Best 7 Chicken Coop Rake (For Cleaning Chicken Poop)

Do you want to buy the best chicken coop rake? If yes, this article will help you with that.

Rake is one of the most important tools for backyard chicken and animal raisers. If you love hygiene and clean chicken coops, a rake, poop scoop, and spade will fulfill your need.

Let’s learn the advantages of using a rake in the chicken coop.

What is a Chicken Coop Rake?

The chicken coop rake is a product that simplifies the general collection of poops in the shed and poultry house. Besides, it helps one collect the chicken poop without necessarily touching the poop.

Most of the people also keep a poop scoop and spade with the rake. This set of cleaning tools helps you to clean your chicken coop easily.

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Benefits of Keeping A Chicken Coop Rake Set

Here are a few amazing needs and advantages of keeping the best rake kit in your backyard chicken coop:

Simple to Use 

When one uses a chicken coop rake set for poop cleaning, one can collect the poop in the scoop easily. This way, you will save your precious time and utilize it in other daily activities.

Prevents Illness

When you use a rake set, you will avoid touching the poop and handle it from a distance. This way, you will avoid acquiring diseases and infections, which would likely get transmitted from your chicken poop to you.

Reduces Body Stress

With the coop rake, you will easily collect poultry litter without necessarily having to bend your body. This will reduce your body’s stress during the poop cleaning process. 

Best 7 Chicken Coop Rake For Contamination-Free Pen Cleaning

Below are the best chicken coop rake and helping tool kits for cleaning the coop poop easily:

1. ERGIESHOVEL ERG-MCKS22 Scoop, Steel Impact Resistant Muck Rake

ErgieShovel ERG-MCKS22 Scoop, Steel Impact Resistant Muck Rake w/Auto Sifting Fork Basket, 22 Plastic Tines, 54-Inch Shaft, w/Patented Ergonomic Second Handle, 54 inches, Gray/Orange
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ErgieShovel ERG-MCKS22 Scoop, Steel Impact Resistant Muck Rake w/Auto Sifting Fork Basket, 22 Plastic Tines, 54-Inch Shaft, w/Patented Ergonomic Second Handle, 54 inches, Gray/Orange7
  • Added handle: Extra handle for added leverage helps...
  • Control: large D-grip for extra control
  • Lightweight: durable design weighs under 4 lbs.

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It is time you simplify your yard work using this ERGIESHOVEL ERG-MCKS22 high-quality chicken coop rake and scoop. It is easy to use because all you need is to scoop the poop from the floor. 

This rake is highly innovative and focused on delivering unique services at all times. Besides, there is an added handle whose role is to give a great connection to the steel shaft. 

As a result, it guides in reducing all kinds of strains in the chicken coop and animal houses that would possibly take place. This implies you will use lesser effort and overall end up working more. 

Besides, it comes with 22 different plastic tines whose most significant role is simplifying how people get to use them. Another thing, a handle is added to the rake shaft. Thus, you will result in extra leverage, which greatly reduces the back strains. 

This way, you will get the chance to work smarter rather than working harder. In the case of storage, you will find that the storage process has been significantly simplified. 

This chicken coop rake has three pieces that come with intelligent locks, which are easy to use. Regarding the overall assembly process, you guarantee a compact and easy storage process. 

 Features of this two in one both rake and a scoop

  • Added leverage reduces strains.
  • The plastic tines are 22 and simplifies scooping of muck.
  • Lightweight and weighs less than 4 lbs.
  • D-grip is large and offers an extra control.


  • Durable.
  • Lightweight
  • Reduces strains.
  • Easy to use.


  • Holes lineup needs improvement.

2. SKYFIELD Bin & Rake Pooper Scooper Swivel Kit

SKYFIELD Pooper Scooper Rake, 3-Stage Extendable Metal Dog Poop Rake Steel Poop Scoop Rake for Large Medium Small Dogs, Length Handled Range 19.7'' to 38.5'',Came with Storage Bag7
  • [PREMIUM QUALITY METAL RAKE] - 7-paw sturdy steel metal...
  • [COMPACT LOCK CONNECTION] - Unlike other dog pooper...
  • [SAVE STORE SPACE] - Thanks to the telescoping design...

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This SKYFIELD Bin & Rake Pooper Scooper Swivel Kit for a chicken coop is made of quality and premium materials. You can use the rake set for softening the litter or poop, then using a broom collect it on a tray.

Besides, the steel metal is sturdy as it entails an Aluminum handle that is long and one that comes with a wire scoop. Their paw measures 0.5 in width, and the head has 4.3 inches. 

Thus, it is simple for one to get in the poop underneath and therefore pick them without any damage. Also, this is a budget-friendly rake for cleaning the poop and litter from the poultry shed.

Again, the aluminum handle comes in three different stages. It is extendable and with 19.7 inches to 38.5 inches with one’s overall height. 

The procedure is done with the given height when it comes to adjustments. Since the product is flexibly designed, it guides in collecting pick-ups from coops floor and nesting house in a comfortable manner. 

You will find it comfortable for use in medium-sized chicken coops..


  • The telescoping aluminum handle comes in three stages
  • Lock connection is compact
  • Applicable in multi-surfaces
  • It saves the overall storage space


  • Sturdy
  • High-quality product
  • Comfortable for pet chickens.
  • Rust-resistant


  • One has to bend to scoop poop

3. ROIUBPO Pooper Scooper Chicken & Dog Poop Scooper with Metal Rake, Tray & Spade Kit

ROIUBPO Pooper Scooper, Detachable Long Handle Dog Poop Scooper with Heavy Duty Metal Rake, Tray & Spade, Durable Pooper Scooper for Large Medium Small Dogs, Great for Lawn, Grass, Dirt, Gravel, Yard7
  • Durable & Sturdy: This pooper scooper features a...
  • Long Ergonomic Handle: Our special designed segmented...
  • Easy to Clean & Rust Proof: The tray, rake and spade...
  • Simple Assembly & Storage: Each handle comes in a...
  • Risk-Free Purchase: We truly believe we provide the...

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This is a chicken coop rake, tray, spade set that is both sturdy and durable. With the help of a rake, you will bring the poop together and then place it in the tray using the spade. 

Besides, it features an aluminum design and stainless steel materials, making it more long-lasting and sturdy. Also, its unique clip-on comes with a structure that is great in the interlocking process. 

Their outstanding reliability makes sure that the product’s different parts will never get a dislocation at any time. Again, the ergonomic handle is long and is designed especially using handles that allow for a free adjustment process. 

Generally, this handle can get to a maximum of 42 inches. When a comparison is made with the chicken pooper traditional scooper, you will find it more convenient and comfortable for all time use. 

Another thing, the role of the longer handle is to support the picking of the pet waste without necessarily having to bend over in the process. This product is rust-proof and easy to clean when it comes to maintenance. 

It comes with a spade, rake, and tray, which are made using aluminum and treated with the help of a non-stick coating. In this case, the rinsing process takes place with much ease with the aid of water. 

Features of This Rake Kit

  • Ergonomic handle is long
  • You can also use it for gravel, dirt, grass, and lawn
  • Simple assembly process and storage
  • Comes with two storage attached clips


  • Rustproof
  • Simple to clean
  • Convenient
  • Comfortable


  • Gloves slide and are super soft

 4. RK Corona 62060 8-Inch Wide Shrub Rake

Corona RK 62060 Fixed Tine Shrub Rake, Aluminum Handle, 8-Inch Wide7
  • QUICK CLEANUP: An ideal tool to quickly and easily rake...
  • EFFICIENT: Bi-curved bow gives even pressure to all...
  • NO DAMAGE: 11 extra-wide tines remove debris without...
  • COMFORTABLE TO USE: Lightweight aluminum handle with...

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Tines apply a light pressure that helps in the removal of different kinds of debris in closely spaced areas of chicken coops. The force applied helps in the softening of poultry litter present on the floor. 

Us this tine shrub rake by giving light pressure which is ideal in the debris removal process without damaging the chicken coop and nesting boxes.

Besides, the metal handle measures 54″ and is lightweight. Again, there is a sleeved and anti-slip handle whose gripping gives excellent levels of comfort to the users. 

Another thing, this Corona Clipper rake contains 8 inches bottom and is made of lightweight aluminum and tempered steel whose durability is long-lasting. 

For extra convenience, the product comes with a narrow head that simplifies raking in the small spaces inside the chicken tractor. This is a good quailing rake for a chicken coop.

Another thing, this tool has a 54 inches lightweight aluminum rod and a vinyl sleeve that is anti-slip. This way, it simplifies the overall gripping process and adds extra comfort in the cold weather and the extreme heat. 


  • Anti-slip vinyl sleeve.
  • Consist of a bow which is bi-curved.
  • Made of extra-wide 11 tines.
  • Contains unparalleled customer services.


  • Comfortable.
  • Vinyl and anti-slip sleeve.
  • High-quality manufacturing process.
  • Metal handle is lightweight.


  • It is not suitable for large size coops.

5. DuraFork Little Giant Polycarbonate Green Stable Fork

Little Giant® DuraFork Pitch Fork | Manure Fork | Polycarbonate Stable Fork with Angled Tines | Green
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737 Reviews
Little Giant® DuraFork Pitch Fork | Manure Fork | Polycarbonate Stable Fork with Angled Tines | Green7
  • POLYCARBONATE CONSTRUCTION - This stable forks...
  • ANGLED TINES FOR LESS SPILLING - The pitch forks'...
  • PITCH FORK DIMENSIONS - This pitch fork head's tines...
  • COLOR OPTIONS AVAILABLE -These pitch forks come in...

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The fork or rake comes with a polycarbonate coating which makes it sturdy. You need to bend a little and collect the chicken poop gathered in one place. 

Besides, this chicken coop rake has superior strength and flexibility for all the different users. Their tines are angled, and thus the spilling process is much less. 

The fork dimensions of the pitch entail a length of 13 inches and a width of 15 inches. This way, you are confident that this fork or rake is perfect for use in the chicken coop poop cleanup. 

You will enjoy using it to clean the waste from the nesting boxes and floors. Their availability comes in different color options. 

Pitchforks consist of different colors such as teal, red, purple, orange, lime green, hot pink, and green. Other colors available are burgundy, blue, black, and berry blue. 


  • Rake comes in different color options
  • Its dimensions are 15 inch widths and 13 inch length
  • Less spilling angled tines
  • Offers superior strength and flexibility


  • Superior flexibility
  • Has great strength
  • Durable fork
  • High-quality product


  • None

6. Dog Pooper Adjustable Long Handle Spade and Scooper

Snagle Paw Pooper Scooper for Large Dogs, Adjustable Long Handle Metal Tray and Rake Poop Scooper for Dogs with Bin for Pet Waste Removal, No Bending Clean Up Pooper Scooper for Medium and Large Dogs7
  • Heavy Duty Dog Pooper Scooper - 30% thicker premium...
  • NO MORE BENDING - Adjustable 3-section handle reaches...
  • DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT - Handle is made of premium...
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL – Use the rake to easily scoop out...
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND STORAGE – Treated with non-stick...

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A giant rake set works much better, which is a plus for this product. This product comes with 11 teeth, which helps it collect more waste. 

You can collect the coop litter with the help of a rake and then collect it in the tray. This way, you will save on your overall hassle and time, making the product great for use by different owners. 

Besides, the structure is upgraded and contains a premium 30% thicker tuber guide in the collection of poop at all times. There is a slip whose principal role is to avoid injuries likely to occur from the sharp edges. 

This item is multi-purpose, as you may as well use it as a unique clip-on and a handgrip. This unique structure makes it a reliable lock that prevents loose and spinning. 


  • Premium stainless 30% thicker stainless tube
  • Three-section adjustable handle
  • Comes with 11 teeth
  • Comes in a detachable design


  • Simple to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Simple to adjust


  • Quite challenging to assemble

7. TNELTUEB Large Dog Pooper Scooper Set Extra Metal Pet Poop Tray & Rake with Adjustable Long Handle 

TNELTUEB Extra Large Dog Pooper Scooper Set Durable Metal Poop Tray with Rake Pet Waste Removal with Adjustable Long Handle for Large Dogs, Great for Grass/Street/Gravel7
  • ★Upgraded to Larger Sizes: The sturdy tray is...
  • ★Better Quality, Cleaner Surfaces: If you are still...
  • ★Easy to Use Everywhere: Suitable for indoor and...
  • ★No More Bending: Adjustable 3-section handle reaches...

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This is the best quality chicken coop rake set that one may consider upgrading to a large size coop. Besides, the tray is sturdy and one with 9.3 and 9.8 sizes. 

Put the poop together and then collect it with the help of this rake. Similarly, the rake set has 11 teeth rather than the ordinary nine teeth. 

In this case, you will succeed in collecting more waste and thus save on trouble and time as you go back and forth in the collection process. 

This scooper is best for people who keep lots of chickens. Their quality is much more excellent and thus helps people clean the surfaces with much ease. It is time to select a stainless-steel and durable scooper that ensures long life. 


  • Comes with 11 teeth’s
  • Upgraded to give a more significant size
  • Three-section adjustable handle
  • Extends up to 38 inches


  • Not tall enough

How Often Do You Need A Rake in Chicken Coop?

You should remove the chicken coop litter or poop with a rake set at least once every month. One should scrape off the chicken poop present in the roosts and thus clean all the different nesting boxes. Ensure you get to scoop all the dirt present in the chicken bedding.

How to Use A Chicken Coop Rake? – Using Guide Step By Step

1. Dry cloth, shovel, and chicken coop rake

These are tools that are ideal for maintenance and daily cleaning. Besides, there are chicken coop spaces that are patch-up and dug using scoop and substrate droppings to prevent odors and flies. 

Utilize the dry cloth that guides in the dry wiping of everything before you make placements back in the coop.

2. Litter Scoop

The chicken coop litter scoop performs the job, which involves removing and collecting litter.

3. Plastic Buckets

The large bucket helps in mixing and disinfecting during the cleaning process. The other product comes in a medium-size and guides in collecting debris and litter that one scoop. 

4. Cleaning Brush

 It helps clean the dirt and webs that get to build up in the coop inside. 

 5. Gloves

Make sure you wear gloves before the onset of the overall cleaning process. The role of the gloves is to keep the hands clean from filth and dirt. 

 6. Eye Glasses and Mask

Scooping and brushing make the coop inside dirty with filth and chicken litter. It would help if you took care of your health by wearing goggles and a face mask.

 7. Handled Brush

 A brush with a long handle helps people get into the different house corners. A short scooper guide in scrubbing waterers with the aid of the disinfectant mix.

8. Poultry Vinegar/Disinfectant

If you do not wish to use a poultry disinfectant that is commercially made, you should make a homemade disinfectant. Ensure you put vinegar in the water and add some extra dishwashing soap later. The oils are essential, while the disinfectant mixture is potent.

9. Diatomaceous Earth and Calcium Carbonate

Their role is to prevent the buildup of mites. You can use a good chicken dewormer to treat flocks with a worm infestation.

6. Chicken Coop Rake VS Poop Scoop

Chicken scoop rake refers to the product utilized in the chicken scoop collection process. The primary role of the chicken coop rake is to ensure that the collection of poop is done in a much simpler process. 

On the other hand, a pooper-scooper, or poop scoop, is a device used to pick up chicken poop from public places and backyards. 


Ensure you collect chicken poop as often as possible with the best chicken coop rake. Through the poop collection process, you will lessen the chances of illnesses and diseases. Also, one should get rid of the new pests which infest the chickens from time to time.

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