Sebright Chicken Breed Guide: Golden & Silver Bantam Pictures

Sebright chicken is one of the most lovely ornamental fowl. This is a British chicken breed only found in bantam size. If you want to know all about Sebrights, then keep reading. 

This breed guide includes life expectancy, history, egg production, temperament, color, size, appearance, characteristics, raising benefits, care guide, and more about Sebright chicken.

So, let’s start this informative post about this most popular bantam chicken breed.

What is Sebright Chicken?

Sebright is one of the most popular small chicken breeds. There is no standard large size of this miniature bird. 

Also, this chicken is famous for its friendly behavior with its owners. So most of the chicken raisers recommend this bird for keeping as a pet.

The American Bantam Association has also added Sebright to the top 10 most popular bantam chicken breeds. The Sebright roosters are one of the best in the world.

History of Sebright Chicken

A Gold Laced Sebright Chicken Front View Picture
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It is one of the oldest bantam chicken breeds, which is still so popular. Sebright chicken was first developed by Sir John Saunders Sebright of the United Kingdom in the early 1800s. 

Sir John Saunders Sebright was trying to develop an exhibition chicken breed, and the result was this beautiful Sebright fowl. This chicken breed is not available in standard or large sizes. It is a bit shiny and striking plumage bird.

You can call this chicken an ornamental chicken because it is beautiful but unsuitable for both eggs and meat. Here is our list of best dual-purpose chickens. But If you see its beautiful plumage, you will love them.

Most of the people keep Sebright chicken as a pet and show them in various types of exhibitions. We can say it’s a premium-looking tiny bird for every chicken lover who wants to keep a beautiful pet chicken.

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Sebright Accepted Varieties

American Bantam Association accepts only two varieties of Sebrights-

  • Gold Laced
  • Silver Laced

Also, the APA recognized these above bantam varieties in the year 1874.

Lifespan of Sebright Chicken

Sebright Chicken has an average lifespan of about 8 years. 

Egg Production

As you all know, this is not a chicken for eggs or not for meat. The Sebright chicken lays around 60-80 eggs per year. 

Sebright hens lay small white and tinted colored eggs of about 30-35 gm in weight. Also, Sebrights do not like to go broody, so do not keep hatching expectations from this show bird. 

If you have few Sebrights hens, try to collect their eggs and use an excellent incubator to hatch them.

Considering the significantly less egg-laying capacity of Sebrights, it is not recommended for the eggs production business.

Temperament of Sebright Chicken

A Silver Laced Sebright Chicken Top View Picture
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Sebright chickens are friendly and docile. They love to play with their owners and childrens. Also, this show bird loves to go wherever you take them.

You can choose it as a small pet chicken. Sebrights act like dogs when you go to the office, they will chase your car, and when you come back, they will run towards you.

Sebrights has a charming and mixing personality. If you give them treats for a few days, they will love to move on to your commands.

The Sebright fowl love free-range. If you have a large area in your backyard, this is the best ornamental chicken.

Color, Size, Appearance, Characteristics of Sebright chicken


You may see Sebrights in mixed color in your locality, but there are only two recognized varieties of this breed. According to the American Bantam Association, Gold and Silver Laced.

Both the varieties’ look and body structure are almost the same, but the colors are different. 


As we have already discussed, you cannot expect meat from this chicken because they are very tiny compared to other standard chicken breeds.

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Sebright chicken is only found in bantam size. The male birds of this breed weigh around 600-650 g, and the female birds weigh about 500-550 g.

This small size and weight is the primary cause of this bird keeps it out from the list of top egg-laying chickens and meat chickens.


A Golden Laced Sebright Rooster Image
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The Gold and Silver Laced color varieties look beautiful. Sebright chicken has very noticeable and sharp black border lines on the feathers. 

On both the Silver and Golden color Sebright, the feathers are U shape edges. They have a rose comb that is pointed backside.

The body structure is also U-shaped, and legs are more open to the front side. Sebright chickens have 4 toes and no feathers on their legs.


There are two color varieties of Sebright Chicken; Gold and Silver Laced. The Golden Sebrights actual color is the golden bay to shiny brown, and the silver is white to silver.

Sebright chicken, both male, and female looks almost the same. They do not have a distinctive curved and shiny feather on their hackle, sickle, and saddle.

They have a very short back, and breasts are slight outward. Tail feathers are aligned straight upward and have a rose comb. 

Earlobes of Sebrights are purple-red, and legs are slate blue in color. Their wattles and face color are red in color.

Benefits of Raising Sebright Chicken

Sebright chicken is not beneficial for business purposes like selling eggs and meat. This is an ornamental chicken that is best only for pet purpose,

The Sebright is a beautiful exhibition bird that will amaze everyone. Like other pets, you can take them wherever you go.

Care guide for Sebright Chicken 

Silver Laced Rooster and Hen Image
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Sebright is a tiny chicken breed, so it’s easy to raise. Below are few tips for raising and caring for them –

  • They do not need any special care like most chickens.
  • Sebright chickens live almost in all types of weather conditions, but small chickens need a little bit more bedding and warmness inside the coop than large-sized chickens.
  • If you are buying Sebright chicks, remember they need a few extra days of brooding because of their small size.
  • They are very friendly, so they will readily engage with their owners and childrens.
  • Predators are dangerous for most small chicken breeds, so use a good quality chicken wire for fencing around your coop and run area.
  • Sebright is a good pet Bird but keeping in a portable chicken coop helps them to live more comfortably.
  • If you are always keeping your Sebright chicken inside your house, using a chicken diaper is good for keeping your home clean.
  • Backyard with sufficient space and the free-range area is excellent for Sebrights. If you have good fencing around, you can safely allow them, but this bird also loves living inside the house and chicken tractors.
  • Also, the Sebright chicks are susceptible and have a high early mortality rate, so they need extra caring and proper brooding.
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So overall, we can say Seright is a beautiful ornamental chicken breed. People who are searching for a stunning show bird can raise this chicken breed.

Any newbie chicken raiser can take care of this breed effortlessly. Sebright chicken does not provide a good amount of eggs and meat, but it’s a fantastic pet.

The hens of this breed very rarely go broody, so if you want to hatch their eggs are a good incubator. It is a good choice for those who love bantam chicken breeds without eggs and meat.

Are you raising a Sebright chicken, or you want to raise it? Comment below.

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I am Bijaya Kumar and I have been raising chickens for the last 10 years. Backyard poultry farming has been our family business for the last 30 years. We raise multiple chicken breeds in their backyard.

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  1. Hi
    I have a golden Sebright pullet about 14 weeks of age. I’m attempting to tame her but she isn’t responding to my gestures, she runs away (boy is she fast) and is the loudest of all the breeds in my flock of D’Uccles, Silkie, Brahma and Polish Crested. I’ll keep trying to befriend her, bringing her inside and using a chicken diaper. Fingers crossed, love her, she’s so beautiful but soooooooo sassy!

    • Thank for writing here,

      Don’t force your chicken to get inside, If she want to free-range allow them.
      But occasionally give her few chicken treats like mealworms so that she will listen you.

  2. I got 2 Golden Sebright Bantam in Aug and a Black hen with them same sizes. No eggs as of 14 Oct !!! No eggs from any of these Hens !!! I have a Bantam Rooster Old English/Dutch mix in coop with them . Love my Bantam how can I tell if these 3 or HENS ?

    • Hi, Rickey

      Sebright chickens start laying eggs after 18-22 months. So, wait for few more weeks. \
      Also they lay very less eggs.


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