17 Cutest Chicken Breeds With Pictures

Do you want to raise one of the cutest chicken breeds? Or Which chicken breed is the cutest?

Most of the chicken raisers want to keep cute chicken breeds as pets. Cute chickens are beautiful, love to play with their owners, and have a cute appearance, making them unique.

A cute chicken is easily recognized for its adorable appearance and friendly activity. They love to sit on their owner’s table and cuddle. 

Not only the owner of cute chickens, but the neighbors also fall in love with them. So, are you interested in raising this type of loving chicken?

If yes, this guide is for you. It includes the list of the top 17 best cutest chicken breeds, the benefits of keeping them, and how they are getting popular in this new generation.

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What Are the Cutest Chicken Breeds?

The cutest chicken breeds have lovely characteristics like distinctive feather patterns, hues, and sizes. Chicken lovers love them since they’re “cutest” and adorable. 

These chickens are considered the cutest because of their sweet nature. They are friendly and social, enjoying human interaction. Their curiosity and playfulness make them fun to watch and interact with. 

Cute chicken breeds come in many hues and patterns. Each breed has its appeal, from the Silkie’s bright feathers to the Polish’s fluffy and spherical bodies. Some breeds, like the Frizzle, have distinctive feathers. 

The small stature of a few cute chickens makes these breeds more adorable. Their small size and gentle nature make them great pets for kids and adults. 

So, the cutest chicken breeds have many charming traits. Their cuteness comes from their unusual looks, amiable attitudes, and small sizes. These breeds will melt your heart, whether you love chickens or not.

Top 17 Best Cutest Chicken Breeds

Here is a list of the top 17 cutest chicken breeds:

1. Silkie Chickens

a cute silkie bantam chicken
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Silkie chickens, or Silky or Chinese silk chickens, rank among the cutest chicken breeds globally. They’re renowned for their unique appearance. 

With fluffy, soft plumage resembling silk, they boast a cuddly charm. Silkies come in various colors: White, Black, Partridge, Buff, Grey, Blue, and others like Red, Splash, Cuckoo, and Lavender.

Standard Silkie roosters weigh around 4 lbs. Hens weigh about 1.36 kg, approximately 2.99 lbs.

Whereas bantam Silkie roosters typically weigh approximately 1.32 to 1.54 lbs. Bantam Silkie hens are lighter, usually weighing roughly 1.10 to 1.32 lbs.

They have distinctive features like black skin, blue earlobes, five toes (while most have four), small walnut combs, and deep mulberry-black coloration.

Silkies excel as pets due to their calm, friendly temperament. They’re especially good with children tolerant of rough handling. 

Their life expectancy is 7–9 years, but they can live up to 12–13 years with proper care. 

These qualities make them outstanding long-term companions among the cutest chicken breeds worldwide.

2. Frizzle Chickens

Frizzle with a adorable apperance making it one of the cutest chicken breeds
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Frizzle chickens are unique with curly feathers, making them one of the cutest chicken breeds. They’re small and have sweet, calm temperaments, ideal for flocks.

Their feathers curl forward, a distinctive appearance like walking backward in a windstorm. Frizzle feathers are ragged and moderately long.

Available in various colors and plumage types: frizzled and flat-coated. All have red eyes, medium-sized red single combs, and red earlobes.

Standard Frizzle roosters weigh 7-7.5 lbs, hens about 5-5.5 lbs; bantam roosters weigh 1.5 to 1.75 lbs, hens about 1.25 to 1.5 kg.

Frizzle chickens aren’t just cute; they make excellent, friendly pets, especially for families. They have a calm temperament and tolerate handling well.

Their average lifespan is 6–8 years but can reach up to 9 years with proper care. These qualities make them great companions who can stay with you for a long time.

3. Faverolle Chickens

Lovely cute Faverolle chickens
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Faverolle chickens are one of the cutest chicken breeds in the world. They have a unique and beautiful appearance, with fluffy feathers, a beard, a muff, and five toes on each foot.

They come in various colors like salmon, white, black, and blue. Faverolles are friendly, calm pets and great with other animals. Medium-sized, they weigh about 6 to 8 lbs.

With a 5 to 7-year lifespan, they’re good egg layers (about 200 per year) with creamy white or light-brown eggs. Faverolles are broody and sweet-natured, ideal for families.

Quiet and non-aggressive, they adapt well to different environments. These charming birds brighten your backyard and life.

4. Polish Chickens

adorable polish chicken
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Polish chickens rank among the world’s cutest breeds, known for their distinctive appearance with a large crest of feathers atop their heads.

Plumage options include white, black, buff, gold, silver, or a mix. They’re small, weighing 4 to 6 lbs, and live for 8 to 12 years, making them great, friendly pets.

Polish chickens are social and enjoy the human and chicken company. While they’re curious and easily tamed, they’re not prolific egg layers, producing about 120 eggs yearly. 

They’re prone to broodiness and may not be the best for egg or meat production.

Their calm and gentle temperament can turn nervous and flighty in response to loud noises or sudden movements. Their large crests can hinder vision, making them susceptible to predators.

Polish chickens need safe, spacious coops with grooming to maintain their feathers. They’re cute and charming pets but require special care and attention to thrive.

5. Barbu D’Uccle Chickens

Barbu D’Uccle are one of the best cutest chicken breed
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Barbu D’Uccle, a cute chicken breed, originated in Belgium in the late 19th century. The name means ‘bearded from Uccle,’ where Michael Van Gelder developed it by crossing various bantam breeds.

Barbu D’Uccle boasts a striking look with 28 recognized color varieties. The most common is Mille Fleur, known for its floral pattern of reddish-brown feathers with black and white speckles.

This breed is small, compact, and friendly. They’re great pets, often perching on their owner’s shoulders. They make good mothers, frequently getting broody.

Weighing between 550 and 900 grams, they suit urban settings and tolerate cold weather but need protection from wet conditions. 

They require a balanced diet, fresh water, and clean housing. As moderate egg layers, they produce about 100 small to medium-sized white or cream eggs annually. 

While not ideal for meat, their ornamental qualities and sweet personalities make them among the cutest chicken breeds.

6. Pekin Chickens

beautiful and cute pekin chicken
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Pekin chickens are one of the cutest breeds, known for their small, fluffy, round appearance and various colors like black, white, buff, lavender, and mottled.

They make fantastic pets, being gentle, friendly, and easy to handle. Pekins enjoy human attention, becoming tame and cuddly, and they get along with children and other animals when treated kindly.

As true bantams, they’re small, weighing around 1.5 lbs for roosters and 1.25 lbs for hens. They don’t require much space, forage without damaging plants, and have a lifespan of 5 to 7 years.

However, with foot and vent feather maintenance, they need extra care for their feathers. Pekin chickens dislike cold weather and might need additional warmth in winter.

These cute and friendly pets have a long history of popularity and are an excellent choice for anyone seeking an easy-to-care-for breed with a charming personality

7. Sebright Chickens

sebright is one of the cutest chicken breed
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Sebright chickens, the cutest chicken breed, are true bantams, naturally small and created in the 19th century by Sir John Saunders Sebright for their ornamental laced feathers. 

They come in gold-laced and silver-laced varieties with rose combs, short backs, and square, upright tails.

Friendly and curious, they’re great pets, fitting perfectly in small spaces and easily handled. They’re lively, confident, and social birds.

Though not prolific egg layers, they produce about 80 to 100 tiny white eggs annually. They’re not very broody, but some may occasionally raise chicks.

Sebright chickens are small, about 20 to 22 ounces on average, with a lifespan of 8 to 10 years. They’re generally healthy but require protection from predators and cold weather.

Their unique size, shape, color, and friendly personality make Sebrights one of the cutest chicken breeds, ideal for those seeking a charming and low-maintenance pet.

8. Easter Egger Chickens

Easter Egger Chickens are cutest chicken breeds
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Easter Egger chickens, known for colorful eggs and beautiful appearance, come in various feather patterns and colors. 

They’re friendly, curious, intelligent, easily trained, and good with children and pets.

Medium-sized, they weigh about 4 to 5 lbs and have a longer lifespan of 8 to 10 years. Hardy and adaptable, they tolerate various climates.

They’re good egg layers, producing about 250 eggs yearly, with colorful shells ranging from blue, green, pink, brown, to cream. They’re not very broody, making them easier for those not interested in hatching chicks.

Easter Eggers are calm and docile and get along well with other chickens. They’re low-maintenance, needing clean feathers but no special diet or grooming.

Easter Eggers, with their beauty, friendly nature, and colorful eggs, are among the cutest chicken breeds, making them delightful pets for those seeking charm and entertainment.

9. Orpington Chickens

Orpington chickens are cute beautiful and adorable
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Among the cutest breeds globally, Orpington chickens have a fluffy, cuddly appearance in various colors: buff, black, white, blue, and lavender. 

They’re family-friendly, gentle, and enjoy human interaction. Ideal for backyard keepers, they’re hardy, adaptable, and low-maintenance, weighing 7 to 10 lbs and living 8 to 10 years. 

They’re prolific egg layers, producing 200 to 280 large brown eggs yearly and often broody.

Docile, quiet, and sociable, they coexist well with other chickens and animals. 

Orpingtons brighten backyards with charm, beauty, and productivity, making them perfect pets or egg producers.

10. Wyandotte Chickens

a cute and beautiful wyandotte chicken free-ranging
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Wyandotte chickens are one of the cutest chicken breeds in the world. 

They have a round and fluffy body, a rose comb that lies close to their head, and various beautiful colors and patterns. 

Wyandotte chickens are not only adorable but also productive and friendly.  The Wyandotte chickens have yellow-skinned meat that is tasty and tender, and they lay large brown eggs. 

Additionally, Wyandotte chickens are excellent pets, as they have a calm and gentle temperament and can get along well with other chickens and humans. 

Wyandotte chickens have a long lifespan, ranging from 6 to 12 years, depending on their health and care. 

They are popular among backyard chicken keepers and show enthusiasts, as they have a splendid appearance and personality.

Wyandotte chickens come in various colors and have stunning laced feathers. They are friendly, calm, and known for their excellent egg-laying capabilities. 

11. Brahma Chickens

an adorable brahma hen foraging in backyard
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Brahma chickens, cute and fluffy giants, are known for their feathered legs, gentle personalities, and striking appearance.

They come in various color patterns and have distinctive features like a pea comb and prominent feathered crests. 

Friendly and adaptable, they make splendid pets, are hardy in different climates, and tolerate cold weather well.

Brahmas are good layers, producing 3-4 large brown eggs weekly, and can be good mothers if they decide to hatch eggs. They’re one of the most giant chicken breeds, with roosters reaching 12 lbs and hens 10 lbs.

Despite their size, they’re gentle giants, not causing trouble in the coop. They’re relatively healthy with a lifespan of 8-10 years, but need care for their feathered feet and a spacious coop.

With their adorable looks and personalities, Brahma chickens make great pets for companionship, eggs, and entertainment.

12. Speckled Sussex Chickens

speckled sussex are one of the cutest chickens in the world
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Speckled Sussex, a cute breed with a history dating back to Roman times, was initially raised for meat but is now cherished as pets due to their friendly and beautiful nature.

They have dark feathers with unique light speckles, prominent on the neck and chest. Each chicken’s speckles are unique. 

They’re calm, gentle, and intelligent, recognizing their owners and responding to names.It makes them one of the cutest chicken breeds.

Medium-sized, they weigh 6 to 11 lbs and live up to 8 years. They’re excellent egg layers, producing 4-5 light-brown eggs per week or about 250 per year. Though not very broody, they can be good mothers.

If you want to add a cute and useful pet to your backyard, think about the Speckled Sussex. It’s a small, cute chicken with a lot of personality.

13. Cochin Chickens

cochins are cute adorable chickens
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Among the cutest breeds, Cochin chickens resemble fluffy feathered balls, coming in various colors and even bantam versions. They’re charming and make great pets.

Calm, docile, and quiet, they are ideal for urban settings and coexist well with other chickens and animals. 

Cochin chickens are giant, with males reaching up to 11 lbs and females 8.5 lbs. Bantam Cochin’s are much smaller.

They live 8 to 10 years, but their egg-laying is moderate, around 150 eggs per year. However, they excel as brooders and mothers, happily hatching and raising eggs.

Cochin chickens are known for their sweet temperament, easy handling, and tolerance to cold weather, which makes them the perfect choice for cuddly and friendly chickens.

14. Hamburg Chicken

lovely cutest hamburg chicken breed with rose comb
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Hamburg chickens, known for their grace and elegance, originate from Holland or Germany. 

They sport various colors like silver-spangled, golden penciled, black, and white, with distinctive rose combs, white earlobes, and gray or black legs.

Males weigh around 4.25 lbs, females 3.5 lbs. Excellent layers produce around three white eggs weekly and thrive in cold weather.

Hamburgs are not just pretty; they’re fantastic pets, too. They are alert, active, curious, love flying and foraging, and are sociable with humans and chickens.

They need big coops to stay busy and avoid getting bored. However, they’re not inclined to go broody, making them unsuitable for hatching eggs or raising chicks.

Hamburg chickens are a charming mix of stunning appearance, prolific egg-laying, and lively personalities. Ideal for those seeking an ornamental, productive, and pet-friendly breed, they’ll brighten any backyard or farm.

15. Plymouth Rock

lovely and cute barred plymouth rock chicken
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One of the cutest chicken breeds is the Plymouth Rock chicken. This breed originated in the United States in the nineteenth century and was very popular for its meat and eggs. 

Plymouth Rock chickens have a large, sturdy body, full breasts, and long, broad back. 

They have soft, loose feathers that are usually barred in black and white, giving them a striking appearance. They also have yellow skin, legs, and a comb with five points.

Plymouth Rock chickens are cute, hardy, long-lived, and easy to manage. They can tolerate cold weather well and are good sitters. 

They have a docile temperament and are friendly to humans and other animals.

These chickens are also dual-purpose birds, meaning they can provide both meat and eggs for their owners. 

Plymouth Rock chickens can lay about 200 brown eggs annually; some strains are even better layers. They also have good quality meat that is tender and flavorful.

Plymouth Rock chickens are great pets for anyone who loves cute chickens. They are beautiful, gentle, and productive birds that can brighten up any backyard or farm. 

They are also one of the oldest American breeds, with a rich history and heritage. Plymouth Rock chickens are one of the world’s cutest chicken breeds.

16. Ameraucana Chickens

Ameraucana Chickens are awesome
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Ameraucana chickens, known for their distinctive appearance, stand out with features like a small pea comb, beard, muff, and ear tufts. They sport various colors: black, blue, buff, silver, and wheaten.

These cute birds are more than looks; they make excellent pets. They are friendly, curious, and intelligent, and enjoy human and animal companionship. They can be trained to perform tricks and commands.

Their hardiness and adaptability to different environments make them low-maintenance. Ameraucanas are medium-sized, weighing 5 to 7 lbs, lasting 7 to 10 years, longer than many breeds.

They lay 3 to 4 blue or green eggs weekly, adding to their charm. While not very broody, some may prefer a more maternal breed.

Ameraucanas have a calm and gentle temperament, getting along well with others. They are ideal for limited space or urban settings, combining cute looks with friendly and practical qualities.

17. Serama Chicken

Serama Chicken is one of the best cutest chicken breeds
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Serama chickens, known as one of the world’s cutest breeds, captivate with their tiny size, upright stance, and confident demeanor.

They exhibit various colors and patterns, featuring large chests, short backs, and upward-curving long tails, complemented by small combs and wattles.

Ideal for those with limited space, Seramas are the smallest chicken breed, weighing just 250 to 500 grams. They’re great pets because of their friendly and social nature, and they’re even good at learning new tricks and dressing up.

These endearing birds have a lifespan of 7 to 10 years. Even though they only produce a few eggs a week, they’re renowned for their quiet disposition, effortlessly laying eggs and nurturing chicks.

Their gentle temperament suits families with children and other pets, and they are known for their quiet nature.

Serama chickens are pure bundles of joy, infusing your day with their adorable charm and delightful personalities. Consider them if you desire an easy-to-care-for and entertaining addition to your flock.

Understanding the Cuteness of Chicken Breeds

When it comes to cuteness, chicken breeds have their charm. From their fluffy feathers to their endearing mannerisms, chickens can easily steal your heart. Each breed brings unique cuteness, making it hard to resist their adorable appeal. 

One of the cutest chicken breeds is the Silkie. Silkie chickens have an enchanting appearance, with fluffy feathers resembling soft fur. Their gentle nature and friendly personality only add to their overall cuteness. 

Another breed that ranks high on the cuteness scale is the Polish chicken. With their distinctive crest of feathers on their heads, they look like they’re perpetually wearing a fancy hat. 

Bantam chickens are also known for their cuteness. These small-sized chickens have all the endearing features of their larger counterparts but in a compact package. Their tiny stature and delicate features make them irresistibly adorable. 

And let’s not forget about the Easter Egger chickens, known for their colorful eggs and charming personalities. This breed’s vibrant plumage and playful nature make them a favorite among chicken enthusiasts. 

Whether you’re looking for a small, adorable chicken or a fluffy and friendly companion, there’s a breed out there that will melt your heart.

So, next time you see a chicken strutting around, take a moment to appreciate their unique brand of cuteness.

Ideal Features and Specialty of A Cute Chicken

Ideal Features and Specialty of A Cute Chicken
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Below are the points that make a chicken breed cute:

 1. Feather patterns: Certain chicken breeds’ unique and vibrant feather patterns can instantly make them adorable. Whether it’s the speckled plumage of the silver-laced Wyandotte or the fluffy feathers of the Silkie, these patterns add to their cuteness. 

 2. Size and shape: Smaller chicken breeds have an inherent charm due to their compact size. Bantam breeds like the Sebright are known for their tiny stature, making them irresistibly cute. Additionally, chickens with rounder bodies and plump features, like the Buff Orpington, possess extra cuteness. 

 3. Facial expressions: Just like humans, chickens can express emotions through their facial expressions. Like the Polish breed, chickens with wide, expressive eyes appear more endearing. Their curiosity and innocence shine through their expressive faces. 

 4. Behaviors: Chickens exhibit playful and quirky behaviors, contributing to their cuteness. From their amusing dust baths to their adorable attempts at flying, these behaviors make them lovable companions. Watching them peck for food or interact with their flock mates can bring joy to anyone’s day. 

 5. Unique features: Certain breeds possess distinctive features that enhance their cuteness. For example, the Frizzle breed has feathers that curl outward, giving them a charming and whimsical appearance. Similarly, chickens with fluffy crests, like the Polish or the Houdan, stand out with their stylish headgear. 

 6. Colors: The vibrant and diverse colors of chicken breeds also play a role in their cuteness. From the striking black and white of the Barred Plymouth Rock to the golden hues of the Buff Brahma, the array of colors adds to their visual appeal. 

 7. Docile temperament: Chickens with a friendly and docile nature are often considered cuter. Breeds like the Rhode Island Red or the Australorp are known for their calm and gentle personalities, making them ideal companions and enhancing their overall cuteness. 

 8. Cute chicken names: Giving chickens adorable names, such as Daisy, Poppy, or Nugget, can further contribute to their cuteness. These names evoke a sense of familiarity and endearment, making them even more lovable. 

 9. Baby chicks: There’s no denying the resistance of baby chicks. Their fluffy down, small size, and innocent chirping make them the epitome of cuteness. Breeds like the Easter Egger or the Silkie are renowned for their adorable chicks. 

 10. The overall charm: Ultimately, what makes a chicken cute is a combination of factors. Their unique combination of feather patterns, size, behaviors, and personality captures our hearts and makes us fall in love with them. 

 So, whether you’re considering adding a new member to your backyard flock or simply appreciating these delightful creatures, these factors contribute to the undeniable cuteness of chickens, making them a joy to have around.

Benefits of Keeping Cute Chickens as Pet

Keeping chickens as pets can bring numerous benefits to your life. Not only are they adorable, but they also offer a range of advantages that you may have yet to consider.

Here are 10 reasons why keeping cute chickens as pets is a fantastic idea. 

1. Companionship: Chickens are social animals and can provide great companionship. They enjoy being around humans and can form strong bonds with their owners. 

2. Stress relief: Interacting with chickens has a calming effect on many people. Their gentle nature and rhythmic clucking can help reduce stress and anxiety. 

3. Educational opportunities: Raising chickens can be a valuable learning experience, especially for children. They can learn about responsibility, empathy, and the life cycle of animals. 

4. Fresh eggs: One of the most obvious benefits of keeping chickens is the supply of fresh eggs. There’s nothing quite like collecting eggs from your backyard. 

5. Pest control: Chickens are natural bug hunters. They can help control pests in your garden, eating insects and reducing the need for harmful chemicals. 

6. Fertilizer production: Chicken droppings make excellent fertilizer for your plants. It’s a natural and cost-effective way to improve soil quality. 

7. Low maintenance: Chickens are relatively easy to care for. They require minimal grooming and are generally healthy animals. 

8. Entertainment: Chickens have unique personalities and behaviors that can provide endless entertainment. Watching them scratch, peck, and interact with each other is a joy in itself. 

9. Aesthetically pleasing: There’s no denying that chickens, especially certain breeds, are adorable. They can add charm and beauty to your backyard or garden. 

10. Sustainable living: Keeping chickens can promote a more sustainable lifestyle. You can reduce food waste by feeding them scraps and creating a closed-loop system using their waste as fertilizer. 

In conclusion, keeping cute chickens as pets offers many benefits beyond their adorable appearance. 

From companionship to sustainable living, chickens can bring joy, education, and practical advantages to your life. So why not consider adding a few feathered friends to your family?

The Growing Popularity of Raising Cutest Chicken Breeds

In today’s era, raising cute chicken breeds has become increasingly popular. People are drawn to these adorable creatures for various reasons.

From their charming appearances to their friendly and docile nature, there is no denying the appeal of these cutest chicken breeds. 

 One of the top trends in chicken keeping is owning the cutest breeds. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or just starting, raising cute chickens is a rewarding experience. 

These feathered friends provide fresh eggs and add a touch of charm to your backyard. 

 The demand for cute chicken breeds has skyrocketed recently. People are enamored by their unique features and captivating personalities. 

From the fluffy and lovable Silkie to the vibrant and colorful Polish, a cute chicken breed suits every preference. 

Beyond their aesthetics, cute chickens are also known for their friendly and pleasant nature. They quickly form bonds with their owners and enjoy human interaction. 

Whether you’re a child or an adult, spending time with these adorable creatures brings immense joy and happiness. 

Raising cute chicken breeds requires proper care and attention. It is essential to provide them with a comfortable and spacious coop, nutritious feed, and regular health check-ups.

By creating a nurturing environment, you can ensure the well-being of these delightful creatures. 

 In conclusion, the growing popularity of raising cute chicken breeds is evident today. People are captivated by their charm and unique features. 

With the proper care and attention, these feathered companions will melt your heart and bring joy and happiness to your life.

The Role of Social Media in Showcasing Cute Chickens

Social media platforms like Reddit, Pinterest, and Instagram play a significant role in showcasing the cutest chicken breeds to the world. 

With the power of these platforms, chicken enthusiasts can share images and stories of their favorite feathered friends, allowing others to discover and appreciate the beauty of these adorable creatures. 

Users can join dedicated communities or Subreddits on Reddit that focus on chickens and share pictures and anecdotes about their beloved birds. 

This virtual gallery platform lets chicken lovers showcase their cutest chicken breeds and discuss them with fellow enthusiasts. 

On the other hand, Pinterest provides a visual platform where users can create boards and pin images that catch their eye. 

Chicken lovers can create boards dedicated to the cutest chicken breeds, curating a collection of adorable pictures for others to admire and draw inspiration from. 

 With its emphasis on visual content, Instagram is another popular platform for showcasing cute chickens. 

Users can create dedicated accounts for their feathered friends, sharing captivating images and videos highlighting chicken breeds’ unique characteristics and charm. 

Hashtags like #cutestchickenbreeds or #chickensofinstagram help connect chicken enthusiasts and allow them to discover and follow accounts dedicated to their favorite breeds. 

The cutest chicken breeds can gain widespread recognition through social media and even become viral sensations. 

The power of imagery and the ability to connect with like-minded individuals fosters a sense of community among chicken enthusiasts, creating a platform to share their love for these adorable creatures. 

So whether through captivating images on Pinterest, engaging discussions on Reddit, or a dedicated Instagram account, social media platforms have revolutionized how cute chickens are showcased to the world. 

Summary: Choosing One of The Cutest Chicken Breeds

Several factors must be considered when deciding the right chicken breed for cuteness. First and foremost, you’ll want to research the cutest chicken breeds available. 

From there, you can know their specific breed information, such as size, coloring, and distinct features. 

Understanding what makes a chicken cute is essential in making the appropriate choice. 

Their feathers’ fluffiness, adorable expressions, and overall appearance all play a role in their cuteness. 

Moreover, think about the good things about having cute chickens as pets. They can make you happy and can help you bond with them. 

Considering these factors, you can choose the perfect chicken breed to melt your heart. This guide helped you to choose one of the best and cutest chicken breeds available.

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