Top 11 Quietest Chicken Breeds (List With Pictures)

Are you searching for raising a few quietest chicken breeds in your backyard? If yes, just stick to this page where you will get the list of top quiet and low noise chickens.

Living in the city or a crowded area doesn’t mean you can’t begin to homestead. Even though most of these neighborhoods have allowed people to keep chickens, they have regulations on having this livestock in your backyard. The most significant concern is the noise they make.

Because of this, one can only go for breeds that are quieter than others, and in most cases, roosters are prohibited. On the other hand, hens make little noise compared to most pets, aside from the occasional chirp and cackle.

We, as humans, love peace, and the last thing we want to do is upset our neighbors or have people stop us on the driveway, streets, or even knock at our door over the persistent, annoying chatter from your chicken.

What are Quietest Chicken Breeds?

Quiet chicken breeds do exist, and their demand for people living in crowded areas and those who need some peace and quiet in their homes is growing. 

They will not be totally quiet, but they tend to be less fussy. They are perfect for your backyard, with minimal noise pollution for those living around you.

However, rosters will always crow no matter what breed they are. These flock leaders have no single quiet bone in their entire body. Imagine being woken up by one early in the morning as you try to hold on to your last few minutes of rest.

When the flock has no rooster, they will calmly roam your backyard, and you will not even notice they are there. Most of the egg-laying breeds are considered very noisy as they make noise to attract attention once they lay eggs. 

When it comes to chickens, they come in a wide range of breeds, and some are louder than others. If you live in the city or a suburban neighborhood and need to keep a rare chicken, you will definitely have to look for one of the quietest breeds.

Top 11 Best Quietest Chicken Breeds

Here are some quietest chicken breeds you can choose to have in your backyard.

1. Buff Orpington

buff orpington rooster and hen
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Originating from England, the Buff Orpington is a popular breed that is more settled and submissive than most. It amazingly displays its submission by squatting down, waiting to be picked up by its caregiver, the human. They are very docile, friendly, and demand minimal attention.

The white, yellow, blue, and black Buff Orpingtons are the most common. They have an easy-going personality and are good to have around children, making them perfect pets. They mature after 6 months and can be kept in confinement or let roam freely.

After maturity, the rooster weighs 10 pounds and the hen 8 pounds. The hen can lay up to 250 eggs every year. This is a good option if you are looking for a quiet, egg-laying chicken to keep.

2. Australorps

black australorps
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Australorps are peaceful and gentle birds, originating from Australia, with amicable personalities, and they do not mind being held. As an urban farmer, having this breed is a plus because they can be extremely quiet and are perfect egg layers.

If eggs are the number one reason for keeping chickens, they are a good choice. The most common ones you can find are black, but they also come in white and blue colors.

These flightless birds grow fast, and their weight can’t allow them to take off. The hen’s average weight is 6.5 pounds, while roosters weigh 8 to 8.5 pounds. They lay up to 300 large tan eggs annually, and they sometimes become broody.

3. Rhode Island Reds

rhode island red rooster
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Rated as some of the quietest chickens of all, the Rhode Island Red breed is a favorite for most people who love keeping chickens. Though not as friendly as other birds, they are easily trainable but can be very aggressive and evasive.

These birds may not be the best pets, but they are low-maintenance, give us very delicious meat, and are good egg layers.

The hen weighs up to 6 pounds upon maturity and the rooster 8.5 pounds. Rhode Island Red hens can lay up to 250 eggs per year.

4. Wyandotte Chickens

wyandotte chicken breed guide
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The Wyandotte breed comes in nine stunning colors, which include white, black, buff, silver penciled, lace, golden laced, partridge, blue, and Colombian. 

This breed is known for its meat and eggs and can survive in any weather. Wyandottes are one of the quietest chicken breeds.

Wyandottes have bright red rose combs that help them keep warm in the cold. They are extremely good at taking care of their young, are quiet, and are easy-going, but some strains can be aggressive.

The hen weighs an average of 6.5 pounds, while the rooster weighs 8.5 pounds. This breed can give you almost 200 large tan eggs annually, and the egg-laying remains constant even during winter.

5. Barred Plymouth Rock

barred rock chickens are one of the quietest chicken breeds
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The Barred Plymouth Rock breed is a very friendly chicken, despite being quiet. Even their roosters show affection, making them great pets, and you can have them around the children. They also adapt to most climates and accommodations.

You can keep them in areas with long winter seasons and icy places. They come in a variety of colors, including blue, white, Colombian, and buff.

The hen weighs approximately 7.5 pounds, and the rooster 9.5 pounds. They lay over 200 large eggs each year, and though it is not the best idea, they can tolerate confinement.

6. Cochins

cochin chickens
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This quiet and affordable breed of chicken has a high-quality heritage and can grow quite large. They are, however, not good egg-layers but make perfect pets. With good maternal skills, you can easily have them around your child.

These birds are often relaxed, easy-going, and beautiful, with fluffy feathers and a round appearance. They come in light golden brown, black, and blue colors. 

Cochins are also kept for meat, but once cooked, the meat appears dark and rough. They are also one of the quietest chicken breeds.

Hens from this breed weigh an average of 8.5 pounds and their roosters at 11 pounds, making them somewhat more significant than most. The hens produce up to 140 large brown eggs every year.

7. Brahma Chicken

brahma chciken quiet chicken breed
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This funky-looking breed is quite an attraction to many, and if you are planning to keep some in your backyard, you will surely draw some attention. Luckily, however, not for their noise but for their appearance.

Brahma chickens are friendly, quirky, and quiet. They come in dark, light, partridge, and buff colors. Brahmas grow enormous after maturity, making them good winter birds. They are also very reliable at laying eggs, even throughout the cold season.

The hen weighs up to 14 pounds, and the rooster weighs up to 18 pounds. These large birds can produce up to 140 medium-sized to large eggs per year.

8. Dominiques

Dominiques are lovely quiet chickens
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Considered one of the oldest American breeds, Dominiques stand out due to their black and white barred plumage appearance and a rose comb. This quiet bird is a dual-purpose chicken

It can give you meat and good brown eggs throughout the year while maintaining calm in your backyard.

Aside from their quietness, they make great backyard birds because they are gentle and non-aggressive, making them great pets. They are open to petting and being picked up by their caregivers, but can be a bit fussy when you put them on your lap.

Mature hens of this breed weigh up to 5 pounds, while the roosters weigh up to 7 pounds. They are good at laying eggs and can produce over 230 brown eggs annually.

9. Ameraucana

Ameraucana are quietest chicken breeds
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Originating from the United States, Ameraucana chickens are a relatively new breed. They are usually docile and calm, but can become noisy whenever they feel threatened.

If you want them to remain calm in your backyard, let them roam around freely other than confining them.

They come in a variety of beautiful colors, including white, silver, brown-red, black, buff, and blue whitened. One unique thing about them is that they lay 2 to 3 blue eggs per week, making them quite popular.

These birds are friendly as soon as they adapt to their new environment. They thrive better in cold climates than in hot ones. Ameraucanas are also one of the quietest chicken breeds.

Hens weigh 5.5 pounds on average after maturity, and the rooster weighs 6.5 pounds. The hen’s appearance in this breed is quite striking as they have beards and muffs for ears. They produce at least 200 eggs every year.

10. Salmon Faverolles

salmon faverolle quitest chicken breeds
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Salmon Faverolles are quiet, friendly, curious, and always cheerful birds. It is hard for birds to be comical, but not with this breed.

They actually chuckle back at you when you talk to them, which is pretty funny. Salmon Faverolles are also very cuddly, making them perfect pets.

They thrive better when left to run around free in your backyard, as they love dashing and bumping into one another with so much vigor. This ornamental breed is spoiled, and they need you to put them to sleep.

They are gentle and hardly peck, making them safe to keep around your children. Sometimes you will get one black sheep among the flock that is aggressive, but not always. If kept with other chicken breeds, they can be easily bullied.

They come in a few colors, including black, brown, and salmon. The hens weigh an average of 6.5 pounds at maturity, while the roosters go up to 8 pounds. 

As for eggs, they lay around 180 to 200 light brown, medium-sized eggs. They have a lifespan of about 5 to 7 years.

11. Java Chickens

Java chickens are mainly kept for their eggs and meat. This breed is known as one of the oldest globally, originating from the United States.

They are dependable at egg-laying, and if you need to put one down for some meat, you will be sure to enjoy their tender and tasty flesh. The Java birds are relatively quiet, even in groups. They are perfect for your backyard because of their calmness.

Because they have been around for so long, they have been instrumental in creating newer breeds such as the Rhode Island Red and Plymouth Rock breeds.

They come in black and molten colors. Java chickens do well in cold and warm climates, and they are considered great livestock. They grow relatively slowly, and this factor is what makes their meat flavorful.

These birds are considered endangered as their numbers are diminishing by the day. They thrive well in small groups and are pretty docile, but sometimes active.

The hen weighs, on average, 7.5 pounds and the rooster 9.5 pounds upon maturity. They lay up to 150 large and brown eggs annually.

Advantages of Raising few Quietest Chicken Breeds

Below are some benefits of rasiling quiet chicken breeds:

  1. They are very calm, and you don’t have to worry about bothering your neighbors with noise.
  2. Quiet backyard chickens are often low-maintenance.
  3. Most of these breeds are friendly and make good pets.
  4. They provide fresh eggs and meat for your family.
  5. If you have a small garden, they will do some gardening for you for free. They are great at keeping away pests.

Disadvantages of Raising the Quietest Chicken Breeds

Here are some downsides of raising quietest chicken breeds:

  1. They have smelly droppings that can make your home unpleasant.
  2. They attract rodents that may come into your home.
  3. Chickens create a lot of dust as they scratch up the earth during dust baths.
  4. If you are planning to go on vacation, you will need a caretaker for them, which means you will have to spend money.
  5. Fencing and purchasing or making a coop can be quite costly.


Since rosters are not allowed in most city and suburban backyards, nature does take its course; a hen will assume the flock’s leadership. It will do the crowing when the caregiver brings the chicken food to attract the rest.

However, the crow is not as significant as that of a rooster. With the Buff Orpington considered the quietest of them all, you can risk adding a roster to the flock to help with reproduction (if allowed).

Some people use no crow collars to minimize the chicken sounds. But keeping a quiet chicken breed helps you avoid this extra clutter to reduce the noise.

But accessing fresh eggs for daily consumption is a bonus for any person, and keeping these breeds will give you that satisfaction. Polish chickens and Easter Eggers are the two most notorious breeds when it comes to noise.

Be sure to avoid them when looking for one of the quietest chicken breeds for your backyard. You should also beware when buying Ameraucanas as they closely resemble Easter Eggers.

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