How Much Space Do Chickens Need? In (Coop, Kennel Run, and Chicken Tractor)

In poultry, knowing how much space do chickens need is very crucial? If you are confused about managing proper space inside your chicken pen, then this guide must help you a lot. 

Most of the farmers try to keep more flocks in a small chicken pen. But that is not good. Before going through the space for chicken guide, let us understand the importance of space in the chicken pen. 

Importance of Space in Chicken Coop 

Here are some important points for understanding suitable space for chickens inside the coop- 

  1. Keeping good space inside a chicken coop maintains good health for your flocks. 
  2. Overcrowding in a chicken coop causes an excess collection of litter, which may cause several types of infections. 
  3. If you keep more chickens in small spaces, then you may see growth retardation in your flocks. It happens because chickens cannot eat and drink properly in crowded environments. 
  4. If you chicken flocks live in a proper required space, then they look spotless and beautiful. 
  5. Proper space requirement for chickens helps your flocks live happily with good growth. 

Disadvantages of Less Space Inside Chicken Coop

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Below are few major problems which you may face if you provide less space to your chicken flocks- 

  1. Keeping chickens in a smaller coop leads to wet floors or litters because increased numbers of birds also cause an increase in poultry droppings. 
  2. Overcrowding in poultry houses may cause infectious diseases. 
  3. Increased numbers of flocks in a small space may cause poor feeding, which causes reduced weight in chickens. 
  4. Roosters may fight more because of more interaction with each other. 
  5. Because of keeping lots of chickens in a small space, they look ugly. You can easily see dirty feathers in most of the crowded coops. 
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Factors Affecting Space Inside the Chicken Coop

Below are a few crucial factors which help you understand- how much space do your chicken needs? 

  1. Number of chicken flocks in your shed. 
  2. Type of chicken breed in your shed. 
  3. Size of chicken breed, which you want to keep in a particular coop. 
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Knowing the numbers of chickens is a major factor to supply required space inside the coop. It is the first step in or keeping space per chicken.  

After that understand the breed which you are buying or keeping in your backyard farm. There are so many chicken breeds which grow up to 1-2 pounds only, but there are so many large size chicken breeds which grow till 5-6 pounds. 

So, if you have a small size chicken breed, then obviously you need less space than larger size chicken breeds.  

Also, understand every week chicks need some more space inside the coop. In starting stage you need only 10 to 12 square feet of area only for 250 chicks. But every week they need increased space.  

If you want to know more about raising baby chicks, here is our complete guide on it

Now let’s understand how much square feet your chickens need inside the coop. 

How Many Square Feet per Chicken Required in the Coop?

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If you are raising broiler chickens in your farm, you need 1-3 square feet of area till they fully grow. But it is not applicable to free-range chickens because they are available in varieties of breeds. 

There are lots of large and small breeds of free-range chickens, so they need different dimensions of coop and space inside the chicken. Also, most of the chicken breeds have bantam and normal size. You must have to think about that as well. 

Always remember an easy formula to understand: how many feet per chicken required in the coop? 

A fully grown cockerel of 1kg body weight needs about size is 1.5-2 sq. ft. area. So, If you have 100 flocks you need a coop size of 150-200 sq.ft. So, the answer is 1.5-2 square feet per space is required per chicken. 

How Much Space Does Chickens Need to Roam in a Kennel Run?

Kennel runs differ from coops inside. Coop inside is for roosting and nesting of chickens, but the kennel run is for roaming, feeding, and playing. 

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Chickens love to graze freely in this outside part of coops. It has 3 to 4 times larger space than coops inside. So, for example, if you have 20 chicken flocks in your coop then you need 40 sq. ft. area inside the coop and kennel part must be minimum 40×3 = 120sq. ft. 

How Much Space Does Chicken Need in a Portable Chicken Coop?

Portable chicken coops differ from chicken sheds. They are smaller and easy to move from one place to another. 

In chicken tractors you have to make many important parts like perch, nesting, and roosting areas. For better space, you must provide double space for each chicken. For example, if you have 4 chickens then need a 4X2 = 8 sq. ft. area except the nesting area. 

You can attach the coop heater, feeder, and chicken waterers in the kennel run area. 


We have supplied an easy formula for both space requirements for chickens inside and outside the coop. I hope after reading this article you understand how much space your chickens need.  

If you have any suggestions regarding this post, please comment below. 

How Much Space Do Chickens Need? In (Coop, Kennel Run, and Chicken Tractor)
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