Mapuche Chicken
  • Mapuche fowl
  • South American Rumples Chicken

History of Araucana Chicken

Araucana chicken was commonly seen in South America in the early twentieth century. Spanish aviculturist Salvador Castello once visited Chile in 1914, saw them and named them as “Gallina Araucana”.

This breed was earlier found among Mapuche people of the Araucana region in Chile but now you can see the, in most of the backyard farm . 

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Araucana chicken came into existence by crossing between the two breeds from Colloncas, northern Chile, and Quetros. People also like to keep them as pet chicken.

This fowl is intelligent and is also good at flying. This chicken breed is also very alert.

The scientific research came out that tufts came from the lethal and dominant gene. Araucana people believe this breed of bird does well in fights.

In the year 1930 George Malcolm in Scotland developed British Araucana and introduced lavender plumage variety and bantam Araucana in 1940. Araucana may be standardized in 1969 or1974.

The lifespan of Araucana chicken is about 7-8 years.

Egg Production

Blue Green Eggs of Araucana Chicken
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Araucana breeds lay 250 eggs, 30 eggs less than the best heritage breeds, Plymouth breed.

This chicken is mostly bantam size, so it is not suitable as a meat bird. Even if the hens are small, they lay perfect and medium-sized eggs. But you may see some large flocks of this breed.

Approximately it lays four to five eggs per week as a blue and green color egg. It is very beautiful. Production for the eggs fluctuates because of physical, behavioral, and environmental changes. 

Araucana Chicken Temperament

These breeds are quiet and do not cause commotion in the coop. Araucana are calm and docile personalities.

A research study found that those who give time for developing the breeds have a loving interaction, and these breeds enjoy being cuddled and handled. 

These breeds are strong and grow faster. They do well in confined conditions. Araucana matures very quickly, and they like fresh grasses, the colored eggs of Araucana chicken are not more nutritious than other eggs.

Blue eggs are low in cholesterol. Hens of this breed are good/caring mothers. If your hen is not sitting on eggs read our guide on chicken brooding.

Color, Size, Appearance, Characteristics of Araucana Chicken

Araucana Rooster
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Color and Appearance

Recognized varities and color of Araucana Chicken

SizeRecognized Color/Variety
Large FowlBlack
BantamBlack Breasted Red
Large FowlBlack Breasted Red
BantamGolden Duckwing
Large FowlGolden Duckwing
BantamSilver Duckwing
Large FowlSilver Duckwing
Large FowlWhite

But the American Poultry Association recognizes its five colors, namely Golden Duckwing, Silver Duckwing, white, black, and black-breasted red.

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The coloring of this Araucana is quite variable, and this variety of colors makes them beautiful birds, and they are considered as winter hardy and a dual-purpose chicken breed

Because of the beard and muffs, they have chipmunk faces seeming like their cheeks are muffed out. Their eyes are bay red, and they look a bit fierce, but they are quite docile birds, and their look is deceiving.  


Araucana is small-sized chicken, but they are bigger than bantams and smaller than Brahmas (the king of chickens). Large size Araucana chickens has approximately weight up to 4-5lbs and bantam about 1.8-2.2lbs.

Size may differ, and this variation in sizes mainly depends on the condition in which they live.

Araucana grows faster, and it is considered the small end of the spectrum, but they grow at a phenomenal rate.                                                      


The Araucana has unique physical characteristics, not only colored eggs. These breeds have back slopes towards the bottom half, which gives them postures. Araucana has two main characteristics-

  1. Tufts- Their tufts grow under the fold of skin under the ears and stick out like a gentleman mustache. It is the feathers of the Araucana breeds around face. Tufts usually occur on both sides, but they don’t grow.
  2. No tail- these breeds do not have tails; they don’t have rumps.

These are the two characteristics that give the Araucana a unique appearance rather than the blue eggs.


Araucana enjoys raising their chicks, and Araucana is broody frequently. The hatch rate in these is very low due to genetic issues.

If we want to breed the birds, then we have to left the mother hen to chicks for better results, and this process will be easier for you.


Araucana is hardy and can survive in hard weather also. They have a pea comb which makes frostbite uncommon.

But they can survive in other extreme conditions and can adjust to all conditions. They have a nature like going with the flow. Read here how to keep chickens warm in winter?

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Health Issue

Araucana may need care in extremely cold weather conditions or from internal parasites. They are healthy and strong bird which has an excellent genetic background.

Benefits of Raising Araucana Chicken Breed

Araucana Pullet
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Araucana chicken is talented forager; they are more active and docile. These are a good choice for farms or backyards with enough space.

They are both egg layers and good meat birds. They are fairly hardy and can survive in extreme conditions, these chickens are friendly, and hens are excellent mothers.

Araucana have a unique appearance which consists of the large horizontal spray of feathers on both sides of the face.  

Problems in Raising Araucana Chicken Breed

Araucana chickens are physically small and strange in the most adorable way. They are wacky and sweet.

These birds only weigh 4-5 lbs and have no tails. They are very flighty, and it’s hard to find the pure breed.

It’s very difficult to breed this chicken variety, and it requires a lot of experience to try and get an Araucana chick to hatch, but once they hatched, it’s easy to raise them. There is a faulty gene with this breed.

Care Guide for Araucana Chicken Breed

There is the most difficult challenge in raising the breeds of Araucana chicken for eggs. The gene that gives an appearance like “tufted” is lethal.

If we want to breed this chicken, you require a good amount of patience and skills to meet for the large-scale production. It is most important that the breeds should have more space to forage. They do not like portable chicken coops or tractors.

We need to fence the whole ground to avoid destruction by other animals. Araucana chicken does well in a large area to forage. These breeds are an excellent choice for a home with adequate forage space. 


For several years, the Araucana Chicken serves as an excellent addition to the flocks. Many people raise the bird for meat. 

They are very gentle, and have a friendly personality, and are a good egg-laying temperament and this Araucana chicken serves as many popular choices for many chicken enthusiasts. 

Share your experience below if you are raising this breed. People love to read your comments.

Araucana Chicken Breed Guide: Lifespan, Color, Eggs, Care Guide, Pictures
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