30 Best Chicken Coop Decor Ideas (For Inside & Outside House)

When it comes to chicken coop decor, there are a few things to keep in mind. Like humans, animals and birds also need valuable time. 

So, decorating chicken coops make your flocks happy and create a lovely relationship between you and them. Lots of the people decorate their chicken coop during events like christmas, halloween, and new year. 

The other thing to consider is – how much decoration do you want? Some people like to keep their coops plain and simple, while others like to add a bit of personality with some fun decorations. If you do decide to add decorations, make sure they are safe for the chickens.

If you love fresh eggs, it’s time to decorate your chicken coop like a pro. With these tips and tricks on how to decorate your chicken coop, you’ll be decorating your egg-producing abode like the most egg-cited egg farmers in no time!

Step 1: Remove all dirt, debris, and cobwebs from the coop.
Step 2: Paint or stain the exterior of the coop in a bright color.
Step 3: Add a perch for your chickens to roost on.
Step 4: Hang a feeder and waterer inside the coop.
Step 5: Place a nesting box in a quiet corner of the coop.
Step 6: Add some decorations to brighten up the space.
Step 7: Keep your coop clean and well-maintained.

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have a beautifully decorated chicken coop in no time!


Benefits of Decorating A Chicken Coop

There are many benefits to decorating your chicken coop. Not only will it make your pen more attractive, but it can also help keep your chickens healthy and safe.

Here are rough of the top paybacks of decorating your chicken coop:

1. Keep your chickens healthy

Chickens need plenty of fresh air and sunlight to stay healthy, and decorating your chicken coop can help provide them with both of these things. 

Additionally, adding decorations like perches and roosts can help keep your chickens’ feet healthy by providing them with a place to get off the floor.

2. Reduce stress for your chickens

By giving them an area where they can feel comfortable, you reduce their stress levels which will help keep them happy and healthy.

3. Make cleaning the coop easier

Adding decorations that your chickens can’t destroy, like roosts and perches, will keep your coop cleaner because the birds won’t be spending their time tearing up those areas.

4. Help prevent predators from entering your coop

Adding decoration to your coop is easy to make it less appealing to potential predators. This can help keep your chickens safe and secure. Add some good quality electric fence around your coop and barn.

5. Make your coop more attractive

Adding a few touches of personality to your chicken coop can make it more appealing not just to you but as well to your neighbors. This can help improve the overall appearance of your property.

So the next time you’re building or buying a chicken coop, keep these benefits in mind and add some decorations.

If you’re looking for best chicken coop decor ideas, then take a look at these helpful tips:

30 Best Chicken Coop Decor Ideas For Inside and Outside House

Here are 25 of our preferred ideas for chicken coop decorations, both inside and outside the house:

1. Add Flowers With Wall Pendant For Christmas

Adding flowers to your chicken coop is a great way to attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. Flowers will also be a nice decoration for your pen and help keep it clean from weeds.

You can plant several flowers, including marigolds, petunias, lavender, rosemary, snapdragons, and many more. This is by far the most acceptable way to decorate your coop, and it is also elementary to do.

2. Hang Swinging Ladders or a Perch

Swinging ladders or a perch can be a fun way for your chickens to play and exercise. It will also give them a place to roost at night.

You can either hang a ladder from a tree in your yard, or you can build a perch for your coop. If you choose to buy a hanging toy for your chickens.

Also read more about chicken toys.

3. Add Some Decorative Signs on Chicken Coop Wall

Adding decorative signs or any type of theme will add style and uniqueness to your coop. You might consider hanging signs that say “eggs” or “chickens.” You can also paint fun shapes like flowers, hearts, stars, and more. Just make sure to use non-toxic paints.

4. Add Flowers Within the Coop For Decoration


Flowers are an excellent addition to any coop; however, if you want an easier way to decorate, you can plant flowers beneath your porch or under your nesting boxes.

You can also have a pot of flowers inside the coop so that the chickens will have easy access to them.

When it comes to chicken coop decorations, there are endless possibilities! You can decorate the inside and outside of your chicken coop in so many different ways, depending on your style and preferences. 

5. Christmas Lights and Bulb Chicken Coop Decor

Christmas lights are a fun decoration idea for any time of year, but they look charming on a chicken coop. They can add a festive touch to your pen and make it look extra pretty at night.

6. Decorate Your Chicken Coop Using Hanging Birdhouses

Hanging birdhouses around your chicken coop is a great way to attract birds and make your cage look charming. You can also use this chance to instill different types of birds in your children.

7. Add Some Perches To Decorate Outside of The Chicken Coop

Perches can be a fun addition to your chicken coop and give your chickens a place to play and explore. They can also help keep your chickens entertained and busy.

8. Hang Some Wind Chimes Inside Chicken Coop

Wind chimes are a beautiful and delicate addition to any chicken coop. They can add a touch of elegance and make your cage feel homier.

Best Wind Chimes For Chicken Coop:

9. Add Some Lovely Curtains For Your Coop Members

Draperies are a great way to costume up your chicken coop and make it look more inviting. You can choose colorful or patterned curtains to add personality to your cell.

10. Decorate With Stained Glass On Chicken Coop Windows

If you’re eyeing a more stylish option, stained glass can be a beautiful addition to your chicken coop. It will add color and interest to the space and make it look more luxurious.

11. Chicken Coop Decor With Twinkle Lights

Twinkle lights are a romantic and festive decoration to add to any chicken coop. They can add a touch of magic and make your chickens feel extra special.

12. Add Flowering Vines To Decorate Chicken Coop

Flowering vines look particularly beautiful on a fence or trellis, but you can also grow them along the walls of your chicken coop for an elegant look. They will add color and life to your pen and make it more beautiful.

13. Add Some Wreaths on The Door and Wall

Green wreaths are a classic decoration for any time of year, and they look beautiful on a chicken coop. You can choose a festive wreath for Christmas or a more general wreath all year round.

14. Hang Few Pinecones To Decorate You Chicken Coop

Pinecones are a natural and festive decoration for your chicken coop. You can also consent to them or spray paint them in different colors to match your preferences.

15. Decorate Chicken Coop & Run With Garland

Green garland is a pretty and festive way to dress up your chicken coop for Christmas or any other special occasion. You can choose garland made from natural greenery or artificial greenery, whichever you prefer.

16. Decorate With Hanging Lights & Bulbs

String lights and bulbs are a prevalent and easy way to decorate your chicken coop. You can choose lights in any color or style you like and use them to brighten up the space.

17. Decorate Your Chicken Coop With Pictures and Paintings

Pictures are a great way to brand your chicken coop and make it feel like home. You can choose pictures of your family, friends, or favorite animals to hang on the walls.

Paintings are another way to add personality and character to your chicken coop. You can choose any type of painting you like to decorate your pen.

18. Plant Some Trees Inside The Run Area

Plant some trees with fruits and flowers in the chicken coop run area. It will work like a natural perch for your coop boys and girls.

You can also decorate Christmas lights on those trees. This decor will provide an adorable look to your chicken coop and your chickens love it.

19. Add Some Glass Door and Windows To Decorate

Windows or glass doors are a great way to let in natural light and make your chicken coop feel more open and airy. They can also add some extra beauty to the space.

20. Decorate Your Chicken Coop Inside With Wallpapers


Inside wall wallpaper is a simple way to add color and personality to your chicken coop. You can choose colorful wallpapers to match your preferences.

Chickens love colorful stuff and this decoration makes your chicken coop more premium.

21. Gift a Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Gifting an automatic chicken coop door is one of the best chicken coop decor for your flocks. They work amazing and keep you hasslefree.

You can check out our list of the best automatic chicken coop doors.

22. Paint Inside The Chicken Coop

Painting your chicken coop every year makes it safe and secure from different weathers. Not only this, this is one of the easiest and low cost chicken coop decor ideas which you can apply in your backyard.

Just buy some best paints for chicken coop and do your creativity. Your chicken will love this.

23. Give Them Some Natural Looking Roosting Area

Chickens love to roost on perches and trees. If you are a chicken farmer you must have seen your chickens love roosting on tree branches.

If you have a broken piece of branch you can do some little creativity to make a beautiful roost inside the chicken coop. It is the best chicken coop decor idea which I love.

24. Add Some Halloween Toys and Pumpkins

These are just a limited number of the several different ways to decorate your chicken coop. Use your resourcefulness and have fun with it! happy chickens. In halloween you can hang chicken toys and put some pumpkins.

25. Add a Mirror Inside The Chicken Coop


Adding a mirror increase some activities inside the chicken coop. Chickens will love this decoration in many ways. Few will watch their face and few will peck on the mirror and play. Overall its engage them which makes a them stress free.

26. Chicken Coop Floor Decor Ideas

Chickens love any lovely changes inside the chicken coop. Giving a new look to your chicken coop floor makes your flocks happy.

You can also read more about the best chicken coop beddings.

27. Hang Some Equipments in The Coop

There are lots of tools in your chicken coop which you can use to decorate. Equipment like pitchfork, shovel, spade flat like tools look amazing when you hang them on a chicken coop.

28. Buid a Half Opening Door

Building a half opening door and installing it on a chicken coop makes an extra adventure for your poultry flocks. They love to roost and it will work like a perch for them. It’s an extra decoration without wasting time and money.

29. Paint Your Chicken Coop Ladder

Painting your chicken coop is an amazing thing to decor but more interesting when you pain outdoor items. Coloring the chicken coop ladder looks awesome. Use multiple colors and do your DIY to make something cool.

30. Hang a Light Chandelier on Coop Roof


Light chandelier are great decorating items for houses. But if you want to decorate your chicken coop you can add one inside. It will also work as a nigh light for your chickens.

When to Decorate a Chicken coop?

There is no definitive answer to when to decorate a chicken coop. Some people might argue that it’s never necessary, while others may believe that adding decoration is essential in creating a comfortable and inviting home for their chickens.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and what will work best for your specific coop and flock. However most of the backyard poultry farmers decorate their chicken coop during new year, christmas and halloween.


Typically, owners will decorate coops in one of two ways: Either they decorate chicken coops from outside or inside. Most of them do inside decoration for long time and outside decoration during various events.

What type of chicken coop decoration you do? If you like above list of chicken coop decor ideas must share your comments below.

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