Lohmann Brown Chickens: Breed Guide, Eggs, Weight, Care and Picture

Lohmann Brown chickens are highly regarded for their exceptional egg-laying abilities, making them a popular choice among poultry enthusiasts and commercial egg producers alike. 

Developed by the German company Lohmann Tierzucht, this breed is a hybrid cross known for its outstanding productivity and reliable performance. 

With their docile temperament, medium-sized body, and stunning reddish-brown plumage, Lohmann Brown chickens have become a staple in the world of poultry. 

Whether you’re a backyard chicken keeper looking for a reliable layer or a commercial farmer seeking optimal egg production, Lohmann Browns are sure to impress with their consistent and abundant supply of large brown eggs.

Origin and History of Lohmann Brown Chickens

Lohmann Tierzucht, a German poultry breeding company, developed the Lohmann Brown chicken breed. The company produces high-performance laying hens through careful selection and breeding programs. 

The Lohmann Brown breed was specifically developed to meet the demands of the egg production industry. The breeding process involved crossing various chicken breeds to obtain the desired traits. 

The exact genetic composition of the Lohmann Brown is proprietary information held by Lohmann Tierzucht. However, it is known that the breed results from hybridization and not a purebred chicken.

Lohmann Browns were bred to excel in egg production, focusing on high egg yields, feed efficiency, and adaptability to different management systems. 

They are known for their ability to lay many high-quality brown eggs throughout their productive lifespan. Due to its exceptional performance, the Lohmann Brown breed gained popularity among commercial egg producers. 

These chickens are known for their egg-laying solid ability, consistent production, and hardiness. They have become a preferred choice for many farmers and poultry businesses worldwide.

Lohmann Tierzucht continues to invest in research and development to enhance the breed’s performance and meet the evolving needs of the egg production industry. 

They strive to improve Lohmann Brown’s traits, including egg production, shell quality, feed conversion efficiency, and disease resistance.

Overall, the Lohmann Brown breed has significantly impacted the poultry industry, providing consumers with a reliable source of high-quality eggs worldwide.

Their genetic makeup and breeding history remain proprietary information, closely guarded by Lohmann Tierzucht, which has played a vital role in the breed’s success and widespread adoption.

Color Variety

Color Variety of Lohmann Brown Chickens
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Lohmann Brown chickens are not recognized by the American Poultry Association (APA) or the British Poultry Standards (BPS) because they are a commercial hybrid breed developed for egg production rather than exhibition purposes.

The Lohmann Brown chicken breed is primarily known for its standardized color variety: a rich, reddish-brown to deep chestnut brown. 

The feather color of Lohmann Browns falls within the brown spectrum. While individual birds may vary slightly in the shade, the overall coloration of their feathers is consistent within the breed.

The specific brown coloration of Lohmann Brown chickens results from the breed’s genetic makeup, carefully selected and refined by Lohmann Tierzucht, the company responsible for developing and maintaining the breed.

It’s important to note that Lohmann Brown chickens are primarily bred for their egg-laying abilities and commercial performance rather than diverse color variations. 

Therefore, the brown color variety is the most commonly observed and recognized in Lohmann Brown chickens.

Lifespan of Lohmann Brown Chickens

Lohmann Brown chickens has an average lifespan of 5-8 years, depending on the quality of care, diet, and living conditions provided. With proper care, these chickens can thrive and consistently lay eggs.

It is essential to provide your Lohmann Brown chickens with a balanced diet, adequate space, and proper shelter to ensure they live long, healthy lives. Regular health check-ups and preventive measures can also help extend the lifespan of these birds.

Physical Appearance of Lohmann Brown Chickens

The Lohmann Brown chickens have soft and moderately long feathers. They possess a well-developed plumage that provides adequate insulation.

The shade of brown can vary slightly between individual birds but generally ranges from a rich, reddish-brown to a deep chestnut brown.

The Lohmann Brown chickens have medium-sized bodies with a compact and well-muscled build. They have a broad chest, a straight back, and a slightly rounded abdomen.

The comb of a Lohmann Brown chicken is single and medium-sized. It is usually erect, evenly serrated, and extends along the top of the head. The comb can vary in color from reddish to darker red.

Lohmann Browns have medium-sized, smooth, and well-rounded wattles. The wattles are on either side of the lower beak, hanging down from the throat area. They can also vary in color, from pale pink to darker red.

The earlobes of Lohmann Brown chickens are typically medium-sized and smooth. They are located on the sides of the head, just below the eyes. The color of the earlobes can range from pale pink to light red.

Lohmann Brown chickens have a moderately sized beak that is strong and slightly curved. The beak color can vary, but it is often a light-to-dark horn color.

The legs of Lohmann Browns are typically a yellowish color. The shade can vary, but it tends to be a lighter yellow, and the legs are smooth and feathers-free.

Toes: Lohmann Brown chickens have four toes on each foot. They possess straight and well-spaced toes, typically yellowish, matching the legs.

Additionally, the eyes of Lohmann Browns are typically orange or reddish-orange. They are round and bright, displaying good alertness and liveliness.

Temperament and Behavior

The Lohmann Brown chickens are known to be calm and relatively easy to handle. They are generally tolerant of human interaction and less prone to aggressive behavior than other chicken breeds.

Lohmann Browns are social animals and tend to thrive in the company of other chickens. They enjoy being part of a flock and establish a hierarchical pecking order within their group.

While Lohmann Brown chickens are primarily bred for egg production, they still retain some instincts for foraging. 

They enjoy scratching the ground, searching for insects, and pecking at vegetation. However, their activity levels may be lower compared to more active and forage-oriented breeds.

Lohmann Brown chickens are adaptable to various management systems and housing environments. They can thrive in intensive farming setups and free-range systems, provided they can access proper nutrition, space, and suitable living conditions.

The Lohmann Browns, like most chickens, produce vocalizations such as clucking, crowing (in the case of roosters), and occasional squawking. However, their noise level is generally moderate and not excessive.

Furthermore, Lohmann Brown chickens tend to establish a routine and adapt well to regular feeding and care schedules. They are known to be relatively easy to manage and adjust to farm or backyard routines.

Lohmann Brown Hen Egg Production

Lohmann Brown hens typically begin laying eggs around 18-20 weeks, slightly earlier than many other breeds. 

These prolific layers can produce around 300-320 large, brown eggs per year, making them a top choice for those seeking a reliable egg-laying breed.

The eggs are a beautiful, deep brown color and are relatively large. Lohmann Brown hens are consistent layers, often laying an egg every day or every other day. 

With their impressive egg production capabilities, it’s no wonder these birds are highly sought after by backyard poultry keepers and commercial egg farmers.

Their focus on excessive egg production may result in less broody behavior than other breeds raised explicitly for breeding purposes. Farmers may need an incubator to hatch their eggs.

Lohmann Brown Chickens Size and Weight

The Lohmann Brown roosters have medium-sized body with a compact and muscular build. They have a broad chest and a relatively upright posture. On average, Lohmann Brown roosters can weigh between 6 to 8 pounds.

Lohmann Brown hens have medium-sized body with a compact and well-rounded shape. They also have a broad chest and a slightly rounded abdomen. On average, Lohmann Brown hens can weigh between 4.5 to 6 pounds.

Young males or cockerels of this breed have a smaller body size than adult roosters but are still developing their mature features. As they grow, they typically weigh around 4 to 5 pounds.

Lohmann Brown pullets have a smaller body size compared to adult hens but are still developing their mature features. Lohmann Brown pullets typically weigh around 3.5 to 4.5 pounds as they continue to grow.

Moreover, the chicks are small, fluffy, compact, and round. Baby chicks of this hybrid chickens typically weigh around 1 to 2 ounces (28 to 57 grams) at hatching and continue to gain weight as they grow.

Lohmann Brown Rooster Vs. Hen Chart

CharacteristicLohmann Brown RoosterLohmann Brown Hen
SizeMedium to largeMedium to small
Weight6 to 8 pounds (2.7 to 3.6 kilograms)4.5 to 6 pounds (2.0 to 2.7 kilograms)
PlumageBright and vibrant colorsSubdued and consistent brown color
CombLarge, upright, often brightly coloredSmaller and less pronounced
WattlesProminent and well-developedSmaller and less pronounced
Tail FeathersLonger and more prominentShorter and less showy
BehaviorProtective, may exhibit dominanceFocused on egg-laying, maternal instincts if broody
CrowingLoud and distinctN/A (Hens do not crow)
Reproductive TraitsTestes, spursNo testes or spurs

Health and Common Issues in Lohmann Brown Chickens

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Lohmann Brown chickens are generally healthy, robust birds with few health issues. However, like all chicken breeds, they are susceptible to specific health issues. There are some common issues to watch out for.

1. Parasites: Lohmann Browns can be prone to external parasites such as mites and lice. Regularly inspect your birds and their living environment to keep these pests at bay. If you see any signs of a problem, use an excellent dewormer to treat your flocks immediately.

2. Respiratory infections: Chickens can be susceptible to respiratory infections, which can present as coughing, sneezing, or discharge from the eyes or nostrils. Providing a clean, well-ventilated living environment can help prevent these infections. 

If you observe any signs of respiratory distress in your flock, please consult a veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment.

3. Egg-laying issues: Lohmann Brown hens can experience egg-laying issues such as egg binding or soft-shelled eggs over time. Ensuring your hens receive a balanced diet with adequate calcium can help prevent these issues.

Indeed, by providing regular health check-ups, a balanced diet, and a clean, safe living environment, you can help your Lohmann Brown chickens live long, healthy lives.

Feeding and Caring for Lohmann Brown Chickens

Proper nutrition is essential for Lohmann Brown chickens to maintain their overall health and egg production. 

Follow these guidelines to ensure your birds receive the nutrients they need:

1. Chick starter: From hatch to 8 weeks of age, feed your Lohmann Brown chicks a high-quality chicken feed containing 18-20% protein. This will help promote strong, healthy growth during this crucial developmental stage.

2. Grower feed: From 8-18 weeks of age, switch your Lohmann Browns to a grower feed containing 14-16% protein. This will support their continued growth and development as they transition into adulthood.

3. Layer feed: Once your hens begin laying eggs (typically around 18–20 weeks), switch them to a layer feed containing 16-18% protein and at least 3-4% calcium. This will provide the necessary nutrients for consistent egg production and strong shells.

4. Supplemental calcium: Besides giving good food for the layers, give your Lohmann Brown hens calcium-rich foods like crushed oyster shells or limestone. This will help them receive calcium for solid eggshells and healthy bones.

5.  Fresh water: Always provide your Lohmann Brown chickens with a clean, fresh water source. It is essential to monitor your water supply and replenish it as needed, since chickens can drink up to a pint per day.

6. Grit and greens: Lohmann Browns enjoy foraging for insects, seeds, and greens. Offer your birds access to fresh greens or vegetables and provide a grit source to aid digestion.

Additionally, by providing a balanced, nutritious diet, you can help your Lohmann Brown chickens thrive and maintain their impressive egg-laying abilities.

Housing and Space Requirements for Lohmann Brown Chickens

Housing and Space Requirements for Lohmann Brown Chickens
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Lohmann Brown chickens are adaptable birds that thrive in various living situations. However, providing them with a clean, secure, and comfortable living environment is essential for their health and well-being. 

Remember the following guidelines when planning your Lohmann Brown chicken coop:

1.   Space: Lohmann Brown chickens require a minimum of 3-4 square feet of indoor coop space per bird. If they cannot access an outdoor run, increase this to 5-10 square feet per bird to prevent overcrowding and stress.

2.   Ventilation: A well-ventilated coop is essential for preventing respiratory issues and maintaining a healthy living environment. Install vents or windows in your coop to allow for proper airflow.

3.   Roosting bars: Provide your Lohmann Brown chickens with roosting bars to rest and sleep on at night. Allow for a minimum of 8-12 inches of roosting space per bird.

4.   Nesting boxes: Lohmann Brown hens require a quiet, secure place to lay their eggs. Each hen in your flock should have at least one nesting box, and fill them with soft bedding such as straw or wood shavings.

5.   Protection from predators: Ensure your Lohmann Brown chicken coop is secure from predators such as raccoons, foxes, and birds of prey. Use sturdy construction materials and hardware cloth to protect your flock.

6.   Outdoor access: Provide your Lohmann Brown chickens access to an outdoor run or free-range area. This allows them to forage, exercise, and exhibit natural behaviors, contributing to their happiness and well-being.

Breeding and Raising Lohmann Brown Chicks

The process of breeding and raising Lohmann Brown chicks can be rewarding, but it requires careful planning and preparation. 

Follow these guidelines to ensure a successful breeding and hatching process:

1.   Selecting breeding stock: Choose healthy, high-quality Lohmann Brown hens and roosters for breeding. Look for birds with good body conformation, clean feathers, and a friendly temperament.

2.   Creating a breeding pen: Set up a separate one for your Lohmann Browns. This allows you to control breeding and ensure the resulting chicks are purebred.

3.   Incubating eggs: Lohmann Brown eggs require 21 days of incubation to hatch. You can use a commercial incubator or a broody hen to incubate the eggs. Ensure the eggs are kept at a consistent temperature and humidity level throughout the incubation process.

4.   Caring for chicks: Once the chicks hatch, provide them with a brooder box or pen with a heat lamp to keep them warm. Feed them high-quality chick starter feed and provide them with fresh water. Monitor their health closely and treat any issues promptly.

Raising Lohmann Brown chicks requires careful attention to their nutritional and environmental needs. Make sure they have a clean, safe living environment and a balanced diet to grow into healthy birds.

Where to Find Lohmann Brown Chickens for Sale?

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Lohmann Brown chickens are famous, so they are widely available for purchase. You can find Lohmann Browns for sale at hatcheries, farm supply stores, and online poultry retailers. 

It’s essential to choose a reputable seller and ensure the birds you purchase are healthy and of good quality.

When purchasing Lohmann Brown chickens, look for birds with bright, alert eyes, clean feathers, and no signs of illness or injury.

Ask the seller about the bird’s history and ensure they have been vaccinated against common poultry diseases.

FAQs About Lohmann Brown Chickens

Are Lohmann Brown Chickens Good Layers? 

Yes, Lohmann Brown chickens are known for their excellent egg-laying abilities. They are specifically bred for high egg production and are considered one of the top choices for individuals or farmers seeking a breed that reliably produces many eggs.

How Long Do Lohmann Brown Chickens Lay Eggs? 

Lohmann Brown hens can continue laying eggs consistently throughout their lives. Generally, they will lay eggs until they are around 5-7 years old. However, it’s important to note that their egg production may gradually decrease as hens age.

How Many Eggs Do Lohmann Brown Chickens Lay a Day? 

Lohmann Brown hens have the potential to lay approximately one egg per day or every other day, depending on various factors such as diet, health, and environmental conditions. They can produce around 300-320 large brown eggs per year.

Where to Buy Lohmann Brown Chickens?

Lohmann Brown chickens can be purchased from various sources such as hatcheries, farm supply stores, and online poultry retailers. Choosing a reputable seller who offers healthy and high-quality birds is essential. Researching customer reviews and recommendations can help ensure a reliable source for purchasing Lohmann Brown chickens.

Is Lohmann Chicken Breed Have Roosters?

Yes, the Lohmann Brown chicken breed consists of both hens (female) and roosters (male). Roosters play a vital role in the breeding process as they fertilize the eggs produced by the hens. However, hens are typically preferred for those primarily interested in egg production.

Conclusion: Are Lohmann Brown Chickens Good For You?

Lohmann Brown chickens are an excellent choice for backyard poultry enthusiasts and commercial egg farmers. 

These hardy, adaptable birds are known for their excellent egg-laying abilities, docile temperament, and attractive appearance. 

With proper care and nutrition, Lohmann Brown chickens can live long, healthy lives and continue producing a steady supply of eggs. 

If you’re considering adding Lohmann Browns to your flock, follow the guidelines in this guide to ensure a successful and rewarding experience.

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