Golden Sex Link Chicken: History, Eggs, Size, Care, Pictures

Golden Sex Link chicken has been bred so that you can tell right away if a chicken is male or female. For those who want to keep a constant rooster to hen ratio, this is a great tool. 

Rhode Island White Females and Rhode Island Red Males are used to creating Golden Sex Link chickens. In the end, the result is a resilient and powerful dual-purpose breed with outstanding egg laying skills as well as substantial size for meat. 

Many commercial egg-laying businesses raise Golden Sex Link chicks because of their high productivity and ease of breeding and sexing. Read on.

History of Golden Sex Link chicken

They are a type of chicken that was developed in the 1950s. Breeding Rhode Island Reds and Rhode Island Whites resulted in the Golden Sex Link. On the day of hatching, you can tell the sex of the chicks, and the outcomes are adorable little chicks.

New Hampshire’s, Cherry Eggers, or Rhode Island Red roosters, coupled with White Rock or Rhode Island White hens with the silver gene rather than dominant white, are used to breed Golden Sex Link chickens for the egg industry in the United States.

Breeding Rhode Island Reds from Malay chickens and brown Leghorns began in the late eighteenth century. Egg-producing breeds of modern chickens have been developed. 

Around 1935, Rhode Island Reds were used to breed New Hampshire chickens for their large brown eggs and early maturity.

As with other sex-linked chickens, a Golden Sex Link chicken can be sexed as soon as it lays an egg. You only need to glance at the chicks’ coats to figure this out. 

Sex link chicks are light brown in hue and have striped feathers. Yellow is the color of the male Golden Sex Link chick’s yolk.

History of Golden Sex Link chicken picture
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A Golden Sex Link Chicken Picture

Hatcheries can easily sell chicks because of this, and keepers may easily purchase chicks because of it. Those who acquire Golden Sex Link chicks can rest easy knowing that their flock will not contain any roosters if they so wish. 

People who have backyard hens or live-in urban areas will find this particularly beneficial.

Since male and female Golden Sex Link Chickens have distinct color patterns, it is easy to tell the gender of the chicks from the color pattern of their wings. Some of the basic characteristics of the sex-link golden chicken include:

  • These chickens produce an average of five big brown eggs a week.
  • The adult bird is 5.5 pounds, has a single comb, and can survive at any temperature.
  • The Golden Sex Link, a meat bird, has a pleasant, flighty, and tranquil temperament, however, it can be broody at times. They are simple to deal with.

Lifespan of Golden Sex Link chicken

You’d be right if you said that a short gestation time equates to a short lifespan. For the most part, a Golden Sex Link lasts between four and five years. A pet chicken will not survive long, even if you keep it in a cage.

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This makes them excellent for those who are just starting in the garden or on a small farm. Selection for abundant egg production, on the other hand, has the drawback of causing rapid wear and tear on the body.

They are resilient and versatile; however, the huge comb of Golden Sex Links is vulnerable to frostbite. They are low-maintenance and self-sufficient in the wild because they are busy foragers.

So, they’re perfect for first-time gardeners and farmers on a modest scale. However, the body wears out soon due to selection for high egg output. 

It is estimated that they have a low life expectancy of approximately four to five years. Due to the heavy use of the reproductive organs, such as peritonitis and tumors, they become vulnerable around the age of three years old.

Eggs Production

This breed of chicken hen is known for its exceptional egg-laying abilities. Every year, these hens produce 300-320 eggs by laying five to six eggs per week. Approximately four months old is when hens begin laying eggs.

The hen is barely beginning to mature at this point. The comb, which is pink when a chick hatches, continues to turn red as a sign of maturity. A few days after this, the chickens will start laying eggs.

Until they are roughly two years old, Golden Sex Link will continue to produce eggs. After this, the number of eggs they produce will fall significantly, but they will continue to do so for at least another year or two after this.

In the Golden Sex Link Chicken, the eggs are brown. Despite their diminutive stature, chickens tend to lay huge eggs, sometimes even abnormally large ones.

When it comes to incubating their eggs, Golden Sex Link chickens aren’t the broodies of breeds. For people who don’t have a rooster and just want to eat eggs, this is a good option.

To raise Golden Sex Link Chicken chicks, the eggs must be placed under a brooding hen or in an incubator, respectively. The eggs of a Golden Sex Link will not produce Golden Sex Link chicks, but rather mixed cross-breeds. This is vital to keep in mind.

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Winter eggs

Golden sex link chickens foraging
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Golden Sex Link Chickens Foraging Image

Golden Sex Link chickens are extremely hardy since they are the result of a cross between two Rhode Island chickens. 

Those lovely golden eggs will continue to hatch all winter long, thanks to your Golden. They’ll probably slow down a bit, but they won’t stop totally.

When assessing the pros and downsides of Golden Sex Link hens, you must take laying age into account. The majority of chickens begin laying eggs around the age of 20 weeks. 

When it comes to your Golden, however, it will begin much earlier on. At 16 weeks, the first Golden Sex Links lay, which implies your hen will lay longer than other breeds.

Temperament and Personality

In terms of temperament and friendliness, Golden Sex Link chickens are among the best. Some keepers find that their chickens will follow them around if they are allowed to handle or even pick them up. Disturbances like movement or loud noises don’t seem to bother these birds.

Golden Sex Link Chickens are great for backyard chickens or homes with children because of these characteristics. They’re also a great option for kids who want to get into chickens. 

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It’s also an excellent choice for folks who have never maintained chickens before due to their friendliness and ease of care.

Their temperament can make it difficult for them to get along with other breeds of chickens. As a rule, Golden Sex Links are peaceful birds who avoid pecking or fighting with other chickens. 

Many keepers have found that tougher or more aggressive hens have bullied Golden Sex Links.

Color, Size, Appearance & Characteristics of Golden Sex Link Chickens


Our final pro is the color of the Golden Sex Link. Adding a dash of color to a mixed flock is easy with these stunning hens. 

Roosters come in a variety of colors, including white, gold, and black. Hens, on the other hand, are a deep crimson with a gleaming sheen. Incorporating these into your hens can provide a stunning contrast.

Size and Weight

A Golden Sex Link hen can weigh between 4-7 lbs equivalent to 2-3kgs while a Golden Sex Link rooster may weigh from 6-8 lbs equivalent to 3-3.5kgs. The weight and size of the Golden Sex Link chicken depend on the strain and age too. 

For instance, the longer a female Golden Sex Link chicken lays eggs, the more weight she will reduce over time.


Since male and female Golden Sex Link Chickens have distinct color patterns, it is easy to tell the gender of the chicks from the color pattern of their wings. 

There are no reds in male chicks. Female chicks come in a variety of colors, including completely red, yellow, and yellow with red splotches. Feathers of the rooster and the hen are often red and white, respectively.


Hens of the Golden Sex Link breed have an upright, U-shaped body that is covered in red-brown feathers with white spots. 

With red shoulder feathers and an all-white body, Golden Sex Link roosters are called “Golden Sex Link.” They have yellow eyes, a yellow beak, and legs.

It is possible to tell the sex of a young chick when it first hatches because they are sex-link hybrids. Color distinguishes females from males in the animal kingdom. While males are a pale yellow, the females are a golden buff.

Benefits of Raising Golden Sex Link chicken

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Golden Sex Link Hen Laying Eggs Picture

Easy to care for beginners

Golden Sex Link’s easy-to-use features make them even more impressive. These birds are easy to take care of, even for a novice. For their excellent eggs, they don’t need any particular care whatsoever.

Massive egg production

Golden Sex Link birds produce how many eggs? For the first two years, you should expect roughly 250-300 eggs a year. 

That implies you’ll get about 5-6 huge eggs per week, which is quite a few. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing an animal work hard to earn its keep.

The big brown eggs of Golden Sex Link hens are stunning. Moreover, when we say these eggs are big, we mean it! Isn’t it an incredible amount of weight? If you’re in the market for a generous layer, these birds are ideal.

Easy gender reveal

Gender markers are by far the biggest and most visible benefit of Golden Sex Links. An unintended rooster might throw a flock’s balance out of whack when you’re a novice chicken keeper. 

It is unlikely that you want a rooster to stop your chickens from mating. Some cities prohibit the keeping of roosters.

From the moment they are born, sex link chickens are guaranteed to be the correct sex. You can avoid the heartbreak of having to find a new home for a bird or being punished if you know this.

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Simple to breed

Breeding a Golden Sex Link is simple if you’re interested in genetics. Rhode Island Reds and Rhode Island Whites can be crossed with ease. The eggs don’t require a lot of coaxing or effort to hatch. 

Within a matter of months, you may have a full backyard flock of them. It’s also possible to sell the chicks to raise extra money as a local breeder.

Less temper

Because of their loving nature, Golden Sex Link chickens are easy to train. Some of the gentlest traits of any chicken breed may be found in these birds, and they don’t fight among themselves.

They don’t compete for the top of the pecking order, but they aren’t easy prey. Your Golden Sex Link is normally in the middle of the organization. As a result, they’re perfect for all kinds of mixed flocks.

Problems in Raising Golden Sex Link chicken

Problems in Raising Golden Sex Link chicken
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Short Lifespan

You’d be right if you said that a short gestation time equates to a short lifespan. For the most part, a Golden Sex Link lasts between four and five years. A pet chicken will not survive long, even if you keep it in a cage.

Short egg-laying period

Astonishingly, you can lay 300 eggs per year! Sadly, however, it is just temporary. Having your hen mature earlier means they cease laying eggs early. After their second year, Golden Sex Link chickens generally begin to slow down.

Medical issues

There is no such thing as a healthy chicken. There is a good chance that every animal you own will fall ill at some point. This is not true of the Golden Sex Link, a super layer with reproductive health concerns.

The big eggs of Golden Sex Link hens in the first few months make them prone to egg binding. Tumors, egg yolk peritonitis, and prolapse are all possible side effects. 

Due to inefficient breeding practices, hatchery-raised chicks are more likely to exhibit these traits.

Care tips for Golden Sex Link chicken

Keeping Golden Sex Link Chickens is an excellent choice for even novice chicken keepers, as they are some of the simplest birds to raise. Even in a wide range of climates, these chickens can thrive.

It is common for people living in hot and humid areas to keep them as pets. Even in really cold weather, Golden Sex Link Chickens are at their best. Nesting and bedding material like hay or straw, wood shavings should be provided by keepers to keep the birds warm throughout the winter.

Additionally, Golden Sex Link Chickens can handle a wide range of environments. As long as they have enough room, these birds are comfortable with being kept in chicken tractors

Ideally, each chicken should be provided three to four square feet of room, but at the very least, each chicken should be given two square feet of space per bird.


This kind of chicken is a great addition to practically any flock. Golden Sex Chickens are known for their calm and amiable demeanor, making them popular pets for their owners.

As a bonus, Golden Sex Link chickens produce a lot of eggs, so their owners never have to worry about making breakfast in the morning. 

With proper care, these birds are easy to raise and provide a great deal of pleasure for everyone who enjoys raising chickens.

Golden Sex Link Chicken
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