Golden Sex Link Chicken: History, Eggs, Size, Care, Pictures

The Golden Sex Link chicken has been bred, so you can immediately tell whether a chicken is male or female. For those who want to keep a constant rooster to hen ratio, this is a great tool. 

Rhode Island White females and Rhode Island Red males are used to create Golden Sex Link chickens. Ultimately, the result is a resilient and powerful dual-purpose breed with outstanding egg-laying skills and a substantial size for meat. 

Many commercial egg-laying businesses raise Golden Sex Link chicks because of their high productivity and ease of breeding and sexing. Read on.

A Golden Sex Link is a breed of chicken that clinks from a crossbreed of a female Rhode Island White and a male Rhode Island Red. 

This crossbreed normally produces dual-purpose chickens, meaning you can use them for egg-laying and meat production. They have yellow skin and legs, with bright reddish feathers on their bodies.

There are several types of Golden Sex Links: golden buff, gold star, and silver laced. All three are good for egg production, with the differences being in the size of the eggs and feather color.

  1. The Golden Buff: This large breed of chicken lays white eggs. It usually weighs between 2-3 lbs.
  2. The Gold Star: This is larger than the Buff and also lays white eggs. It weighs 2 to 4 lbs.
  3. The Silver Laced: These are the smallest, which is why they are also known as the smallest sex-link chickens, weighing only 1lb.
  4. The Legbar chicken breed: It is very small and cute, just like a tiny featherless mini chicken. They lay eggs the same size as one egg in an egg carton.
  5. Rhodebar chicken breed: Similar to the Legbar chicken breed, the Rhodebar chickens only differ because they are also laced with a bronze color.
  6. Delaware chicken breed: It is a very popular dual-purpose chicken breed that is great for eggs and meat.
History of Golden Sex Link chicken picture
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A Golden Sex Link Chicken Picture

Breeding for Golden Sex Link chickens started around 1935 in the United States. The requirement was for a good egg-producing chicken breed.

People used the most popular chicken breeds like New Hampshire chickens, Rhode Island Red chickens, Cherry Eggers, and Rhode Island Whites to get this breed.

The original crossbreed of the Rhode Island Red chicken and the Rhode Island White is unknown. The first mention in print of the breed was in the 1950s, but they were already being used in commercial egg production by then. 

Because they were made mostly from Rhode Island Red chickens, they inherited this breed’s hardiness and disease resistance. 

The Rhode Island White crosses are more docile, producing twice as many eggs and laying up to four times as many good-quality eggs.

Golden Sex Link chickens have a lifespan of 4 to 5 years, depending on their weight. The average lifespan of the Rhode Island Red chicken is estimated to be five to six years, and that of the Rhode Island White is around 4-5 years. 

Both breeds are hardy and can withstand cold winters almost as well as short, hot summers.

But because their feathers can get damaged in extreme heat, it is best to keep them winterized in a wire mesh cage with hay to keep their feet dry and cool.

Eggs Laying Age 

The average laying age of this breed is around 12–18 weeks, depending on several factors, such as the genetic background of the birds and the climate where they are kept. 

At times, the hens can start laying eggs as young as 12 weeks old, but if they are allowed to stay in the nesting box, they will not develop fully, and some of their potential egg production will be lost.

Since these hens mature so fast, you can expect them to produce eggs very early in their life cycle. However, you must ensure their diet is well balanced with all the nutrients they need to grow properly.

Until they are roughly two years old, the Golden Sex Link will continue to produce eggs. After this, the number of eggs they produce will fall significantly, but they will continue to do so for at least another year or two after this.

Egg Production

On average, Golden Sex Link chickens lay an equivalent of one egg per day, though some days, these chickens may fail to lay any eggs. 

This may result from a tired chicken, often due to your chicken being overfed and sitting on one egg for too long. On average, this breed produces 300-320 eggs per year on a commercial scale.

There are many ways in which you can make your chickens lay more eggs, but there is no guarantee as to whether or not it will work. 

Usually, these methods just involve feeding them the right nutrients that boost their immune systems and keep them happy, calm, and satisfied.

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Golden Sex Link chickens are not as prone to broodiness as other breeds, though it can be problematic.

They tend to lay a lot of eggs during the beginning of their laying cycle, but in the end, they fail to produce as many eggs as chickens that have never been broody.

If you notice that one of your hens is becoming broody, try not to disturb it too much and let it stay sitting for a few days.

Usually, this will not make them lay more eggs, but at least you will not end up with an upset chicken that pecks on hens.

For incubating their eggs, Golden Sex Link chickens aren’t the broodies of any breed. This is a good option for people who don’t have a rooster and want to eat eggs.

To raise Golden Sex Link Chicken chicks, the eggs must be placed under a brooding hen or in an incubator, respectively. The eggs of a Golden Sex Link will not produce Golden Sex Link chicks but mixed cross-breeds. This is vital to keep in mind.

Winter eggs

Golden Sex Link chickens are extremely cold hardy since they result from a cross between two Rhode Island chickens. 

Those lovely golden eggs will continue to hatch all winter long. They’ll probably slow down, but they won’t stop.

When assessing the pros and downsides of Golden Sex Link hens, you must consider laying age. Most chickens lay eggs around the age of 20 weeks. 

For your golden, however, it will begin much earlier on. At 16 weeks, the first Golden Sex links were laid, which implies your hen will lay longer than other breeds.

Temperament and Personality

They are very calm chickens. Golden Sex Links do not like being too crowded and may sometimes get grumpy when confined to cramped quarters and restricted in their movements. 

However, they are quite friendly if treated well, with adequate care and attention. These birds require a lot of space since they produce so many eggs and take a long time to grow. 

Rhode Island promotes healthy living by including extra calcium in their diets and encouraging them to dust bath by providing enough space for breathing fresh air and exercise.

The Golden Sex Links are also very friendly. They are not too prone to being bullied by other chicken breeds in the flocks. 

But, at times, if the flock is large enough, they may get bullied by other hens. For this reason, you should consider keeping at least two hens per coop.

Golden sex link chickens foraging
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Golden Sex Link Chickens Foraging Image


The Golden Sex Link hens are white and reddish-brown, while the roosters are white except for their necks, which are reddish-brown. This is a special feature that distinguishes them from other breeds.

Our final pro is the color of the Golden Sex Link. Adding a dash of color to a mixed flock is easy with these stunning hens. 

Roosters come in various colors, including white, gold, and black. Hens, conversely, are a deep crimson with a gleaming sheen. Incorporating these into your hens’ can provide a stunning contrast.


Golden Sex Link chickens have a thin yet sturdy structure. They have a flattened appearance; the roosters weigh about 3–3.5 kg, while the hens weigh about 2-3 kg. 

The weight of the roosters and hens may vary depending on the genetic background of the chicken. It may also change over time as the chicken ages.

For instance, the longer a female Golden Sex Link chicken lays eggs, the more weight she will lose.


The baby chicks, hens, and roosters have different appearances. Let’s look at each variation separately.

Baby chicks: The female baby chicks of this breed are red or gold streaked in color with a white head. The male chicks of this breed are solid white in color.

Hens: The hens of this breed are medium-sized. Their heads are white and reddish-brown in color. Their ears are broad, and they have round breasts with short tails. They have bright reddish feathers. Their feet are yellow in color. Their bodies are plump.

Roosters: The roosters of this breed are white and have some traces of bright reddish feathers. Their beaks, eyes, and legs are yellow in color. The other part of their bodies is white. Their comb and wattle are red.


  • They are strong and can easily withstand cold winters and hot summers.
  • Golden Sex Link chickens forage for food in the grassy fields and enjoy eating grains, fruits, and vegetables, making them a great all-rounder breed of chicken.
  • They are quite intelligent and easy to handle.
  • Golden Sex Link chickens are not noisy birds and prefer to keep quiet, making them ideal in small coops that do not need any attention from the owner daily.
  • They lay many eggs, which makes them quite economically viable on a commercial scale.
  • Golden Sex Link chickens are quite easy to breed and lay eggs at a young age.
  • They are somewhat resistant to diseases and infection but are not considered a very robust breed of chicken.
  • Golden Sex Link chickens have a pleasant appearance and make great pets for children.
Pros and Cons of Raising Golden Sex Link chicken
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There are many advantages of Golden Sex Link chickens over other breeds. Some of the benefits include:

  1. They are easy to breed and lay eggs at a young age. This means that they are ideal for novice farmers on a commercial scale. You will not lose much money if your chickens fail to lay eggs for some reason.
  2. They are very easy to handle and keep for beginners. They do not require much attention and are ideal for people who want chickens as a pet and yet make good food on a commercial scale.
  3. They are quite intelligent and easy to handle, making them ideal for novice farmers on a commercial scale. You will not lose much money if your chickens fail to lay eggs for some reason, and you can breed them easily.
  4. They are quite resistant to diseases and are not considered a robust breed of chicken. This means they do not have to be vaccinated or treated with medicine as much as most other breeds.
  5. They are relatively quiet and do not require much space to move around. This makes them perfect for confined spaces and large farms for maximum egg and meat production.
  6. They are simple and easy for breeding purposes. It is easy to reveal the gender of the baby chicks.
  7. Breeding a Golden Sex Link is simple if you’re interested in genetics. Rhode Island Reds and Rhode Island Whites can be crossed with ease. The eggs don’t require a lot of coaxing or effort to hatch. 
  8. Within months, you may have a full backyard flock of them. Selling the chicks to raise extra money as a local breeder is also possible.
  9. Because of their loving nature, Golden Sex Link chickens are easy to train. Some of the gentlest traits of any chicken breed may be found in these birds, who don’t fight among themselves.
  10. They don’t compete for the top of the pecking order, but they aren’t easy prey. Your Golden Sex Link is normally in the middle of the organization. As a result, they’re perfect for all kinds of mixed flocks.

Below are some commons cons of Golden Sex Link chickens:

  1. They are more expensive than other breeds.
  2. They can only be bought from hatcheries that specialize in this particular breed, which may make them hard to find.
  3. You cannot get cross-breeding between these chickens and other chicken breeds.
  4. They have an unusual appearance, making it quite hard to find if you had set out to buy a particular breed of chicken.

Despite their many advantages, there are also a few problems associated with Golden Sex Link chickens that you should be aware of. Some of these include:

Short egg-laying period

Astonishingly, you can lay 300 eggs per year. But this breed lays eggs for a shorter period than most other breeds. Having your hen mature earlier means they cease laying eggs early. 

After their second year, Golden Sex Link chickens generally begin to slow down. This means you will have to keep an eye out for baby chicks and breed them to keep your chickens laying eggs when they are not fertile.

Medical issues

This breed is not very robust and tends to get sick easily. You need to keep them as comfortable as possible to avoid having a few die out for no apparent reason.

There is no such thing as a healthy chicken. There is a good chance that every animal you own will fall ill at some point. This is not true of the Golden Sex Link, a super layer with reproductive health concerns.

The big eggs of Golden Sex Link hens in the first few months make them prone to egg binding. Tumors, egg yolk peritonitis, and prolapse are all possible side effects. 

Due to inefficient breeding practices, hatchery-raised chicks are likelier to exhibit these traits.

They have a short lifespan

On average, they only live for about 4-5 years. This means you need to protect your investment in them by checking their health and getting them checked out occasionally. Most pet chickens will not survive long, even if you keep them in a portable coop.

A Golden Sex Link Hen Laying Eggs
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Golden Sex Link Hen Laying Eggs Picture

Keeping Golden Sex Link Chickens is an excellent choice for even novice chicken keepers, as they are some of the simplest birds to raise. Even in a wide range of climates, these chickens can thrive.

It is common for people living in hot and humid areas to keep them as pets. Even in really cold weather, Golden Sex Link Chickens are at their best.

Nesting and bedding materials like hay or straw and wood shavings should be provided by keepers to keep the birds warm throughout the winter.

Additionally, Golden Sex Link Chickens can handle a wide range of environments. As long as they have enough room, these birds are comfortable being kept in chicken tractors. 

Ideally, each chicken should be provided three to four square feet of room, but at the very least, each chicken should be given two square feet of space per bird.

Golden Sex Link chickens lay eggs in large amounts, especially if you have an established flock. According to the experts, these chickens can provide up to 320 eggs annually.

Golden Sex Link chickens have a higher price tag compared to other breeds. They are also considered exotic and rare, so you can expect them to cost more. The average cost is $3-6 for day-old baby chicks.

The Golden Sex Link chicken has a longer life span than other breeds. They can live around 4-5 years on average.

Are Golden Sex Chicken Chickens Noisy?

Golden Sex Link chickens are considered quiet and silent, making them ideal for people looking for urban areas. They are easy to keep as pets in small coops, but they will chirp and make noise if uncomfortable or intimidated.


The Golden Sex Link chicken is a good breed for the backyard. They can lay eggs young and are ideal for novice farmers commercially. 

They are quite intelligent and easy to handle, making them ideal for people who want chickens as pets and want to make good food commercially. 

As a bonus, Golden Sex Link chickens produce many eggs, so their owners never have to worry about making breakfast in the morning. 

With proper care, these birds are easy to raise and provide great pleasure for everyone who enjoys raising chickens.

They are also quite resistant to diseases and infections, but always do proper vaccination and give medicine, asking your vet if they look sick. Golden Sex Link chickens are considered to be relatively quieter than other breeds.

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