19 Largest Chicken Breeds and Benefits (With Pictures)

Searching for some giant chicken breeds for your farming? If yes, keep reading. Here we have given a list of 19 largest chicken breeds with pictures.

Chickens come in all kinds of sizes and shapes, and as you surely know, the bigger a chicken, the more likely it will generate a vast amount of meat for your dining table.

Giant breeds of chicken are an excellent addition to every flock at the backyard! They’re present, they render equal very beautiful, they certainly look like small dinosaurs, and you’re going to enjoy watching them!

When you consider adding with your flock a few gentle but largest chicken breeds, this article is really for you. You will explore the largest breeds of chicken, which are also good layers of eggs, and they will easily fit into every flock throughout the backyard, given their size! Whether you are considering increasing chickens for meat and eggs, you might like to think these kinds of large breeds of chicken to your backyard flock.

19 Largest Chicken Breeds for productive farming

You will have the best choice of double purpose kings, an eggcellent egg layers, for each of the breeds throughout in this article. So, lets start..

1. Barred Rocks chicken

Barred Rocks chicken, big chicken breed
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Picture credit: thomaspix

Barred Rocks is an old American large chicken breed, to clearly delineated barred black or white feathers, famous since the 1700s.

Weighing about 7 pounds, a rooster has friendly personalities. You can assume around 280 eggs per year, as wonderful as egg layers.

2. Cochin chicken

Cochin chicken, giant chicken breed,
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Cochin chickens are one of the fluffy largest chicken breed, which are also one of the most famous poultry breeds. They are pleasant, cold-hardy, or consistently lay eggs.

You can choose from a full-size Cochin and the bantam wide range when you add one to your flock (and get both of them, surely get both).

3. Brahma chicken

Brahma chicken, large chicken breed
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How can a Chicken get huge? Brahmas are very well known for a video of a massive rooster that went viral (own by a man called Fitim Sejfijaj, situated near Kosovo) or boasted the title of “Biggest Chicken throughout the World.” Suddenly, everybody wanted Brahmas!

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This breed is good for both meat and eggs. They grow up to 30-35 inches tall.

4. Malines chicken

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Originating through 19th-century Belgium, this chicken breed is among the biggest in the world (Jersey Giants rivaling for heft). Roosters can achieve 12 pounds or feathers styled in both men and women sport cuckoo.

Such chickens get a calm temper, so don’t mind picking up. They are fair strata producing 150 eggs per year. Though there is a wide range of bantam, they are not easily accessible.

5. Jersey Giant chicken

Jersey Giant chicken, biggest chicken breed
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A Jersey Giant chicken is among the biggest chicken breeds around the world. They’re more than their width though: Docile or mellow, they’re good breeds of pets too.

Jersey Giants are a historic breed of chicken that was established as an option to turkeys through New Jersey during the 19th century. They find great layers at 150 to 200 big eggs annually. The color of the Jersey Giant ovum is brown.

6. The Malay chicken

The Malay chicken, big chicken breed
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So what’s the Breed of the Tallest Chicken? It’s The Maylay! Although, not as heavy as the Jersey Giant, a Malay chicken is considered as the world’s hightest largest chicken breed, reaching 30 inches high.

(Even though a Brahma holds the present “Tallest rooster all over the world” record) Established in Europe from local Indian or Malay Peninsula chickens and birds, they became popular because of their height.

Malay roosters carry about 9 pounds but are fair layers for the hens. You can predict around 100 eggs annually. They’re mainly kept today for ornamental reasons.

7. Langshan chicken

Langshan chicken
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Langshan chickens were born in China as well as in the 19th century found their way westward. They are footed with the feather or lay dark brown eggs.

They all are a hardy black large chicken breed, heat tolerant, or polite to human beings. They can grow up to weight 9 pounds, or they lay around 180 eggs per year.

8. Dong Tao chicken

Dong Tao chicken, giant chicken breed
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Photo credit: danviet.vn

Dong Taos, also recognized as the “dragon chicken,” has a very distinctive look. Representatives of this breed sport weighing at about 12 pounds, expanded their feet and legs.

This is one of the biggest chicken breeds. They began in Vietnam, in which their meat is prized. Their large legs make laying eggs and moving around tough, so they are not maintained for their eggs.

9. Rhode Island Reds

Rhode Island Reds, Lovely big chicken breeds
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Rhode Island Red chickens are among the best-known large breeds available. Even though they have fallen in prominence through favor of ornamental species throughout the past couple of years, they are quite cold hardy or require tiny care aside from frequent feed, water, vet care, or housing. The roosters weigh around 9 pounds.

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10. Delaware chicken

Delaware chicken
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Delaware chicken

Delaware chickens are famous too, and they are straightforward to go. They’re not its most massive birds around here, around 6 to 8 pounds filling out.

They are excellent layers of eggs, and one can expect approximately 280 eggs a year.

11. Australorp chicken

Australorp chicken
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Australorps (mainly black Australorp chickens) are getting popular because they are outstanding layers. Originating through Australia, Orpingtons are their parent stock; their name is a blend of “Australia” and “Orpington.”

Males carry 10 pounds, making them quite heavy. An average hen laid around 300 eggs per annum.

12. Orpington chicken

Orpington chicken, big chicken breeds
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Supply for a more useful, efficiency-focused extra large chicken breed rose, and the first variants of Orpington chickens made William Cook pleased to oblige. His Black or Buff Orpingtons obtained exponential fame or remain fashionable to this day.

Also, are Orpington chickens docile when being managed by humans–they do excellently with other chickens through close quarters too. Their polite temperament increases their attractiveness as laying hens or cattle. 

13. Cornish Game Chicken

Cornish Game Chicken, big hen breeds for eggs
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Like all other large variants, Cornish Game chickens are usually docile when left or alone gently treated. They could also show more violence when arousing than different variants of chickens.

Even though they don’t produce many more eggs each year as other breeds, they do make good, calm laying hens. Such birds proliferate to maturity or are awesome foragers.

They need to have more space than other chicken breeds because of their tendency to depend on food foraging.

14. Faverolles chicken

Faverolles chicken
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Founded at the turn of the 20th century in Northern France, Faverolles is a fluffy or feathery heavy breed chicken renowned for its genius and pleasant looks.

Faverolles is a composite breed generated from a large, strong, and healthy-sized combination with Cochins, Houdans or Dorkings, while also being smooth and reliable layers. Wyandotte, Rhode Island Reds, Plymouth Rock, or Barnevelders are also famous composite breeds from this duration.

15. New Hampshire Red chicken

New Hampshire Red chicken
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Picture credit: gartenfreuden

This chicken was meant to expand as soon as possible or to mature. That’s one of the most famous extra large chicken breeds. Hens weigh approximately six and a half pounds whilst also roosters could even tip the scales at almost nine pounds.

Such birds were double purpose chickens, and are frequently raised to produce meat. They have thick, stocky bodies intended to help a bird isolate from the cooler temperatures.

16. Minorca chicken

Minorca chicken,
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Minorca chickens are big, elegant or energetic senoritas, sharing their name with a lovely island off Spain’s west coast.

Adopted by a British throughout the late 18th century, such sleek ladies to spicy personalities were massively common in the late 20th century, until being trumped by hybrid breeds and other productive laying hens.

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On the brink of extinction, such genuinely remarkable ladies earn to have their names lit up around the world through backyard coops!

17. Wyandotte chicken

Wyandotte chicken, big chicken breed
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Wyandotte’s chickens are daring, brassy, and wonderful birds both in and out of. The Wyandotte breed was initially founded through North America in 1883. Having revered the British Sebright chicken’s ideal plumage; American breeders fixed out to develop a practical, no less beautiful, and version adapted to an unfamiliar environment.

Success was growing slowly, but Wyandotte’s chickens ultimately became the major players on a dual intent scene, supplying eggs and meat for fast-moving America.

18. Araucana chicken

Araucana chicken
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Araucanas are striking big chickens that always leave a perception within the coop or outside of it. These distinctively feathered blue egg laying beauty are clear to understand how to step out in a world filled of lovely poultry with all sorts.

There is merely nothing normal about Araucana chickens from their energizing personalities to their unique featherings-these girls were created to stand out!

19. Sussex chicken

Sussex chicken, big chicken breed
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Sussex chickens are a fantastic addition to every chicken coop at the backyard looking for a graceful chook, a pleasant nature, or a little grit.

Their long and illustrious family background or genuinely nice, curious nature creates Sussex chickens great for novice chicken keeping and who want a very kind hen to add to their increasing menagerie also at the backyard. With Sussex chicken, you’re never going to be alone. They make fantastic companion birds.

Benefits of Raising a Large Chicken breed

Before buying a big chicken breed, you must understand the benefits of raising giant breeds in your backyards.

  • Large breeds are good for more meat and more egg production.
  • Giant chickens like Jersey Giants, Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks produce large size eggs.
  • They are cool. Some medium breeds like Aseel fights more because of their athletic body but big breeds are more relax in their nature.
  • Big chickens are good for getting a big breed.
  • Directly give a profit to your business.


In this article, you got a list of some large chicken breeds. If you are interested to raise some giant chickens and you already have few small size chicken flocks in your backyard, then you must need some more space for these biggies.

Large chicken takes a double space of normal size chickens in coops. So, before buying some giant chicken breeds, consider buying some big size chicken coop for them. You can also make portable chicken coops at home. Here are the plans and ideas for 21 best portable chicken coops.

If you want to know more about the largest chicken breeds, ask below in the comment section. Hope this list of big chicken breeds helps you. Thanks for reading.

19 Largest Chicken Breeds and Benefits (With Pictures)
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